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Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 10 Rap Remix/Mashups

My bad for not getting this one up before the weekend festivities, cuz this one’s got some cool ass jams. I don’t know how often people actually come to the funk, or if the regulars make it back through all my posts they’ve missed, so these “Best of the funk” posts are meant to bring everyone back up to speed. Again, in case you didn’t know, I love the remix. The remix can bring to life to a jam that never took a breath or bring back one that was previously deceased. The remix can also shed light upon the dark or bring about new enlightenment upon the confused. But most importantly, the remix can bring two different genres, and therefore groups of people with different tastes, together into one perfectly harmonious physical entity; the peaceful type of harmony that only music can accomplish.

This group of remix/mashups is particularly special because not only does is combine all of my favorite musical elements, it’s also kind of representative of my make up in the musical form. Take that Pac joint for example. Afterall, it’s #1 for a reason. By the kid’s standards these days, Pac was one of the hardest dudes to walk the earth. But you always knew there was more to Pac than just the thug, and that’s because he shared real emotions in his music. That didn’t make him any less “hard” though, it just made him real; a humanizing effect that most of these rappers are scared to reveal because the character they personify is much safer. But I digress. I was actually just talking about these songs having two types of styles or sides to them; one kinda gansgta and one kinda soft and peaceful.

10. Adele ft Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix)

9. The Hood Internet – Go Hahahaha (Das Racist vs Cults)

8. Brenton Duvall ft Tayib Ali – Pretty Little Penthouse

7. Wick-it The Instigator – Follow The One (Big Boi vs The Black Keys)

6. Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K)

5. Planet Asia ft Blabbwona & Pep Love – Soundclash (DJ Duke Remix)

4. Adele ft Jay-Z & Biggie – Rolling in the Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)

3. The Hood Internet – Slow John (Lil Wayne/Rick Ross vs Com Truise)

2. Emancipator ft Nas – Nevergreen (Made U Look)

1. Mother Earth & Young Church – Skinny Pain (2pac vs Birdie)


Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 10 Dance Remix/Mashups

So the first half of 2011 has come to a close. It’s been an especially big 6 months for me with the number of changes in my life. You may have gotten a glimpse of this if you’ve been following along the funk and listen to my rants. But I started this blog in January to provide myself with a little purpose, and to keep busy in a productive way. And while it started as just a way to share good music with people, it seems to have taken on even greater purpose, for me at least.

As you’ll notice while my life takes on the high and lows, the music will always be right there with me. And since this weekend is about good times in backyards, boats, and bars, I thought I’d give you something to match the mood. Here is the top 10 dance remix/mashups I’ve discovered in the first half of 2011 for you to add to your party playlist if you missed it the first time around on the Funk. Enjoy!

10. Flo Rida – Good Feeling (over Avicii’s Levels)

9. The White Panda – Infinite Dream (Katy Perry//Guru Josh Project)

8. Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold remix)

7. Ciara ft The Dream – Ride (dj.dstar remix)

6. Britney Spears ft Nicki Minaj & Kesha – Til the World Ends (remix)

5. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

4. Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks (The Knocks remix)

3. Chromeo – Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)

2. Foster The People – Houdini (RAC remix)

1. Ellie Goulding ft Three 6 Mafia – Keep Me Under the Sheets (Mochi Beats remix)

Wifey Wednesday: The Weeknd, Adele & Alex Clare

So I haven’t really been up on my shit lately, I know this. But I barely have time to think about what to eat for dinner lately, let alone sit down, search the infinite blogashpere of music, sample a minute 30 seconds of the fifty-some songs that stand out, download the best handful, listen and re-listen, and listen again, and begin to write, and continue to write WHILE listening until something meaningful comes to mind…..I don’t even feel like finishing this sentence. Seriously though, I want to get more good music out to the “masses.” And just because I don’t have the time to really write, doesn’t mean any dedicated supporters should have to suffer.

Regardless though, this type of music kinda speaks for it self. Doesn’t require as much interpretation as rap but still the necessary time and attention to truly appreciate. Good music that I would rock too. Great voices = good music most the time.  Good lookin L-Boogie. This dude is bad. And them drums? Shit…

(MP3):The Weeknd – The Birds (pt. 1)
And Adele? Need I say more? Well maybe I do…Clubheads……kinda useless til’ the 1:50 mark to me.

(MP3):Adele – Set Fire to The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)

Oh yea, this Tracy Chapman-soundin-ass dude (kinda?) kinda kills this acoustic musical masterpiece. I’m not gonna lie, might be the piano that really got me diggin it.. I mean, besides dude’s really good voice.

(MP3):Alex Clare – Too Close (Live Unplugged)

Good Night!

Wifey Wednesday: Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, Benny Benassi, Adele, Avicil + Kito & Reija Lee

So I’ve been without my iPod the past two days and although I’ve been forced to read on my transit to work, which is a good thing, trying to exercise has been miserable. Noticed I said “trying”, because I haven’t gotten that far into the “doing”. Butttt I’m pretty sure I made a commitment to run the Chicago Marathon in like 3 months….I really need to get on that. Anyway, most these songs would be on the playlist I’ll be running to. They would also be on an afterhours exclusive juke fest playslist.

(Click to DL):Wiz Khalifa ft Qwes Kross – In the Night

You know I’m still on this “House of Balloons” shit. Here’s a “womp womp” dubstep version of “High For This”, my favorite track off The Weeknd’s latest mixtape.

(Click to DL):The Weeknd – High For This (Downpour Remix)

I saw Benny Banassi at Northcoast Music Festival in Chicago last summer and it was quite the experience. It was cool and all, but I mean, am I really being ridiculed for not jumping around and pumping my arm in the exact same motion for 45 minutes staright? That fest was the shit though. Got to see Lupe for the first time (missed him at Kanye a couple years back) and second time for Nas, but first time at an all day music festival. And it was awesome.

(Click to DL):Benny Benassi ft Clinton Sparks – Watch You

I’m really not big on any songs that have no vocals whatsoever, but this beat is pretty fucking disgusting. This should be keeping a whole lot of people sweating through the a.m.

(Click to DL):Avicil – Levels (original mix)

This songs is really cool. Soft vocals. Nasty beat. Dirty Jam.

(Click to DL):Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk

If you’ve followed at all, you know I’m a huge Adele fan. Honestly, this beat really takes away from the power behind her voice, but it’s still a beautiful thing to listen to in any form.

(Click to DL):Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix)

Adele x Gilbere Forte – Set Fire To The Rain

Damn, man. This shit has that sort of epic feel to it. Not epic in the sense like this song will live on forever in your playlist, just really powerful. The keys at the beginning really kick it off right. Gilbere comes with some deep lyrics and then of course Adele just blows you away with the vocals. The guitar that comes in during the hook just puts the icing on the cake. This right here is what I call audible emotion. At least that’s my take, take a listen for yourself. To add to that, Adele has easily become one of my favorite voices, right behind John Legend. Coincidentally enough, Mr. Legend recently decided it was his turn to have his hand at the soon to be classic “Rolling in the Deep.” See this below as well.

Adele x Gilbere Forte – Set Fire to the Rain

John Legend – Rolling in the Deep

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks

I know I just posted my Weekend Rap Up, but this one clearly deserves it’s own post. If you haven’t heard of Childish Gambino yet, you’re not alone. His real name is Donald Glover and you may have recognized him from the hit NBC show “The Community.” Guess what? Dude is multitalented and is quickly rising up in the Hip Hop scene as a newcomer you absolutely need to pay attention to. The beat in this one is just ridiculous. Childish describes it as a 9/11 disaster, and unfortunately, I’d have to agree that that is the best way to describe its devastation. The way he spazzes over this reminds me a little bit of a Lil Wayne freestyle (animated voice, silly punch lines, non stop spitting lines). He references his Adele remix and how his phones been ringing off the hook because of it (no lie), so I included it here as well. I’ve already posted this Adele “Rolling in the Deep” (remix) without his verse, but you MUST listen to this version as well. Real talk from Childish, and you know he’s really speaking to a specific girl. What’s funny is that you know chick is hearing him too.

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (right click, save as to download)

Adele ft Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) (right click, save as to download)

Adele – Rolling In the Deep Remixes

This chick is amazing. A voice like that needs to be heard by the masses. Im amazed to talk to people who have never heard any of her stuff, or even heard of her at all. Definitely top 3 female voices today. The original song “Rolling in the Deep” is great, but i like remixes and shit, and figure most people can hear the original on their own. Here’s a couple remixes. First, one with Biggie and Hov, which is an obvious combo (?)…..And then another remix by Jamie XX which has been on repeat for me. Shit’s dope.

Adele vs Jay Z vs Biggie – Rolling in the Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)…click to listen, right click to save link (DL)

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX remix) …same as above

Check out Mick Boogie’s remix project for her Grammy nominated album from a year ago…Mick Boogie is the best remix DJ in the game, hands down.

DL full album Mick Boogie Presents….Adele – 1988 at mediafire