You can put a cat in an oven, but that don't make it a biscuit – Sidney Deane

Heavy Metal (club music) Monday: Adventure Club + Skrillex

You know what I think happened with this whole dubstep phenomenon? I think dudes were kinda embarrassed for liking sweet ass pop/club music so they felt the need to throw in a bunch of hardcore robot fucking so they wouldn’t come off so soft. Think about it. It would be difficult to differentiate these songs from other poppy club songs if you just listened to the normal verse portion, that is with the soothing vocals about love or some shit, along with the happy-go-lucky beat that makes everyone want to join hands and dance together. I mean, how soft is that shit? But then throw in some crazy “whatever-the-fuck you call those sounds” and it’s all of a sudden got an edge to it, and one can point out that portion of the song/music when someone calls them a pussy for liking soft ass pop music. It’s like heavy metal rock, dudes even make the same head-banging motion when it hits hard. I just don’t understand how anyone can actually enjoy that noise, unless of course they were trying to overcompensate for something else. And to a lesser degree, same with those mean ass rap beats with way too much bass and just a bunch of snare drums/noises from Rick Ross’s mouth. There is also the outside chance that it really is merely a matter of taste and this rant is solely based on my musically elitist attitude, but hey at least I’m honest, right? I actually enjoy that sweet as sugar type shit sometimes (see previous post) and would ABSOLUTELY enjoy each one of these songs a lot more without the self-conscious robot fucking. I don’t necessarily HATE dubstep, and these are all still good listens nonetheless. Adventure Club actually gets a pass because even their “noises” somewhat resemble music and do go along with the rest of the song for the most part. Skrillex, on the other hand, gets no such benefit of the doubt. Dude has got some issues and I hate that he feels the need to ruin what otherwise would be really good, albeit soft as hell, club/pop music.

Adventure Club – Rise & Fall

Adventure Club – Wait

Skrillex – Voltage


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