You can put a cat in an oven, but that don't make it a biscuit – Sidney Deane

Brown Men Can’t Funk Neither

i was graciously handed a set of keys to this blog, so “Let Me Ride”…i was just talking about the current state of music with my fiance the other day, and we both agreed that download-able music has got us all searching for “Dat New New”…music is so disposable nowadays, once it leaves my ‘Recently Added Playlist’ on iTunes, it’s just wasting hard-drive space…the worst part of it is, the quality of the work from major artists is suffering…ahhem…“Watch The Throne”“Tha Carter IV”“Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel”…LUCKILY, my dude has been saving us all with his postings on whitemencantfunk…he put me onto “House of Balloons”…changed my life…personally, i think i’ve always been ahead of the curve with hip hop, but it might be because i get my music faster than the rest of you…either way… my taste may seem a  little more ‘commercial’, but this is what I bump…so stay tuned…because brown men can’t funk neither.

Need to get another dose of The Weeknd?…here’s a nice compilation of remixed tracks from “House of Balloons” and “Thursday”

The Weeknd – TheRemix [Mixtape]

1. Gone (Sango Remix)
2. Trust Issues (Grizzle Remix) (Feat. Drake)
3. Rolling Stone (No Big Deal Remix)
4. The Party & The After Party (Kastle Remix)
5. Wicked Games (ColeCo Remix)
6. The Zone (Ty Cody Dubstep Remix) (Feat. Drake)
7. Glass Table Girls (The Circle Edit Remix)
8. High 4 This (Down Pour Fontaine Edit Remix)
9. The Morning (Dolor Remix) (Feat. Sunday)
10. What You Need (nCamargo Remix)
11. Rolling Stone (Tate la Rock & Troublemaker Remix)
12. The Zone (Young Live Dubstep Remix) (Feat. Drake)
13. Wicked Games (SPL Remix)
14. Rolling Stone (Slim K Remix)
15. Wicked Games (sy.ic Remix)
16. The Party (Chi Duly Remix) (Feat. Silver Medallion)
17. Trust Issues (Weeknd Remake)

The Dream just had some label issues with his delayed album “The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman” so he released his latest project “1977” for free…notable tracks: (1),(2),(3),(4),(6),(9),(10)

The Dream – “1977”
01. Wake Me When It’s Over
02. Used To Be
03. Long Gone
04. Ghetto (Feat. Big Sean)
05. Wedding Crasher
06. Rolex (Feat. Casha)
07. Silly (Introducing Casha)
08. 1977 (Miss You Still)
09. Wish You Were Mine
10. This Shit Real Nigga (Feat. Pharrell)
Form of Flattery

And some Drake to hold you over until “Take Care” drop…i only included the Waka Flaka-Free Version of “Round of Applause”…your ears will thank me:


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