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Weekend Rap Up: e-dubble, Maffew Ragazino ft. Das Racist, Ground Up ft Young Chris, Schoolboy Q ft Kendrick Lamar + Chip Tha Ripper ft Bun B

Let’s get right into it. I love where this dude e-dubble is coming from with his lyrics. I can really relate to the way of thinking. But this song really isn’t something to ride to with your boys, it’s more personal. If you dig it you dig it, if you don’t you don’t. Theres really no in between.

“They cut the arts budget, they cut creative costs
They see themselves with wrinkled faces and no Audemars
The truth hurts but we stronger for revealing it
concealing where we fucked up’s no way to deal with shit”

e-dubble – Grey Skies

Now to make a quick u-turn in the lyric category, I bring you Maffew and those silly basterds from Das Racist. What can I say, I guess I understand how some artists are more appealing simply because of their beat selection…But despite the lack of congruency and content in their rhymes, the dude’s are pretty creative with the flow. I do really like this Grizzy Bear sample though.

Maffew Ragazino – Jackson Pollock (ft. Das Racist)

Ok, it’s getting late and I’m trying to get to bed at a decent time tonight so I’m gonna be short with this next one….Love the flute. Love the vibe. Love the flows. Don’t be fooled by the pigment.

Ground Up – Overboard (ft. Young Chris)

My dude Bo put me onto Q a while back and I would like to show my gratitude by sharing some standouts from his mixtape titled Setbacks. Now, I had heard of this Schoolboy fella before the mixtape, but only as part of Black Hippy, and considered him nothing more than a sidenote to Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock. Personally, I still put Kenkrick “light years ahead,” but like the former, Q really can spit some intelligent, hard hitting rhymes. Even though most of the content revolves around that coke game/block mentality (shockingly, I can’t relate), he delivers it in a fashion that, to me, separates himself from the Rick Ross & Young Jeezys. It’s just not as ignorant and falsely glorifying as the raps you hear from those other dudes. More importantly though, even when it is that ignorant glorifying bullshit, it’s not delivered with a simple minded, lazy ass flow. Sorry, but sometimes beat selection is confused with mic skills and I feel the need to balance shit out.

Schoolboy Q – LigHt Years AHead (Sky HigH) (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Schoolboy Q – Druggy’s Wit H*es (ft. Ab Soul)….haha, shot out Luc Longley

I was actually kinda let down, again, with Chip’s latest mixtape effort. I feel like dude is lost in trying to find the balance between staying true to himself and finding fame. It’s hard to hate on dudes for that sometimes though. It’s like, even if you did have something more important to say, no one was there to hear you before you reached that next level. It’s hard to tell whether those concession are really worth it though. Maybe B.o.B and Wale can help with that question….In any event, I still found more than a couple joints I was quite fond of off Tell Ya Friends. Check out my two favorites…

Chip Tha Ripper – Boomshakalaka (ft. Bun B)

Chip Tha Ripper – Low Key


Wifey Wednesday: Dev ft Fabolous (DJ Kue Remix), Far East Movement (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper) + 2AM Club

My to-to list is not moving in the right direction. That is, it is getting longer….and longer. Fuck it, I still wanted to get a post up tonight since I missed out last night. I might be taking more nights off now that the NBA season (aka my winter savior) has begun. D. Rose killin’ em 4-5 nights a week for the next 17+ weeks, are you kidding me? Gotta love the kid. Anyone see/hear the news of his new 94 million dollar contract extension? In a world, both in sports and business in general, where it seems like the cocky, selfish, deceitful asshole is always the one to finish first, Derrick proves otherwise. Not only is he the perfect role model in sports, he’s just flat-out a good person, with good morals and intentions. AND he’s young, rich and famous. As Stacey would say, “This is why this kid is special”……..This is also why my to-do list never shrinks! I keep getting sidetracked. I just wanted to fly through this post with a couple of links and maybe a short description, and then I get all into my love affair for Derrick Rose. And don’t worry, that’s not gay at all. It’s a total respectful, appreciative, man love that can only exist in sports. Moving on…

I’m a big fan of that DJ Kue “Moment for Life” remix I posted in last weeks WW post, and this one is no different. I wasn’t into the original Dev joint at all, but anytime Fab adds a verse, it’s a given to take listen. I’m real glad Kue pumped up the bass and tempo on this one.

Dev – Kiss My Lips (ft. Fabolous) (DJ Kue Remix)

Different vibe from Far East Movement, at least from anything I’ve heard from them. Although, I think I’ve literally only heard that G6 joint. Man, that shit was played out…..I’d still juke the hell out of it though. Cool, smooth vibe to this one, as expected from most everything with a Cudi appearance. I don’t know about that new alternative(?) shit he’s got coming up next though….Big shout to Chip Tha Ripper; definitely a good look here.

Far East Movement – Ride 4 U (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper)

I’m still trying to catch up on this 2AM Club shit. Haven’t figured out if I’m a fan. This one stood out, well, because they’re covering New Edition. And this is what happens when you grow up with two older sisters born in the early 80s. I can dig their interpretation, but not even close to the classic original. Seriously, who can fuck with New Edition? I mean, despite the demoralizing dance routine and all.

2AM Club – If It Isn’t Love (New Edition Cover)


Weekend Rap Up: XV & Trae The Truth, Chip Tha Ripper, Bie Maejor ft Mike Posner, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Fences + Emilio Rojas

I was just thinking to myself about how I’ve been missing some new XV in my life….dude, must have read my mind, he said “okay! I’m reloaded.” Trae contributes his beast mode flow to make this a legit (internet) hit. Feelin’ XV a lot, be on the look out.

“I’m what happens when awesome and awkward merge together”

(MP3): XV – Batteries ft Trae The Truth (prod by Awesome Sound)

More awesomeness from XV…

(MP3): XV – The Kick (prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)

Reeeeally diggin the “Nice & Slow” beat sample. Can’t tell where the vocal comes from, but I like that too. Keep it coming Chip, this shit is too damn short.

“I tell her whatever you’re use to, fucking with me is the opposite”

(MP3): Chip tha Ripper – Realer

First listen I’ve given Bei Maejor, and I’m definitely liking what I hear. Love the piano in this one, as usual, and Mikey Pose does his thing well. But dude is gettin a little ahead of himself with the JT comparison. Whoa, dude.

(MP3): Bei Maejor – They Call Me ft Mike Posner

Just discovered this Emilio cat when he appeared on K.R.I.T.’s latest mixtape “Last King 2” and it made me want to do some more investigating. Check what I found.

(MP3): Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point (prod. by J Glaze)

Here’s the remix, plus video to Macklemore’s “Otherside.” Another one I can’t get enough of right now. I love the real thought behind the actual “real talk.”

“Now he just wanted to act like them, he just wanted to rap like him”

(MP3): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside ft Fences (Ryan Lewis remix)

Weekend Rap Up: Chip tha Ripper, Fabolous ft Trey Songz & Red Cafe, Asher Roth, Crooked I, Main Attrakionz ft ASAP Rocky + L.S.D ft Phonte, King Mez & Charlie Smarts

Got my fantasy football draft tonight and I haven’t done any research yet, so I apologize for some of the short descriptions but I just don’t have time to get too insightful. As far as fantasy goes, I’m not too worried about my unpreparedness though, most of it is luck. And anyway, the best part of fantasy football is just gettin with the dudes during a live draft and then constantly talking shit from then on throughout the rest of the season. It helps when you have a good team but I’m really not the best fantasy manager. This is because, like music, I find it hard to draft (or get into musically) a player (artist) if I don’t like/respect them as a person. Was never very good at separating business from personal feelings….or anything and personal feelings for that matter.

Chip. tha. Rip. Reeeeeeally diggin this one right here. I’m lovin beat and especially the way Chip’s vocals match up with the overall vibe. Sounds like something to unwind to during the after-party, or maybe the opposite to kick the night off with the dudes. Probably follows a similar mantra as “Two goin’ at once. I like my girls like I like my blunts.”

“I was uncool before the uncool became cool”

(MP3): Chip tha Ripper – Great Time

This one can keep the party going as well. Fab is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He consistently produces quality verses no matter the type of feature. The B.I.G. sample and Trey Songz hook make for an ear pleasing, easy listen.

(MP3): Fabolous – Sicker Then Yo Average (ft Red Cafe & Trey Songz)

Asher continues to impress me more and more this summer. He just went from an afterthought, to a “I’m definitely going to check out that album as soon as it comes out” type rapper in my book. Beat smooth, sample dope, rhymes tight. Real talk.

(MP3): Asher Roth – Ampersand

Slaughter in the house. I mentioned underrated earlier about Fab, but if that is the case, then Crook must be considered invisible. Even when people talk about Slaughterhouse I feel like Budden, Royce, or even Joell get the majority of the credit. While Joe Budden is close to my favorite rapper, I still gotta say that lyrically, as far as flow and punches, Crook is actually #1 out of the group. Talk about a group of rappers that really fit together on a lyrically conscious level, though.

(MP3): Crooked I – Fast Car Freestyle (Tracy Chapman sample)

I really have a hard time paying attention to the lyrics in this one for two reasons. One, I don’t expect to be impressed with anything rapped because these dudes are not lyricists. But more importantly, the other reason is because this sample is one of the coldest of all times. And I’m not talking the U.G.K. vocal sample, I’m talking about this Art of Noise (how creepy is this video?) beat sample. Took me a frustrating amount of time to remember where I knew it from, but the word “Freak” was the clincher that came to mind.

(MP3): Main Attrakionz ft ASAP Rocky – U.G.K. (prod. by Cashflow)

(MP3): Krayzie Bone – 2 Many Freaks (ft Play n Skillz & Adina Howard)….CLASSIC!

I’m not a huge fan of Little Brother, but mostly because it’s hard for me to get into 9th Wonder’s production. You know, kind of similar to the J. Dilla type shit. I know both dudes are respected to the utmost, but I just never really got into it. I still think Phonte is a sick spitter though, and while this beat is of the same soulful spectrum, this time shit’s got me bobbin’ back and forth without a doubt.

(MP3): L.S.D. (Phonte, King Mez & Charlie Smarts) – In The 336

Back to the Rap: Theophilus London, Chiddy Bang, Wale, Chip tha Ripper + Asher Roth with Production from Blended Babies

I started this blog to share music, not to overwhelm/repel people with my issues about life and the bullshit I see in the world on a regular basis. It just so happens that music is very close to my soul, so the two often go hand in hand. Regardless, it’s time I get back to just sharing some different shit that I come across. Don’t worry though, I’ll still bless you with the inner thoughts of my mind when the inspiration arrives. But for now, check out some fairly new shit I’ve been feelin’ lately.

First up we got Theophilus Londons first single off his album “Timez Are Weird These Days.” Very different than the typical hip hop sound, but dope nonetheless. You hear a lot more hip hop infused with rock elements these days and I like it. Again, originality is a good thing.

“It’s the skill and the confidence, the will and the dominance. The deeper you get, the more the reaper is prominent.”

(MP3): Theophilus London – I Stand Alone

Next up, some new Chiddy that dropped a couple weeks ago. Xaphoon Jones always comes with the Indie type intrumentals that all the hispsters dig so much. Again, not the type of head noddin’ hip hop I often praise from days of ol’, but I respect this shit way more than that ignorant shit you hear on the radio.

“Take a second look and you’ll see, there is no one like me”

(MP3): Chiddy Bang – Mind your Manners

Gotta post my guy Wale whenever he drops some new material. I check out dude at GMAD and his song selection quite frequently. Our musical tastes are somewhat similar. Our opinions however, not so much. Dude was trying to hate on Wale saying he can’t afford to give the fans free music, citing Joe Budden as a reason to smarten up and have a more business-like mentality when it comes to sharing his talents. Guess what dude, some artists really mean it when they say they do it for the fans, and not for the mass amount of fickle radio listeners that will love your single one day, and forget about you the next. Fuck the business aspect, all that does is curb creativity anyway. Not that “Bad Girls Club” is the most creative, but I still dig it.

(MP3): Wale ft J. Cole – Bad Girls Club

(MP3): Wale – Bait

(MP3): Wale – Lacefrontin

The Chicago based producer Blended Babies is easily becoming one of my favorites in the game. Remember that Twista joint he produced on Categroy F5? In case you don’t, I gotchu. I actually like (and have shared below) the original performed by Fanesha Fabre’, not included on the album. Anyway, here he blesses the beat for Chip who brings along some others to make another song with some substance. And then there’s this Asher joint, also produced by Blended Babies, with Chip and Whatzisface. I feel dudes. Feels good going home sometimes and reminisce bout the stress free days of adolescence.

(MP3): Chip Tha Ripper ft Like & Coco – Me Too (prod. by Blended Babies)

(MP3): Asher Roth ft Whatzisface & Chip tha Ripper – Back Home (prod. by Blended Babies)

(MP3): Fanesha Fabre’ ft Twista – Problems (prod. by Blended Babies)

Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 25 Rap Songs pt. 2

I was talking to my dude Ned the other day about various subjects, but one being this blog. We were on the topic of subject material for The Funk and how sometime he noticed I’ll start to say something, like comparing something to real life, but then leave you with just a fill in the blank metaphor. Problem is, I often struggle with what I really want to share here, and how much. A lot of the time I use this blog as therapy to air some shit out and speak my mind, which is good, but at the same time it can be unhealthy to release all that without knowing/trusting your audience. I was trying to explain the thought process behind that, and I knew there was some simple lyric that could explain it in a more concise manner, but I forgot what it was. Well it came to me a little while later and this one’s gonna be a shocker, it’s off Joe Budden – Sidetracked…

“I wanna stop somebody and keep it real
but know that they’ll understand ‘fore I tell em how I feel”

I guess write a lot about myself though, I’m sorry. But that’s because I frequently think about myself; who I am, what I’m doing with my life, what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, etc. Who doesn’t self evaluate? I mean, if you got everything figured out and are completely self-actualized, then by all means keep doin’ you.  But if you aren’t on Maslow’s level like that just yet, and don’t regularly take a look at yourself to figure out how to be a better person, then we don’t think the same. Moving on….

I wasn’t gonna include this one at first cuz then, you know, I’d have to admit that I relate. But I had to include it because Joey represent everything I respect about self expression. He’s telling us EXACTLY how he feels, unedited. There’s no sugarcoating the situation and no downplaying his fucked up thinking. Healthy or not, I really do try to use Joe as a model for the way I write.

10. Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Shit pt 3

This dude Jay just doesn’t get out enough. He puts out a song like once a year, unless I’m just blind, but I’ll take whatever I can get honestly. This beat is so simple, yet so perfect. It doesn’t take away from the lyrics like a lot of that hard hitting shit you hear from Lex Luger or whoever is the producer/flavor of the month. Just that head nodding lyrical shit I love.

“There he go with that song, you may be tired but I spit what I’m inspired
From the Lord of the worlds ’cause the Devil is a liar”

9. Jay Electronica – Jazzmataz

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Chip would come out with a lot more heat in 2011 than what he did deliver. Thats ok though, I’ll be rocking this gem while I’m rolling/riding down whatever for a loooong time. It’s not one to really get the wheels turning like a lot of the shit I usually post, but that just means the beat is so stupid smooth that I can’t ignore. And seeing as Chip can flow with the best, dude really could be speaking another language and I’d still be on this shit. I feel like I need at least one going at once while listening this shit. Definitely keeps the head noddin and even gets me swaying back and forth to the beat. And as soon as that background singers voice comes in? Ooh wee! Love this shit, man.


8. Chip Tha Ripper – Plural

I wrote it in my original post for this one, but Guy comes out the gate running and never looks back. This is some real hip hop shit. Simple head noddin percussion with some lyrics bragging about his lyrics, not all that other shit that has absolutely NOTHING to do with rap music. Fuck swag. Remember when rappers took more pride in their lyrics than their cars, clothes and jewelry? Anyway, that half-audible line right at the beginning is what it’s all about, even here on The Funk. Wish this shit wasn’t so short.

“Eyes squitin’ cuz I’m printin’ out my visions in my notebook”

7. Guy Harrison – 3 am Visions

What’s this one you ask? Only some killer production from J. Cole alongside some real talk from a smart, young spitter called Fashawn. Dude put out two mixtapes with the title Higher Learning for a reason. I’m obviously not from the ghetto or anything, so it might seem weird that I’m attracted to this type of shit. I don’t know though, what if his habitat was a metaphor for my mind? I’m really glad there are intelligent rappers out there telling it like it really is though. Hopefully it will help some ignorant people outside of those circumstances to understand a little bit about what life is really like on the other side of the tracks. Unfortunately, most of the time only the ignorant shit is what reaches the masses, and so it continues. That line about teachers really eats at me though….Like if you want to make a difference, then make a fucking difference. Quit worrying about the money and being like every person you don’t want to be like….c’mon man, what would Prez do?

“Wonder why my young brother stuck on reefer
Cuz the state refuse to pay good teachers”

6. Fashawn ft J. Cole – Nothin’ for the Radio

Weekend Rap Up: The Dean’s List, Chip Tha Ripper, Big K.R.I.T., Fashawn ft J. Cole, Nike Nando, Young Dro ft Trey Songz, Killer Mike ft T.I.

Finally got through a bunch of mixtapes I’ve been sitting on the past couple weeks and in turn have some quality shit for ya’ll in this weeks “rap up.” Kicking it off is this group called The Deans List. Normally I pick out my favorite track from a mixtape to include, but I could barely narrow it down to two songs from this masterpiece. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go download “The Drive In.” I really like the direction these guys are headed.

The Dean’s List – Dear Professor (right click, save as to download)

The Dean’s List – Light Up The Sky ft Dani Ummel (right click, save as to download)

Next up we got this Chip joint off the recently released “Gift Raps.” Pretty mellow project, and this feature right here is no exception. Super smooth and super dope. Chip was the biggest snub when XXL mag released their 2011 Freshman Class without him included. I don’t really take that list very seriously, but I would imagine it’d be a cool feeling to be included, and Chip deserves that. Seriously though, OJ Da Juiceman made it in 2010….

Chip Tha Ripper – Plural (prod. by Blended Babies) (right click, save as to download)

Big K.R.I.T. did however make the XXL list. Probably could have shut that magazine down had he not. If you’ve followed anything I’ve posted, you know how high I am on this dude. I don’t think he will be losing that swagger anytime soon. This one come’s off “Hometown Here: The Best of Big K.R.I.T (presented by”

Big K.R.I.T. – Swagger Back (right click, save as to download)

Damn, J. Cole keeps putting in work in every direction. I posted the “Smallville” joint he produced for XV a while back, and that was the first time I was introduced to dude’s production skills. Here’s another jam in which he provides the hook for as well. Thoroughly impressed again. This one’s off Fashawn’s recent release “Higher Learning 2.” Fashawn got mad skills himself. Real talk about real struggles.

“Wonder why my young brother stuck on reefer
Because the state refuse to pay good teachers
While the rich kids watch from the bleachers
I ask Jesus, let some light creep in”

Fashawn – Nothin For The Radio ft J. Cole (prod. by J. Cole) (right click, save as to download)

Here’s a solemn, introspective joint from the up and comer Nike Nando. I don’t want to try and compare my struggles to any of these rappers because comparatively speaking, my life has pretty much been a cake walk. Still doesn’t mean I can’t hear their words and relate it to my own situations. This one comes off “Love Day.”

“I give good advice but I cant manage to take it
I develop foolish pride due to those situations
A bit emotional, I use to be ashamed
of what I looked at in the mirror, drive myself insane”

Nike Nando – Born To Lose (right click, save as to download)

This next one comes off Young Dro’s “Equestrian Dro.” Not a fan of this project at all, honestly. I’m kinda over this type of shit, but I still like something upbeat to get down to every once in a while. Dro usually can be counted on to fill that void. There’s obviously still a large demand for these types of jams, cuz of all the artists I’ve featured so far, Dro is the only one really getting paid.

Young Dro – Strip ft T.I. & Trey Songz (right click, save as to download)

Love this beat + sample. Killer Mike is a beast and T.I. always adds some quality hype. Rock this one loud with the bass up and you might cause a scene. That’s how I roll.

Killer Mike – Ready Set Go ft. T.I. (right click, save as to download)