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“Kobe In The Clutch”?

I love reading Henry Abbot, and pretty much all of ESPNs “TrueHoop” Blog. Dude knows his hoops. He also loves to hate on Kobe. Like I said, dude knows his hoops. No seriously, he has archives of data that kind of disproves the notion that “the black mamba” is really any better at the end of the game than a lot of other stars in the league. So he’s not really hating at all, just providing factual data in an op-ed fashion. For me, I really do just hate on him, because it’s pretty much all my opinion. But these opinions arrive from legitimate cues. Basically, my beef is this; his attitude just reeks of selfishness and vanity. Some might try to see that almost as a necessary evil on the court, like that killer instinct, or “the Jordan DNA”. But I feel like he’s different from Jordan in that Jordan really did just want to win. You seen him hugging that trophy? That’s real. What I see in Kobe is a whole lot of Hollywood. What’s Hollywood made up of? A whole bunch of actors and people who want to be famous. Kobe wants to be “THE man” more than “A man” on the winning team.

You can make the claim that Kobe Bryant’s teammates just don’t step up and that’s why he’s forced to do it all himself. But you could also make the claim that Micheal Jordan inspired his teammates to reach their ultimate potential, and that’s why he was able to trust them. What team was that last year who they (Micheal Wilbon for one) said completely maxed out their talent? Oh yea, that was the Bulls. Led by Derrick Rose.

Henry Abbot – Unshooting Stars found on ESPN’s TrueHoop Blog


Bulls vs. Hawks Running Diary 1/3/12

So the dude I shared my season tickets with this year went this Bulls game at the UC while I stayed home and watched it streaming live from my computer (check out this site called, good looking out Bo) since I don’t have cable. I’m thrifty like that. Some call it cheap. Anyway, since I’ve been spending a lot more time watching basketball the past few weeks, as opposed to listening to new music, I thought I’d go ahead and do my best to totally rip off Bill Simmons and write a running diary as I watched the game tonight. It’s funny how it always turns into a good game when the diary is running, right Bill? He’s not reading this. Fuck.

4-11 Hawks

Boozer refuses to put himself in a situation where he might have to foul. Terrible defense. Looked like he thought help would be there, and it wasn’t. He expects his teammates to save him. Thibs is an enabler….

Hawks shooting lights out, besides Josh Smith. Keep shooting Josh.

No shots for Rose yet….nevermind. Bucket.

6-13 Hawks

Derrick Rose on the ball defense causes turnover, Deng finishes in transition. What about that defense from Derrick?

8-13 Hawks

T. Macs legs are tired. Soon the rest of the Hawks’ will be too. Bulls D gonna be too much.

Korver, no respect. Called for foul when should’ve been a jump ball. I know he’s slow and white, but that does not mean every time he reaches it’s automatically a foul.

Keep shooting, J Smooth.

Rose is gonna take over, I know it. Bucket at the rim. End to end in about 3 seconds.

11-17 Hawks

Bulls fans might start appreciating C.J. Watson, leader of the Bench Mob, after this one. Hawks D and Bench looking much better than the Bulls.

11-21 Hawks

Omer. Hands! Please catch the ball.

Bulls O struggling without Rip. Looks like a game from last year. D. Rose might need to put up 40.

End of 1st

15-23  Hawks

Seeing a lot of Refs waiting for the ball to land, or miss, to call the foul. Jo was clearly hacked, chucked it off the backboard, and still took until he was on the ground before the whistle blew. Good free throws

Rose on the bench. Need John Lucas III aka Johnny Trips to step it up.

19-27 Hawks

Rose back in. Still Terrible O. Boozey needs to hit the open shots he’s getting. And take it strong. Misses 2 foot shot chucked off backboard after anticipating, but not receiving, any contact.

21-29 Hawks

This is ugly. Neither team able to put the ball through the net. Boozey shooting good shots. When Derrick isn’t able to get in the paint and take over, and Deng isn’t hitting, or taking enough shots, Boozer is the next best option. Of course he’s broke as shit too.

Zone D almost completely taking D. Rose out of the game.

Half time.

26-38 Hawks

Bad offense is contagious. Boozer loses handle with no one around, throws the ball out of bounds.

D. Rose has still only shot once this quarter, missed tough floater. Stop deferring!

Good ball movement by bulls. Boozer holds onto it this time, AND scores.

32-45 Hawks

Derrick misses jumper, but Boozer gets offensive board because it was the right shot to take. Make your fucking free throws Boozer!

33-47 Hawks

This very well could be the worst game of Boozer’s career. At least it better be….

Omer does good….then does bad. And repeat.

I’m so glad I didn’t go to this game. Just awful.

Ronnie has lost all confidence on the offensive end already, but D. Rose is still passing him the ball every time down the floor. Brick, airball, miss, turnover. I know the D is really honing in on you Derrick, but please, just shoot the ball.

37-54 Hawks

Bulls D making big stops. Korver misses transition three! Damn, crowd could have really brought the Bulls back after that one.

End of third

42-56 Hawks

Kyle with a bucket…D. Rose block…miss by Kyle! But D. Rose with the three after the offensive board. Huge! Crowd alive

Really Jannero?

47-59 Hawks

“M.V.P.!” Chants ring out through the UC as D. Rose knocks down a pair

49-59 Hawks

D. Rose with two more trey bombs…shaking the shit out of everyone…knocking down free throws. This is what we’ve been waiting for!

59-61 Hawks

Derrick with a corner kick to Deng for 3 reminiscent of that Heat game from a year ago.

Joe Johnson responds with a clutch trey of his own as the shot clock winds down.

62-65 Hawks

Deng good cut, Taj good put back. Bulls basketball. Finally with 4 minutes left in the 4th.

Omer needs to take a seat. Too many missed defensive assignments/stupid fouls. Thank god Hawks are atrocious from the line tonight.

64-69 Hawks

Bulls D still coming up big. Omer too. Bad shots by Hawks though.

So nervous when Korver has the ball in his hands and isn’t shooting..

Deng, with a Deng-like bucket through the lane.

70-71 Hawks

Omer, again with the good D. Bulls ball with chance to take their first lead….

STOP IT D. ROSE! Derrick blows by Teague with a make at the basket.

Another backdoor lob! Fuck.

72-73 Hawks

Teague misses both free ones! Hawks 13/23 from the line tonight.

16 seconds left down one….”everyone in the building knows where the ball is going”….remember that line about MJ from old Bulls tapes from the 90’s?

Derrick Rose with a TOUGH bucket OVER Josh Smith at the rim! Bulls take one point lead. He’s a bad man.

Bad call puts Horford on the line….but the ball don’t lie! 1 for 2 from the line. Tie game.

Damn, I wish I was at this game.

74-74 Tie Game

Let’s do this one more time…..”everyone in the building knows where the ball is going”….and Joakim makes a beautiful backdoor pass to Deng who finished at the rim after all the attention is drawn to Derrick! That’s why Joakim is in the game baby! Perfection. Bulls by 2

Joe Johnson misses tough shot on sloppy play. Gametime. Bulls

End of 4th

76-74 Bulls

Only the Bulls

“I was looking forward to a Celtics-Heat playoff series for so many reasons, but mainly because it was a battle for everything I ever believed about basketball. Hell, it was the premise of my entire NBA book: that there was more to basketball than just a bunch of individually talented dudes playing together, that the concept of “team” mattered, that structure beat chaos, that there were ways to evaluate players beyond statistics, that there was a “secret” to all of this. Miami tried to cheat that structure and my Celtics were going to make them pay.

Then, the Perkins trade happened. If the Celtics can’t fend off the Heat, it’s up to …”

This is an excerpt from a Bill Simmons article before the playoffs began. The last sentence was a segue into presenting the Chicago Bulls as his favorite to come out of the East. Obviously for the same reasons he mentioned above, only replace Celtics with Bulls. Me and Jabal Abdul Simmons are almost always on the same page. And I couldn’t agree more on this subject. The Bulls (Gar-Pax) put together a team of high character athletes who have never really cared about the limelight. Yes, Carlos Boozer enjoys being the loudest guy on the court, loves stopping free throw fluidity by touching the ball after every shot, but he also is the first one off the bench when the guy who threatens his overall tick (which translates to stats and recognition for the win) is killing it on the floor (By the way, I told every Bulls fan I know to stop hating on Boozer when he was down because I knew he would pick it up and they should be there in support of him when he does. Well, I think Boozey is finally healthy and will be getting back to his 18 ppg playoff average, and maybe more to really make a difference in this series). The same goes for the rest of the guys. The Heat have the Super Friends, Wade and Lebron. But the Bulls have a full squad of dudes that genuinely like each other. That’s 1-12. Along those lines of top to bottom, the passion, determination, and trust in their coach from those 12 guys out weighs the talent and friendship of just 2.

The Bulls will win because the Heat are soft. We have 5 big men that can come in and contribute big things on any given night. Our interior defense will force the Heat to settle for jumpers night after night. As long as Chalmers, Jones, Miller, or any other guard other than the Super Friends don’t play out of their minds and over their capabilities, the Heat will break. Because not only are the Heat soft down low, they are soft mentally. More specifically, the Bulls will win because of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. They are the perfect compliment to each other. One an emotionally vocal leader while the other a quiet, humble, lead by extraordinary example. The one thing they have in common? The fire.

I was gonna put my mac’s movie maker to work before this series started and make my own lil 2010-11 Bulls highlight reel, but time seems to be at a premium these days and just wasn’t able to get it done. What really made me want to do it in the first place was this Roots song. I feel like it fits these Bulls so well, namely their leaders. So just listen to it and imagine Taj running down the court with his arms spread like wings in a state of profound joy, Boozer swinging from the rim with his head shaking back and forth with a galvanizing sense of confidence reminiscent only of D’Lo Brown, Korver coming back to the bench with a spring in his step but still an overwhelmingly calm and focused demeanor as he delivers high fives, Deng while he ferociously waves his arms up and down at mid court as if possessed by some sort of hysteria, Joakim as he nearly pops every vain in his body by letting out the most passionate roar one could ever imagine, and the snarl of our young MVP as he runs up to a frenzied crowd of 23,000 who have been waiting for this time to come for over 12 years as if to say “no one can stop me because no one works harder.” Thankfully, I will be one of those 23,000. Straight madness.

“You came to celebrate, I came to cerebrate. I hate losing I refuse to make the same mistakes”

The Roots – The Fire

Derrick Rose: Eastern Conference All Star Starting PG

Derrick Rose. Rick Reilly would call that a complete sentence. Because only 3 years ago, he was in the same discussion as Micheal Beasley and OJ Mayo. After a Rookie of Year award in his first NBA season, an All Star bid in his second, he is now starting for what is easily one of  the most loaded All Star lineups in the history of the NBA, all while some consider him to be the front runner for MVP at the halfway mark of the season. I can’t sit here and tell you with a straight face that I knew this was coming….at least not this fast. But I did see something in Derrick that you don’t see in many professional athletes. I can’t pin it on one attribute. It’s just everything this kid is about. His drive, his passion, his work ethic, his desire to win, his desire to improve, his humility, his snarl, all that shit. Those are just the intangibles. But I don’t have time to get into all the incredible things one can witness this kid do on the basketball court that make him one of the best in the league. Derrick Rose WILL bring the Bulls back to the promise land, and it may be a lot sooner than everyone thought. In the words of Stacey King, “This is why this kid’s special, this kid is special.”

Check out Nick Friedell at ESPN Chicago: Don’t be fooled — Rose wanted starting spot

And Rick Reilly of An American Beauty

Live at the UC: Bulls Vs Heat 1/15/2011 aka Rose v Wade

I am a first time season ticket holder for the Chicago Bulls, so naturally I’m a pretty huge fuckin fan. I love this Bulls team. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are leaders, and they’re winners. Derrick Rose is having an MVP caliber season, we’re in 3rd place in a competitive, top heavy Eastern Conference, and our “big three” haven’t even totaled 10 games on the floor together. AND Noah was playing hurt the games they did play together. Unfortunately, Noah was still MIA again saturday night vs MIA. But so was Lebron, so that made it somewhat even. Although, I’d say we are much better equipped to handle Noah’s absence than the Heat are Lebron’s. Anywho, these are NOT my seats (I wish). My boy Tony Tickets hooked it up though, so I had to take advantage and document this glorious occasion. Good looking out, bro. Check out the insanity at the UC. What a game.

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