You can put a cat in an oven, but that don't make it a biscuit – Sidney Deane

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Random Jams: Childish Gambino (Oliver Remix), Smokey Robotic ft Redman + Cris Cab ft. Movado

I don’t really know how to categorize these. They all have a slight hip hop influence, or at least infusion, but the genre itself escapes me. You may know by now, I’m not a big fan of genres anyway, or in a broader sense, categorizations. Whether it’s music, people, places, food….just let me decide for myself before you go and implant a subconscious bias in my brain. Sometimes I envy the blind. Wouldn’t it be something if we were only able to base our opinions on people based on the tone of their voice or they way they treat people? Obviously, after thinking about the number of difficulties that would actually go along with being blind, I take that back. But it would definitely be a lot different world. Now being deaf on the other hand is not something I can see (no pun) having ANY silver lining whatsoever. God, I am thankful for my health…and my music. What was the point of this post? Oh yea, music without a precursing classification. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Oliver Remix)

Smokey Robotic – No Reality (ft. Redman)

Cris Cab – Rihanna’s Gun (ft. Movado)


Aer – The Reach [mixtape]

(click to DL mixtape): Aer – The Reach

“hear the rhythm and bump, fall in love with the funk”

Call it Mixtape Monday if you like, but I got two new VERY dope projects for ya. First up, Aer. I would say they got a sound reminiscent of sublime, just a little softer with more manufactured beats. Perfect sound for a hot summer on the beach, in the backyard, maybe rooftop? However you do you, Aer should be of assistance if you’re in need of some time to kick back and chill in between efforts of assimilation into adulthood. This one’s sponsored by I find a lot of good shit on GMAD, you should check it out if you haven’t already.

(click to DL):Aer – The Reach

(click to DL):Aer – Somewhere I been

(click to DL):Aer – Come & Go

(click to DL):Aer – Story to Tell (Biggie Remix) (not on mixtape)

Wifey Wednesday: Frankmusik ft Far East Movement, Jean-Roch ft Kat Deluna & Flo Rida, Alex Guadino ft Kelly Rowland & Vibe

Wifey Wednesday seems to be a fan favorite, so I gotta give the people what they want. I’m just gonna get right into this because you just want them jams, I know. Plus the NBA playoffs are on and I don’t generally have a lot to say about club jam/pop songs anyway. Little shorter list, but some good stuff for the party or workout playlist. I could see this third one in particular causing some problems on the dance floor….Click title under player to download song at hulkshare.

Frankmusik – Do It In The AM (ft Far East Movement)

Jean-Roch ft Kat Deluna & Flo Rida – Im Alright (Radio Rip)

Alex Guadino ft Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (Hardwell Remix)

This next one obviously doesn’t fit the same category as the last three. This duo calls themselves Vibe. I think these dudes can really do some real big things with what the got going right here. Rossy dude has got a great singing voice, and this Chris Young is just plain sick, for real. Diggin it.

Chris Young the Rapper & Rossy (Vibe) – Touch The Stars

Geographer – Kites

Had to write about this one right here simply because of the variation in musical elements. This is why I love music right now. The song starts up with this this straight electronic beat. But then comes this chorister (thesaurus) singing this beautiful song of praise. About what? I have no idea, but it doesn’t matter because his voice is so magnificent (ha). And theennnnn the drums bust in from what sounds eerily similar to Clipse “Grindin.” But even if I’m wrong, thats still 3 completely different musical sorts, so to speak. On top of that, this violin/chello shit starts killin towards the end of the song too. And it works, well. Pretty cool stuff.

Geographer – Kites