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Wifey Wednesday: John Legend, The White Panda ft Kesha, DJ Felli Fel ft Akon, The Weeknd & more

So it’s just past midnight here in Chicago (sorry west coast), and you know what that means. Back by popular demand, it’s wifey Wednesdayyyyyy. So I got some instructions to go along with the playlist this time ladies. It’s a three part act….

Act 1: Go ahead and download all these songs and add the first couple to your workout playlist. Then get to the gym and get those squats going, or whatever you gotta do to get that booty right.

Act 2: Get to the club, warm it up a lil bit on the dancefloor, then go find the DJ and request that Felli Fel. Now when this one comes on, find that dude who can keep it real smooth while you’re twerkin’ and backin’ it up (you know what they say about dudes who can dance).

Act 3: Now that you got your man, head back to the crib (unless u already got a man, wait for ya boi). Now throw on them slow jams starting with The Weeknd. You know the rest.

John Legend – Rolling in the Deep (A Copycat Remix)

The White Panda – We Are Superstars (Kesha // Remady)

D.velopled – Bring em Home (Edward Sharpe // T.I.)

DJ Felli Fel – Boomerang (ft Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri & Akon)

(Download Mixtape House of Balloons…..shit’s hot)
The Weeknd – High For This

The Weeknd – The Morning

112 – Knock U Down


Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix)

Just a lil something to hold you over until Wifey Wednesdays returns with some heat….don’t forget to check “The Longest Text Message” from Childish in last weekend’s “Rap Up.”

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix)

Galapaghost – Never Heard Nothin’

“And I’m waitin’ for the day, for you to say somethin’, just say somethin'”

This song kinda speaks for itself. Not my usual jam, but currently on repeat. Literally. I just found it tonight, and I think the play count is up to about 7 or 8.

Galapaghost – Never Heard Nothin’

The XX – XX Booty (Minnesota Remix)

“Intro” by The XX has been remixed a ton, but shit still never gets old to me, kinda like “Rolling in the Deep.” I prefer the rap remixes cuz I feel like music really takes on a whole new life when you add some passionate lyrics. This one is pretty solid for simply an upbeat instrumental jam though. Check out the older Pac/B.I.G. and DMX remixes below as well. Classics.

The XX – XX Booty (Minnesota Remix)

The Hood Internet – The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya (DMX // The XX)

2pac & Notorious B.I.G. vs The XX – Runnin’ with the XX

Weekend Rap Up: Childish Gambino, B.o.B., Mac Miller, Pusha T, Gorilla Warfare Tactics, The Five One

“There’s probably 6 or 7 girls who think this song’s about em”

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m most passionate about music that reaches me on a personal level. By admitting this, even if you don’t know me personally, you’ve already got a glimpse into my mind. I’m pretty transparent in person as well, to high degree of fault at times. This is the very reason I’m so high on Donald Glover. This first song is a recently mastered track originally created a while ago, apparently while drunk. The second one comes off the recent Childish Gambino – EP.

Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message

Childish Gambino – My Shine

Bobby Ray is really all over the place when it comes to musical style. “No genre” isn’t just the name of a mixtape, it’s the truth. He’s been on a lot of different sounding, feel good shit for a while, displaying this wide versatility. Finally, he comes back with that lyrical pain over some heavy drums for all the true hip hop heads, and haters alike.

B.o.B. – No Future

Ok, dude is starting to grow on me….a lil bit. I can still say I’m not a huge fan, but definitely can’t hate though. I do think his persona is a major determining factor in his popularity, but whose isn’t? This first one comes off the recently released XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class: The Mixtape. The second one is quite a bit older, but I can definitely relate…minus the dro.

Mac Miller – Futuristic Funk (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)

Mac Miller – Another Night (prod. by Matt Grover)

If you’re into the typical coke, money and sex raps (Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, etc.) then you’re probably also a big fan of Pusha. As usual, he delivers all of the above over some dope beats in his latest mixtape release Fear of God. Already posted a couple tracks that leaked before the release, but here’s another one I enjoyed after taking a listen to the tape myself.

Pusha T – Touch It (feat. Kanye West)

Don’t know a whole lot about these guys, but I do know the classic hip hop heads can definitely dig this shit. Actually, just did a lil research and turns out they’re three Indian kids in college. Amazing how far reaching hip hop has become over the last 20 years. I love it. More importantly, I love this beat. This one is off their recent mixtape Premier.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream Green

“You’re cute, you look like Topenga before she got fat”

Ha. Just a feel good track to close out the rap up. These dudes put together a nice track right here sampling Semisonic’s 90’s smash hit “Closing Time” without sounding corny as shit. Well done.

The Five One – Closing Time

Anthem – God of Joy (Dionysus)

This dude Anthem puts a real nice track together here. Then again, almost anyone could go over Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars” instrumental and it would be a jam. Dude has skills though. Feel good vibes right here people. Check the original along with The White Panda mash up using vocals from Eminem’s “Superman.” Three songs using the same instrumental, yet they all have their own unique feel to em. Good stuff.

Anthem – God of Joy (Dionysus)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

The White Panda – Shooting Superstars

Adele x Gilbere Forte – Set Fire To The Rain

Damn, man. This shit has that sort of epic feel to it. Not epic in the sense like this song will live on forever in your playlist, just really powerful. The keys at the beginning really kick it off right. Gilbere comes with some deep lyrics and then of course Adele just blows you away with the vocals. The guitar that comes in during the hook just puts the icing on the cake. This right here is what I call audible emotion. At least that’s my take, take a listen for yourself. To add to that, Adele has easily become one of my favorite voices, right behind John Legend. Coincidentally enough, Mr. Legend recently decided it was his turn to have his hand at the soon to be classic “Rolling in the Deep.” See this below as well.

Adele x Gilbere Forte – Set Fire to the Rain

John Legend – Rolling in the Deep