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Wifey Wednesday: Dev ft Fabolous (DJ Kue Remix), Far East Movement (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper) + 2AM Club

My to-to list is not moving in the right direction. That is, it is getting longer….and longer. Fuck it, I still wanted to get a post up tonight since I missed out last night. I might be taking more nights off now that the NBA season (aka my winter savior) has begun. D. Rose killin’ em 4-5 nights a week for the next 17+ weeks, are you kidding me? Gotta love the kid. Anyone see/hear the news of his new 94 million dollar contract extension? In a world, both in sports and business in general, where it seems like the cocky, selfish, deceitful asshole is always the one to finish first, Derrick proves otherwise. Not only is he the perfect role model in sports, he’s just flat-out a good person, with good morals and intentions. AND he’s young, rich and famous. As Stacey would say, “This is why this kid is special”……..This is also why my to-do list never shrinks! I keep getting sidetracked. I just wanted to fly through this post with a couple of links and maybe a short description, and then I get all into my love affair for Derrick Rose. And don’t worry, that’s not gay at all. It’s a total respectful, appreciative, man love that can only exist in sports. Moving on…

I’m a big fan of that DJ Kue “Moment for Life” remix I posted in last weeks WW post, and this one is no different. I wasn’t into the original Dev joint at all, but anytime Fab adds a verse, it’s a given to take listen. I’m real glad Kue pumped up the bass and tempo on this one.

Dev – Kiss My Lips (ft. Fabolous) (DJ Kue Remix)

Different vibe from Far East Movement, at least from anything I’ve heard from them. Although, I think I’ve literally only heard that G6 joint. Man, that shit was played out…..I’d still juke the hell out of it though. Cool, smooth vibe to this one, as expected from most everything with a Cudi appearance. I don’t know about that new alternative(?) shit he’s got coming up next though….Big shout to Chip Tha Ripper; definitely a good look here.

Far East Movement – Ride 4 U (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper)

I’m still trying to catch up on this 2AM Club shit. Haven’t figured out if I’m a fan. This one stood out, well, because they’re covering New Edition. And this is what happens when you grow up with two older sisters born in the early 80s. I can dig their interpretation, but not even close to the classic original. Seriously, who can fuck with New Edition? I mean, despite the demoralizing dance routine and all.

2AM Club – If It Isn’t Love (New Edition Cover)