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Weekend Rap Up: A$AP Rocky, Wale ft Big Sean, YONAS, Notes to Self ft Fashawn + Freeway ft Wale & Mayer Hawthorne

That pretty muthafucka A$AP drops some more heat for us, this coming off his mixtape LiveLoveA$AP dropping tomorrow. The Harlem native rarely lets a solid piece of production go to waste. Grab your best heard speaks (BBDs preferred) and just chill on this shit.

(MP3): A$AP Rocky – Bass (prod. Clams Casino)

Ambition dropping Tuesday 11.1.11! Go buy that shit. This track off the album is produced by club happy Diplo, and is very interesting to say the least. Big Sean is a great choice for guest feature on this instrumental, btw. I could see this one getting some “slight work” in the club.

(MP3): Wale – Slight Work (ft. Big Sean)

Yea, I know this instrumental (The xx – Intro) has been remixed and/or spit over more times than Adele, but I still love it. Not to mention YONAS is the perfect MC to come in and give it an entirely original feel. Dude has been doing his thing over all types of dope shit lately. Check the previously FUNK featured Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar” sample, as well.

(MP3): YONAS – Can’t Knock Me Down

(MP3): YONAS – I Need A Dollar

Something smooth with a real nice sample for your listening pleasures. Fashawns’s feature is what caught my eye and made me take a listen to this one, and rightfully so. He spits a quality verse and pretty much carries it with the hook. Ya’ll salty? I hear em though. “Guess I’m tired of being Mr. Polite.”

(MP3): Notes to Self – Mr. Polite (ft. Fashawn)

And one more smooth one for you, this time from the rarely softish Philly Freeza. This one’s got a slightly more positive vibe than the song above. I liked the original, but this time around on the remix Mayer Hawthorne sings the sample on the hook and Wale adds a quality verse. Mayer must have some nice hip hop connects or something, because he’s always popping up on tracks with real solid names. I’m not mad at that, though. And definitely not mad at the Wale feature either. This is off Freeway’s recently released mixtape, The Intermission.

(MP3): Freeway – She Makes Me Feel Alright (remix) (ft. Wale & Mayer Hawthorne)


Wifey Wednesday: Drake ft Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean ft SupaNatra, Cocaine 80s, Drake & The Weeknd + The Dream ft. Big Sean

Wifey Wednesday is back! I’d be lying if I said I do it just for the ladies, cuz these are my jams right here. Love the smooth shit, man. Plus it’s real to me. I been through some shit, I know some girls been through some shit. That’s one of the reasons why I’m feelin’ a lot  of Drake’s music. Yea, he can play it cool and talk about all the chicks he passes through without care, but he also talks about the girls that actually make him stop and say, this chick is for real. He drops a smooth one for us off Take Care, with a little bit of help from his boy weezy…

(MP3): Drake – The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne)

If you’ve been down with the FUNK, you know I’m diggin Frank Ocean. I don’t remember the whole background to this song, but I’m pretty sure it’s just another Frank Ocean song that this Billionaire Boyscout dude took and remixed with a verse from SupaNatra. I need to get up on my Frank Ocean. Of course I love the piano keys, but really liking this dude’s verse as well. Gotta have some kind of musical connection, or at the very least common ground, with a chick. Well, for anyone who loves music.

(MP3): Frank Ocean & SupaNatra – HER

I hope you listened to my dude Bilkha and copped that cocaine 80’s shit. I’m super high on this joint right here. It comes off his first tape with No I.D. called The Pursuit. Currently, top play on the commute. Sooooo smooth. I feel dude with the lyrics, too.

“you hear it coming from the television
you hear it coming from the mothafuckin government
girl I just wanna tell you something different
thats why I fuck witchu cuz I know you be listenin”

(MP3): Cocaine 80’s – To Tell You the Truth

My boy also posted that JAYBeatz mashup featuring the aforementioned “The Real Her.” Well, dude also created a nice lil mash featuring both Drake & The Weeknd’s perspective versions of “Trust Issues” (The Weeknd won), while mixing in a lil bit of the original “Im On One.” Check it out. If you really liked either one of the originals, I feel like you gotta be on this one.

(MP3): Drake & The Weeknd – Trust Issues (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

Lastly, in case you missed that free album (aka mixtape with high quality original beats) that The Dream (aka Terius Nash) dropped a lil while back, check this joint featuring Big Sean. I was sleeping on this one, but I’m not now. Plan on skipping the foreplay when this one drops. I don’t really know what sexin’ right has to do with ghetto though….

(MP3): The Dream (Terius Nash) – Ghetto (ft Big Sean)

Zeds Dead // Big Sean – Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (The Jane Doze Mashup)

Know this, I’m not here to spew out as much music as physically/electronically possible only for you to sift through all the garbage to find one or two solid joints in an hour-long new music binge. That’s what is for. The Funk, along with other quality blogs out there, is merely trying to act as sophisticated funnel. Even if I tried, I couldn’t put out every new rap song that comes out on a daily basis. It’s just too easy to record and distribute music digitally over the internet. The only true barrier to entry in the rap game is marketing power. Oh, you thought DJ’s/VJ’s get to choose what songs are played? But back to my point. I, along with my dude Bilkha who is contributing his flavor to The Funk as well, can funnel in more than a handful of songs each week that we like and then post them here for others to find. My hope is that by sharing songs we like, as opposed to every song we come across, someone else might find that we share similar likes. Then this person can simply come check The Funk and have a very good chance of finding a song they really like without spending hours having to click through a bunch of shitty songs they really hate.

And with that, I bring you the only good mashup I came across this Monday. But it’s a reeeeal good one. It meshes so well together it almost sounds like an original track. That vocal sample sounds like something from the early 2000’s Dipset/Diplomat days or something Kanye would effectively sample. Way better beat than the weird one Sean used on the original, imo.

(MP3): Zeds Dead // Big Sean – Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (The Jane Doze Mashup)

Wifey Wednesday aka Guilty Pleasures: Mike Posner ft Rusko, Kelly Rowland ft Big Sean, The Weeknd, The Dirty Tees ft Natasha Bedingfield +Tom Hangs (Avicii remix)

I’ll admit it, I like SOME pop music….until it actually becomes POPular and then I go back to despising it. That’s not entirely true because I can actually like some songs a lot longer than others simply because I never listen to the radio. Therefor I have no idea, and do not feel the repercussion from, what is actually being shoved down people’s throats.

I actually kinda dig Mike Posner’s music. Dude has been producing shit for quite some time, and he’s definitely got a little different sound than most pop artists, both musically and vocally. It’s funny how he sings to the ladies…but for all the dudes.

(MP3): Mike Posner – Shut Up ft Rusko (updated link)

Kelly is winning over Beyonce in 2011, no? I mean, motivation has been that RnB Jam of the year so far, and I have absolutely no guilt in saying I still love it. This song here is a nice change of pace from the first single and will also garner a healthy amount of radio play. Although, I gotta admit after enjoying it the first couple listens, I’m kinda already sick of it. I’m sure the ladies can dig it though, and the dudes can tolerate it while they’re with em.

(MP3): Kelly Rowland – Lay It On Me ft Big Sean

That Fragma joint was thee shit sophemore year of high school. Hell, it’s still a helluva throwback. Shot out to my guy Garmasta, ha. Shit takes me back. Natasha does em justice on this Dirty Tees interpretation.

(MP3): The Dirty Tees – Miracle ft Natasha Bedingfield (Fragma Cover)

I don’t really know what to say. I dig club jams with solid vocals and dope beats. Avicii been doin work.

(MP3): Tom Hangs – Blessed ft Shermanology (Avicii Remix)

Contrary to the title of the post, I have no guilt enjoying this here. You know this is my shit. The Weeknd’s voice is killing the game right now and this dirty instrumental was kind of wasted, in my opinion, with Drake’s recycled verses from “I’m On One.” Trust is a bitch. It really sucks when that trust is broken, especially off some stupid shit because regardless, you rarely ever get it back. I think that’s kinda the point with this one.

(MP3): The Weeknd – Trust Issues (Drake Cover)

Weekend Rap Up: New Music from Big Boi, Wiz Khalifa, Guy Harrison, Dave Raps, Consequence, and Drake

As you can see from my last post, I am a big fan of this Brother’s of Chico Dusty project with The Black Keys. After taking a closer listen, maybe second time through the mixtape, this quickly became my favorite track by far. Always take at least a second listen if it intrigues you in the least. Think about it this way, if the songs on the radio have the least replay value but catch your ear the quickest, then the songs that take a little bit longer to hook you are gonna be the ones that will have the most replay value. Trust me.
Big Boi vs The Black Keys – The Only Fat Sax (right click, save as to download)

“Right here I got all these hoes look, I got these dopes shook
Cuz what I wrote took intelligence and elegance, its all makin hella sense
its obvious, like sittin in the room with an elephant”

I’ve said it before, coming out hard is important in rap. Dude’s flow is nice right of the bat and really stands out in this song. Not to mention the beat; perfect percussion. I can’t really figure out how to describe it otherwise, but I think that’s a good thing. Never heard of this guy…Guy Harrison until I saw this mixtape “The Deadline” over at Good shit over there, it’s where I get most of my music. I really like this song.

Guy Harrison – 3 am Visions (right click, save as to download)

Another mixtape I took a listen to since dudes over at HHU shared it. Definitely a different sound. Haven’t gotten into a second listen yet, but this one stood out right away. Cool guitar, lots of bass, smooth flow..hook is lil weak. This song is off the mixtape H.Y.P.E. Really liking this one too.

Dave Raps – Alive (right click, save as to download)

Wiz just shared some more quality music for his fans with his latest mixtape release called Cabin Fever. Again, only took a quick listen but this song right here is fire. I love the “We are the champions” sample from Queen. Never heard it chopped up like this before though. Great beat, great hook, decent verses from Wiz, Trae and Big Sean. Cool variety of voices though.

Wiz Khalifa ft Trae tha Truth & Big Sean – Phone Numbers (right click, save as to download)

I’ve been finding a lot of work from Consequence as of late, and I like it. Just took a listen to his latest mixtape release called Movies on Demand 2. Solid work. “Alphabet Boys” off this tape is nasty too, cons got skills. But this one felt pretty funky, so I wanted to share it.

Consequence ft Phif – Tell The Whole City

Sorry for being short, the NBA All Star Game is about to start…has started. This one came out a while ago, but just recently the “mastered” version was released. Drake is nice….real nice.

Drake – 9 am in Dallas (right click, save as to download)

Big Sean – My Last (Clean) feat Chris Brown

Here is the first single off Big Sean’s debut album “Finally Famous” supposedly dropping this March. We’ll see about that. Maybe if this single picks up some heat and catches on. I’m not mad at it, better than most single attempts. And attention all rappers: Go grab Chris Brown RIGHT NOW at a discount while you can! Dude’s about to Mike Vick it in 2011, I can feel it.

Big Sean – My Last ft Chris Brown (right click to save)

Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne – Bow Chicka (remix)

Ummmm, for the ladies? I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a staunch supported of Mikey P for a minute now. Maybe because I feel like I got into his shit a while back, recognized his talent, and kinda watched him slowly blow up. But anyway, after this video, I don’t think I can refer to him as “my guy” anymore…..your not cool Mike. And by the way, aren’t these two of the ugliest famous guys you’ve seen stand next to each other in a while? Lil Wayne looks like a fucking gremlin, and Posner looks like a giant cartoon character (you’re damn right I’m sexier than Mike Posner). But check out the new song, it sounds like it might stick if it hits the radio waves. Even better, check the Mixtape “A Matter of Time” that put me onto him in the first place (dude handles his own production btw).

Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow feat Lil Wayne by
Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne – Bow Chicka (Remix) at hulkshare

Download Full Album Here at mediafire


Big Sean ft Mike Posner – Who Knows

Mike Posner – Drug Dealer Girl