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Throwback Thursday: Frat. Room 11 (circa 2006)

What do I remember from my sophomore year of college? I remember I had a great fucking time AND stayed out of trouble. I can absolutely say with certainty that second semester, when I lived with my boys Estes and Sened in room 11 of the Frat, I had the time of my life. I’d say at least 4-5 nights a week, if you were coming back to the house from work/booty at 3-4 am, you would hear us wangin’ on your up the front porch. Literally, same songs every night. Great fucking semester. Already, I have a terrible memory. This particular semester (on top of the rest of college) definitely did not enhance that ability to recall either. Still, these songs bring me right back. Living without a care in the world, and loving it.

Warren G – In Case Some Shit Go Down ft Frank Lee White & Mike Jones

Trae – Cadillac ft Three 6 Mafia & Paul Wall

Obie Trice – Snitch ft Akon

Rich Boy ft Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee & Game – Throw Some D’s (remix)

Jah Cure – Rasta Man Chant


Lupe Fiasco ft Skylar Grey – Words I Never Said [video]

Seeing as Lupe got things started for me, I’ll just get into some of my own ramblings that came to mind….

I find it extremely irritating, more like infuriating, when conservative republicans use the bible or their religious beliefs as selling points for any of their political agendas. It is flat out hypocritical to say that gays should not be allowed to marry, or women should not have the choice to abort, because of what was written in the bible and then blatantly choose to ignore the fact it is God’s plan for each of us that we “be conformed to the likeness of his Son” (Romans 8:29) when it comes to economic policy. I am pretty sure it was the acts of Jesus that we are to follow.  I don’t think I need to get into specific examples, but outside of spreading the word of God, Jesus spent his time feeding the starving, healing the sick, and loving the shunned. Maybe God should have been a little more clear on the fact that “love thy neighbor” extends past the literal neighbors inside your gated community.

I know there are a lot more religious skeptics out there today than there used to be, and this really isnt meant to preach. If you don’t believe there is somethign out there bigger than yourself, then that’s just too ironic in itself. But if you are a beleiver and are going to use God as a cosigner for one thing, then don’t forget about him when you try to justify an economic policy that withholds as much money as possible from the poor, sick and elderly to keep for yourself and your worldly possessions.

Wifey Wednesday: Frankmusik ft Far East Movement, Jean-Roch ft Kat Deluna & Flo Rida, Alex Guadino ft Kelly Rowland & Vibe

Wifey Wednesday seems to be a fan favorite, so I gotta give the people what they want. I’m just gonna get right into this because you just want them jams, I know. Plus the NBA playoffs are on and I don’t generally have a lot to say about club jam/pop songs anyway. Little shorter list, but some good stuff for the party or workout playlist. I could see this third one in particular causing some problems on the dance floor….Click title under player to download song at hulkshare.

Frankmusik – Do It In The AM (ft Far East Movement)

Jean-Roch ft Kat Deluna & Flo Rida – Im Alright (Radio Rip)

Alex Guadino ft Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (Hardwell Remix)

This next one obviously doesn’t fit the same category as the last three. This duo calls themselves Vibe. I think these dudes can really do some real big things with what the got going right here. Rossy dude has got a great singing voice, and this Chris Young is just plain sick, for real. Diggin it.

Chris Young the Rapper & Rossy (Vibe) – Touch The Stars

Phil Ade – Second Chance (ft Peter Bjorn & John)

So my work decided to unblock my blog my last two weeks of employment. Maybe a lil sooner and you still got your top advisor. Probably not.  Anyway, this that feel good summer shit for ya’ll to rock out to with the windows down. Still pretty shitty in the Chi, but it’s coming around. Got a good feeling about tonight, though. I’ve finally decided to stop being a sell out and actually attend the Bulls game tonight. I’m pretty sure they’ve been waiting for me to show up to really put the hurtin on the Pacers. Well, that and a little motivation from their first postseason loss. Bulls by 9.5? Oh indeed.

Phil Ade – Second Chance (prod. Mark Henry) … worlds strongest man Mark Henry?

Weekend Rap Up: New Chamillionaire, OCD, STS ft Joell Ortiz, J. Cole, Curren$y & Mac Miller

This one comes off Chamillionaire’s newest mixtape Major Pain 1.5. Cham isn’t your typical southern rapper, but even the most unique, anti-establishment rappers can’t resist an instrumental and chopped & screwed hook as dope as this. Feel me? Just listen.

Chamillionaire – Chandelier Ceiling

This song might take a couple extra listens to really grab you, but once it does, the grip won’t slip. I heard this “City Kids” joint from these dudes a lit bit ago, but wasn’t a huge fan. Still, I decided to download their newest mixtape, Up Before The World, to get a better sampling. I’m sure glad I did, because I can’t get enough of this song right here. Dudes got that quick, conversational type flow that may require a lil more attention than most, but you’ve got to expect that here. The piano and voice sample throughout the instrumental are perfect.

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Black Forest Gummy Worms

I’ll keep posting STS until he becomes a common name in hip hop circles while discussing the hottest newcomers in the game. Dude is nasty, nuff said. No surprise, Joell Ortiz delivers here as well. This one’s off the recently released Demand More.

STS ft Joell Ortiz – The People (remix)

This is another one of those powerful type instrumentals that can take you for a trip on its own, regardless if you’re already driving around without a destination in mind. But the only journey that really matters is the personal one you embark on everyday you wake up. One in which you don’t even need to open your eyes in order to put miles on the dash. Ironic that I could go on that trip for free simply by closing my eyes with my professional headphones on. Instead I choose to drive around blasting my below average car stereo to clear my head, all the while burning money through my gas tank.  Always seem to make things more complicated/difficult than necessary. But hey, if the shoe fits….

StartYourOwnRebellion – Let it Go (feat. J. Cole)

This one comes off Curren$y’s newest mixtape Covert Coup. Not a huge fan of the project as a whole, but this one definitely stood out as his most solid contribution. Giving props to my dude Pip on the title won’t hurt his cause. Btw, reference #2 to Pip in this weeks Rap Up. I wonder which Air Pips he’s talking bout? Probably the original Nike Air Pippen. I’m not a fan of the one’s with the rain drops on the side and I do think I’m one of the few that really liked the one’s with “AIR” written along the side of them.

Curren$y – Scottie Pippens (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

I’ll close it out with this smooth freestyle from Mac Miller released last week after reaching 300k twitter followers, I think. The beat comes from an old People Under the Stairs joint called San Francisco Knights. I said it before, I wasn’t a big Mac fan when I first heard his shit. But I can’t lie, the more and more I hear, the more I’m starting to really appreciate dudes talents on the mic.

Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs

CunninLynguists – Enemies with Benefits ft Tonedeff

You know what’s a great feeling? Certainty. I’m not a big fan of the gray area. Not many things in life are certain, though. So when I come across something that makes perfect sense to me and instantly produces the kind of unwavering affection I am certain will hold true, I am overcome with a sense of relief. Unfortunately, the only time I really feel this is when it comes to music. I mean, I love that it occurs with music because that means as long as I am putting myself in position to hear as much new music as possible, the opportunities are limitless. I just wish this mentality translated into other aspects of life…..but I guess that comes back to putting yourself in that position, and that’s on me.

Anyway, enough with my personal therapy session. What sparked this notion of “love at first sight” if u will, is the effect this CunninLynguists joint called “Wonderful” had on me a couple years ago. Everything about them is what I look for in a rap group/artist. The beats are smooth, original and composed of different instrumental elements. The lyrics are delivered with clever intelligence, harmonious flow and actual purpose. It was clear to me right away that this was a musical experience that would keep me coming back for more. After all, this is grown man raps. So I’ve been getting caught up with their older shit for sometime now until finally they dropped their new album, Oneirology. Take a listen to these two songs from the LP that I’m absolutely obsessed with. If you dig it, help keep originality alive by actually purchasing their shit. Also included below is “Wonderful” off of Dirty Acres, the joint that kicked off an everlasting love affair that actually makes perfect sense, for certain.

“Ask me again if my mind has changed on the situation in five days
And I couldn’t say for certain,
So we stay in this deranged arrangement
Nailing ‘tween the breaks of these unwavering debates of ‘who’s the crazy person’?”

CunninLynguists – Enemies with Benefits (ft Tonedeff)

CunninLynguists – Stars Shine Brightest (ft Rick Warren)

CunninLynguists – Wonderful (ft Devin The Dude)

Donnis – Southern Lights [mixtape]

Download here: Donnis – Southern Lights

While I’m making mixtape recommendations, I might as well put you onto this Southern Lights. Dude raps over a lot of fresh new beats here, definitely not what most hip hop fans have grown a custom to. It’s close to what I call hip hoptronica. You know, like hip hop with a heavy influence of that electronic shit. Although I haven’t really taken a deep listen into this one, I can tell it’s not so much the lyrics as it is the beats that I’m attracted to. Just some feel good, new sounding shit right here. Check out a sample from the tape that stood out to me.

MP3: Donnis – Penthouse Suite (prod. The Cataracs)

MP3: Donnis – Everybody (prod. Nineteen85)

MP3: Donnis – Eyes Low ft Young Dro & Gorilla Zoe (prod. Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)