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Monday’s Memorable Memorial Day Mash-Ups: D. Veloped ft Nelly + The Hood Internet ft Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

Try saying that shit 3 times fast. So what? I like alliteration. Anyway, wanted to get these joints up for ya early in case you need some more jams on this beautiful day off work. D.veloped makes it a point to distinguish himself from other mash-up artists by avoiding the standard 1 to 1 mash and throwing at least one more artist/song in there, making it a 3some. Most the mashes I’ve heard from him have been the good kind of 3somes, not the weird/”way too much dick in this close vicinity” type 3somes. I loooove the hook he put together with chick’s chopped vocals alongside Nelly’s #1. Next you’ll see The Hood Internet takes the vocals from “John” and makes it listenable for me again. Ain’t Ross sexy? Whuh!

(MP3):D.veloped – Son of a Nun ft Nelly

(MP3):The Hood Internet – Slow John (Lil Wayne vs Com Truise)


Weekend Rap Up: Asher Roth ft Akon, Drake, Tayyib Ali, Chiddy Bang + Miami’s Finest

I don’t have a whole lot of material this weekend, but that’s not from lack of effort. I spent a good chunk of my day looking for new shit, but A) my internet is slow as hell back home in the burbs, and B) there just hasn’t been a ton of quality shit come out the past week. This one hits pretty hard though. Pretty impressed with Asher for recruiting Akon to come kill the hook.
(MP3):Asher Roth – Last Man Standing ft Akon

Personally, I think this sample was better used in G-Eazy’s “Kings”. Sounds like this producer liked that one too, but wanted to change it up a little bit so he added some drums and kicks from Drake’s “Light Up.” At least thats what it reminds me of. I can always appreciate some new Drake. Dude kills it. I’m still re-listening to catch em all.

(MP3):Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

Finally got through this Tayyib Ali mixtape Keystone State of Mind. Real impressive music coming from a 18 year old. That “California Girls” joint I posted a while back is that jam for sure, but here’s another one I liked a lot off the tape.

(MP3):Tayyib Ali – High Definition

Chiddy Bang recently released their mixtape Peanut Butter & Swelly. Props to dudes for making that Taco Bell money. You’ve seen the commercial with their song “The Good Life”, right? Swelly, swelly, swelly! I’m actually kinda disappointed with the mixtape as a whole, but this one is a pretty cool jam.

(MP3):Chiddy Bang – Jacuzzi (Lost in the Vapors)

This next one’s at least a year old, but it’s never too late to get up on a dope jam. These dudes dropped a pretty cool mixtape called A Midsummer Night’s Dream a long time ago. Welp, it’s getting to be summertime again and I could use some more jams. Let’s hope they come with some new material soon. Love the Lauryn Hill sample along with the rest of the instrumental.

(MP3):Miami’s Finest – That Thing

Big K.R.I.T. – The Vent [Return of 4Eva mixtape]

“Who cares about life and the highs and lows
maybe I should write another song about pimps and hoes””

Shit man, it’s about damn time I posted this shit. Sometimes I get so tied up and focused on getting that new shit, I forget to take the time to really appreciate and re-listen to that good shit just because it’s been out for a while. I criticize people for getting so caught up in the newest phones or clothes, but I do the same with music, so I guess I really need to just shut the fuck up and stop being a hypocrite. But I digress.

I think people like to know they’re not alone in the way they feel sometimes. I know I do. That’s why I appreciate artists like Big K.R.I.T. and Joe Budden because they aren’t afraid to speak their true feelings, knowing that it means so much to the people out there that might have thought they were the only ones. I’m also fascinated with psychology and the only way to understand people is to get to the core. And if people just keep that front up, you never really get to know them.

K.R.I.T uses this track to vent about some deep shit on his mind. I’m glad he did. It was nice getting to know him. I could quote so many lines in this one that make so much sense. Listen to the lyrics, and maybe you find you can relate too. If not, the rest of the songs below are straight bangers!

“Wrote a rhyme that was kind with some vision to it
Bottom line it might expand your mind if you listen to it
Too much shine can dull the soul
If you feel how I feel then I rap some mo’”

Big K.R.I.T. – The Vent

Here’s some more favorites from the mixtape. And that’s not including all the others I already posted in the past! If for some ridiculous you’re not already on this tape, go download Return of 4Eva (click to DL….now!)

Big K.R.I.T. – Rise & Shine

Big K.R.I.T. – My Sub

Big K.R.I.T. ft Ludacris & Bun B – Country Shit (remix)

Love & Basketball

After taking some time to reflect, I’ve come to realize that being a “super fan” and going on that championship run with your favorite team can be a lot like falling in love with a girl. Just try to relate….

At first things are really exciting. You don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but you knew something special was happening from the very start. You connect on a level much deeper than the surface; they resemble what could be considered your twin. They provide you with the kind of joy, passion and excitement one could only hope to hold onto forever. You become so engulfed in the possibilities, nothing else seems to matter. Onlookers might call it an obsession, or maybe even find you a bit delusional for how strong of feelings you show, or how much time and resources you expend on them. Anytime you overhear someone say something bad about them, you defend them vehemently. Plus you ignore any minor slip-ups and refuse to unbiasedly equate any suspect behavior from the past as it may relate to the present. But you’re so high off the passion that none of that seems even relevant. So you ride it out as long as you can until ultimately things are no longer as perfect as they once were…

Maybe you come to find all those downfalls in the past, plus the harmless slip-ups along the way, really did mean something. All of a sudden everything you ignored while things were going well are now so apparent since things got tough. And then it’s over. You’re heartbroken. At first you go through stages of denial and maybe misdirected blame. You refuse to open any publication or turn on any program that might remind you of them. You especially make it a point to avoid any conversations about them as this really gets you depressed. Although you still replay memories of pleasure in your head, these obviously only leave you more saddened immediately afterward. Life sucks without them…for a while.

Then things start to become clearer. You realize that they could have done better….you could have done better. Thing just weren’t all right, and it just wasn’t your time. But you know, every ending brings new beginning, and along with that an opportunity to reflect and become even stronger. Then before you know it, there’s a new season on the horizon.

Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing. After everything, there’s definitely no hard feelings. We had an amazing run and had a ton a fun along the way. Man, we were so close to making it. I know I’ll never forget that…season. And despite all the heartbreak, when the next one comes along, I’ll stay making that same “mistake.” Because one time, it won’t be a mistake. One time, it will be the right time…the right season. It will be perfect. And not just a perfect in my head, but truly perfect in the end. Perfect because I know I went all in and wasn’t afraid of what might happen if I was wrong. Because if I doubt it or don’t show that same passion, I know it won’t be as perfect, or maybe it won’t be at all. At least, that’s what I gotta believe, because that’s the only way I know how to be.

Thanks for the memories, Bulls. I’ll never forget this one.

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things

Wifey Wednesday: Kid Cudi, Britney Spears // Dillon Francis, Hall & Oates, Kelly Rowland ft The Dream + Frank Ocean

I was pretty busy last night and still a little depressed about the Bulls so I didn’t feel much like writing. I did however want to get these songs up in time for Wifey Wednesday. It’s Thursday now, and no matter how grim the Bulls chances may look at this point, I’m still pumped to go to the UC tonight. Hopefully all the negative nancy’s sold their seats so we got a good crowd of true Bulls fans. Anyway, this song took a lil while to grow on me, but it’s been blowing up the hype machine so I think you all should give it a listen.

Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)

I think this picture speaks for itself. Mustache? Check. Time to party.

Hall and Oates – Out Of Touch (DJ Kue Remix)

I think it’s safe to say I kinda like this Britney song seeing as though I really like all the mash-ups that have spawned from her vocals. This instrumental is real nice.

Basic Physics – A Beautician’s World (Britney Spears // Dillon Francis)

I think it was my first Wifey Wednesday post when I put this original up. Look at us now, Kelly. The Dream adds another male perspective to this jam right here.

Kelly Rowland ft The Dream – Motivation (remix)

I can’t believe it took me so long to get up on this one here. Joe Budden went over this instrumental after Frank, but I heard it from Joey first. Perfect selection for his Ordinary Love shit venting session. Frank does this one so dirty, if it was anyone other than Budden, I’d say they weren’t worthy. Love this jam.

Frank Ocean – Novacane

Ray Cash – Champagne Talk [mixtape]

(click to DL mixtape): Ray Cash – DJ E-V presents Ray Cash – Champagne Talk

I’m gonna switch it up a little with this one, but like I said, very dope. Ray opens the tape with this “Throw it Back” joint and just continues to kill it the rest of the way through. The production is amazing. I posted that Donnis – Southern Lights tape a couple weeks ago and talked about how the beats were the main contributing factor to why I liked it. Well, this one has better beats and Ray has a better flow and way better voice. Check the standouts below and cop the mixtape above. This is really one of the better hip hop mixtapes I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m not even supposed to like this shit. Oh yea, Cleveland in the house. Midwest stand up!

(click to DL):Ray Cash – Throw It Back

(click to DL):Ray Cash – Go Dumb (ft Krayzie Bone)

(click to DL):Ray Cash – Stay Down

Aer – The Reach [mixtape]

(click to DL mixtape): Aer – The Reach

“hear the rhythm and bump, fall in love with the funk”

Call it Mixtape Monday if you like, but I got two new VERY dope projects for ya. First up, Aer. I would say they got a sound reminiscent of sublime, just a little softer with more manufactured beats. Perfect sound for a hot summer on the beach, in the backyard, maybe rooftop? However you do you, Aer should be of assistance if you’re in need of some time to kick back and chill in between efforts of assimilation into adulthood. This one’s sponsored by I find a lot of good shit on GMAD, you should check it out if you haven’t already.

(click to DL):Aer – The Reach

(click to DL):Aer – Somewhere I been

(click to DL):Aer – Come & Go

(click to DL):Aer – Story to Tell (Biggie Remix) (not on mixtape)