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Wifey Wednesday/Throwback Thursday: Adina Howard, Toni! Tony! Tone!, Sean Paul, INOJ, Somethin for the People + More!

Kinda random, but if that’s not the baddest intro ever then just stop reading my blog right now and don’t EVER come back! Love me some Belly, man.

So I haven’t been up on my game in terms of really seeking out new shit lately, and I know thisss, maaannnnn. But I just got a new job that I think will make me much happier, not too mention the fact I will be moving out my parents house very soon (hallelujah!). Needless to say, I can relax now in a sense and get back on the grind with this music biz. But just because I don’t have a ton of new shit doesn’t mean I can’t catch you up on some classic jams from the vault.

I know I won’t be able to post tomorrow and I been slackin on the female friendlies, so I’m combining my Wifey Wednesday post with the brand new Throwback Thursday playlist. I wasn’t kidding when I told you I know my R&B shit. Definitely got my sister to thank for letting me steal her CD collection to stay in tune with the genre. I got jams like these for days. This definitely ain’t just for the ladies though, cuz I know some of my dudes out there are feelin this shit right along with me. Sheeeit, my boy is the one who requested a number of these. As a whole though, if this doesn’t take you back to a happy time as a young teenager, then I apologize. But I’ll have some more throwbacks each and every Thursday, and not so heavy on the R&B next time. And ladies, take a tip from Somethin For The People and get your mind right bout your boy. This first one though, this one is dedicated to well, me makin moves…and George Jefferson too, I guess.

B Rich – Whoa Now

Adina Howard – Freak Like Me

Nick Cannon ft R. Kelly – Gigolo

Toni! Tony! Tone! ft AMG – Boys & Girls (DJ Quik Remix)

Sean Paul ft Sasha – I’m Still in Love With You

Sean Paul ft Tweet – International Affair

INOJ – Let Me Love You Down

Somethin For The People – My Love Is The Shhh

Boo & Gotti ft TQ – Baby Girl


Master P – Burbans and Lacs

I think this was one of my first Rap CD’s. I remember getting it, it was a gift from my buddy Eric. I think his mom made him get the clean version though, bummer. Despite the hideous/cheap album covers, I enjoyed the hell outta No Limit Records back in the day, especially “Ghetto D.” I always loved the last verse of this song, just cuz of dudes voice and melody. Gotta love Mo B. Dick on the hook here as well.

Master P ft Silkk the Shocker, Mo B. Dick, Lil Gotti Gambino – Burbans and Lacs

Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed

To keep with the theme for the day, my boy Eder hit me up with a request for this classic Biggie joint. Not gonna lie, I was always a bigger Pac fan, so I’m still catching up with a lot of Big’s work. Good lookin out, bro. But seriously, no one matches Pac’s passion (BUCK BUCK, BUCK BUCK!!)

Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed

2pac – Lil Homies

Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack [video]

Oh man, this is that warm up, get back on your pimp game jam for every man in the world. More importantly, its probably top 3 songs I get most excited for when I’m at the club on the dance floor, and I love every DJ and/or cock bumpers that are down with the Mack as well. Also, this was on this “MTV Party to go ’98” CD i bought back in the day, and it is fucking awesome. Here’s a couple other songs I was obsessed with off the 1998 compilation.

Groove Theory – Tell Me (Extended LP Mix)

Blackstreet ft Dr. Dre – No Diggity

Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack

Paperboy – Ditty [video]

"Yo, this is how I'm comin' for the nine deuce
Another fat, fat track
So Rhythm D, pour the orange juice"

Great start, great song. This is probably one of the first songs I searched when I discovered Napster. Wow, what a revolutionary discovery that was.

Paperboy – Ditty