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Weekend Rap Up: A$AP Rocky, Wale ft Big Sean, YONAS, Notes to Self ft Fashawn + Freeway ft Wale & Mayer Hawthorne

That pretty muthafucka A$AP drops some more heat for us, this coming off his mixtape LiveLoveA$AP dropping tomorrow. The Harlem native rarely lets a solid piece of production go to waste. Grab your best heard speaks (BBDs preferred) and just chill on this shit.

(MP3): A$AP Rocky – Bass (prod. Clams Casino)

Ambition dropping Tuesday 11.1.11! Go buy that shit. This track off the album is produced by club happy Diplo, and is very interesting to say the least. Big Sean is a great choice for guest feature on this instrumental, btw. I could see this one getting some “slight work” in the club.

(MP3): Wale – Slight Work (ft. Big Sean)

Yea, I know this instrumental (The xx – Intro) has been remixed and/or spit over more times than Adele, but I still love it. Not to mention YONAS is the perfect MC to come in and give it an entirely original feel. Dude has been doing his thing over all types of dope shit lately. Check the previously FUNK featured Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar” sample, as well.

(MP3): YONAS – Can’t Knock Me Down

(MP3): YONAS – I Need A Dollar

Something smooth with a real nice sample for your listening pleasures. Fashawns’s feature is what caught my eye and made me take a listen to this one, and rightfully so. He spits a quality verse and pretty much carries it with the hook. Ya’ll salty? I hear em though. “Guess I’m tired of being Mr. Polite.”

(MP3): Notes to Self – Mr. Polite (ft. Fashawn)

And one more smooth one for you, this time from the rarely softish Philly Freeza. This one’s got a slightly more positive vibe than the song above. I liked the original, but this time around on the remix Mayer Hawthorne sings the sample on the hook and Wale adds a quality verse. Mayer must have some nice hip hop connects or something, because he’s always popping up on tracks with real solid names. I’m not mad at that, though. And definitely not mad at the Wale feature either. This is off Freeway’s recently released mixtape, The Intermission.

(MP3): Freeway – She Makes Me Feel Alright (remix) (ft. Wale & Mayer Hawthorne)


Occupy Wall Street Flow: Who’s Asking for a Handout?

Just as quickly as supporters flocked to pay tribute to the Occupy Wall Street protests and their cause, so now, it seems as though naysayers have joined to express their criticism of the protesters themselves. That’s perfectly fine and all, so long as they take a stand against their actual message, and not just make generalizations about the types of people they are. But when did their message become about looking for a handout?  And when did someone take a poll to discover all of them are unemployed and too lazy/stubborn to find work. Listen, it’s just as ignorant to assume these people contribute nothing to society as it is to assume that any of the wealthiest 1% don’t actually use a good amount of that wealth to contribute positively to the rest of society. At that same token, it’s also ignorant to assume that all of those people accumulating mass amounts of wealth have actually worked harder to get it.

I find it laughable when people like Herman Cain or anti-occupiers say things like “maybe if you worked a little harder, you would get the job you want, and make the money you think you deserve,” when the most common slogan for finding a job in America is “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” What the fuck does that have to do with hard work? It sounds more like a strategy to win a reality TV show competition than it does a model for building a country’s work force. And that’s why Asia produces the worlds engineers, doctors and computer programmers while America produces the worlds salesmen, brokers, and lawyers. Not to mention presidential candidates like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.

I think the overall message is NOT that we want to pay less taxes (don’t mistake 99% with the tea party) and to get the billionaires and all those well off to pay for others’ cost of living. It’s that we don’t want money to be the overall ruling factor in EVERYTHING that occurs in our country. And let’s be honest, it’s not hard work we value, it’s money. And there are undoubtedly easier ways to make money than by hard work. For example; lying, cheating, stealing, selling drugs, etc. Seeing as though we’re all about efficiency (“Time is money” is another popular mantra in America) why would ANYONE waste their time with hard work, when all you really need is the money to make things happen. Take Jay-Z for example who was an admitted drug dealer for a large portion of his life.  Outside of rap, that’s how he made the money that built his empire. Now he’s a respected businessman and welcomed member of the elite. No one cares how you got it, all they care is that you have it. And it, is money. I can’t blame him though, he’s just the product of a society built by the motto “Cash is King.”

I’m just gonna stop there, because the more I rant, the more thoughts come to mind and I’m afraid this post wont ever end. I’ll pick up on corporations (aka the greediest “people” God never created) and lobbyists another time. I don’t think the occupiers are going anywhere just yet. And neither is my voice.

Check out Mike Check’s revolutionary flow over J. Cole’s sick production for Kendrick Lamar’s “Hii Power”.

(MP3): Mike Check – Occupy Wall Street Flow

Wifey Wednesday: Drake ft Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean ft SupaNatra, Cocaine 80s, Drake & The Weeknd + The Dream ft. Big Sean

Wifey Wednesday is back! I’d be lying if I said I do it just for the ladies, cuz these are my jams right here. Love the smooth shit, man. Plus it’s real to me. I been through some shit, I know some girls been through some shit. That’s one of the reasons why I’m feelin’ a lot  of Drake’s music. Yea, he can play it cool and talk about all the chicks he passes through without care, but he also talks about the girls that actually make him stop and say, this chick is for real. He drops a smooth one for us off Take Care, with a little bit of help from his boy weezy…

(MP3): Drake – The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne)

If you’ve been down with the FUNK, you know I’m diggin Frank Ocean. I don’t remember the whole background to this song, but I’m pretty sure it’s just another Frank Ocean song that this Billionaire Boyscout dude took and remixed with a verse from SupaNatra. I need to get up on my Frank Ocean. Of course I love the piano keys, but really liking this dude’s verse as well. Gotta have some kind of musical connection, or at the very least common ground, with a chick. Well, for anyone who loves music.

(MP3): Frank Ocean & SupaNatra – HER

I hope you listened to my dude Bilkha and copped that cocaine 80’s shit. I’m super high on this joint right here. It comes off his first tape with No I.D. called The Pursuit. Currently, top play on the commute. Sooooo smooth. I feel dude with the lyrics, too.

“you hear it coming from the television
you hear it coming from the mothafuckin government
girl I just wanna tell you something different
thats why I fuck witchu cuz I know you be listenin”

(MP3): Cocaine 80’s – To Tell You the Truth

My boy also posted that JAYBeatz mashup featuring the aforementioned “The Real Her.” Well, dude also created a nice lil mash featuring both Drake & The Weeknd’s perspective versions of “Trust Issues” (The Weeknd won), while mixing in a lil bit of the original “Im On One.” Check it out. If you really liked either one of the originals, I feel like you gotta be on this one.

(MP3): Drake & The Weeknd – Trust Issues (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

Lastly, in case you missed that free album (aka mixtape with high quality original beats) that The Dream (aka Terius Nash) dropped a lil while back, check this joint featuring Big Sean. I was sleeping on this one, but I’m not now. Plan on skipping the foreplay when this one drops. I don’t really know what sexin’ right has to do with ghetto though….

(MP3): The Dream (Terius Nash) – Ghetto (ft Big Sean)

“Got Home Early” Tuesday: Wiz Khalifa, Drake x The Weeknd, The Away Team, Common, Pusha T

I got out of work today at 2:30PM…i haven’t seen the sun in 48 hours…leaving before it rises, coming home after it sets…but hey, gotta grind…here’s to the last Tuesday in October…btw…if you haven’t already, get on that Cocaine 80’s post, I’ve been playing that non-stop for the last 2 days

Wiz Khalifa – Dessert (Bait Freestyle)

Wiz Khalifa – Rich People (House Party Freestyle)

Wiz drops two new freestyles over some heavy beats: Wale’s “Bait” and Meek Mill’s “House Party”…Purp, Purp, Purp…

Drake x The Weeknd – Thursday, It Goes Down

JAYBeatz does his thing on another dope mash-up of Drake’s “The Real Her” and the Weeknd’s “Thursday”…October’s Very Own

The Away Team – See You Later (Feat. Phonte)

This group is just killing it and now they link up with Phonte from Little Brother…DSOT

Common – Let’s Move [Unreleased]

Unreleased track that didn’t make it on Common’s “The Dreamer. The Believer”

Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of [Unreleased]

Unreleased track from the “Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray EP” project…I still remember this Clipse concert back in 2007 that I bought tickets to but had to skip because I had an Organic Chemistry test scheduled the next day…who knows when they’ll tour as a group again…

Weekend Rap Up: Wale, XV, ASAP Rocky, KiD CuDi + Mckenzie Eddy ft. Murs

Yeah, I’m back with that rap shit. Let me be more specific, that lyrical rap shit. First up we got Mr. No Day’s Off going over Hov’s classic Black Album track. Are you not entertained? No? Well then you didn’t really listen.

(Mp3): Wale – What More Can I Say (freestyle)

First of all, GLC is absolutely perfect for this hook. I don’t know why,  but it just sounds so right. And second, XV is always nice, but this Emelio Rojas (2nd up on the mic) dude is no slouch himself. He’s starting to stand out. Be on the look out.

(MP3): XV – Blame Yourself (ft GLC, Emelio Rojas & Casey Vegas)

I have stated previously on the FUNK that it was more the beats than anything that left me with a positive outlook on Mr. Rocky. But that’s starting to change. I don’t even really like this beat that much, but maybe that’s why his impeccable flow stands out so much. Bottom-line, while the content isn’t very expansive, I am impressed with the skills.

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Out of This World

I guess this is an old CuDi joint that leaked as “Do it Alone” before his debut LP, Man On The Moon, dropped back in 07. It’s just now being released in it’s mastered version. Definitely the CuDi you’d come to expect.

“Remember you’re not strange. But you are not the same, mayne.”

(MP3): KiD CuDi – Bigger Than You

Ok, if you’re mad that this is in my Rap Up post, then you must not have listened to Murs murder the second half of the song. But regardless, if stupid girls like Kreayshawn get any kind of consideration, then this bad bitch McKenzie deserves some credit herself. Give it a shot, it’s a nice change of pace.

(MP3): McKenzie Eddy – Mannequins Part 2 (ft Murs)

Saturday Night Stank: “Return of The Mack” & “Forgot About Dre” remixes

I’m probably too late if you’re looking for material to get your Saturday night poppin off, but it’s still relevant nonetheless. And not to state the obvious or anything, but yes, I am blogging at 11 pm on a Saturday night. Don’t judge me. I had a rough one last night. Actually just now feeling normal again after a hungover day filled with worthlessness. Although, this did give me the opportunity to go on a much needed Breaking Bad binge (ironic?), season 4 is getting real serious. But I’m done feeling sorry for myself, there’s shit that needs to get done.

First things first, I’ve been slacking on the new music this week. Thankfully my dude Bilkha’s been keeping ya’ll up to date. Loving that Drake & Nicki, btw. Here are a couple remixes I came across and thought you guys might dig. Mark Morrison will forever be the The Mack of all Macks. And yes, I like cats. Dogs too. Most all animals. Not too keen on snakes though…

(MP3): Mark Morrison – Return of The Mack (Dave Edwards Remix)

(MP3): Dr. Dre ft Eminem vs Katy Perry – Forgot About Dre (DJs Camille & Kontrol Peacock Mash)

NO I.D. presents: Cocaine 80’s

NO I.D. presents:

Cocaine 80’s get together again to release:  “Ghost Lady” (EP)


1. The Fall

2. Six Ft. Over (Feat. Common)

3. Missing Me From Heaven

4. Not No More

5. Tomorrow

6. Loved To Death

7. The Legend Of The Heart

And just in case you missed their last effort “The Pursuit” (EP)