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(Semi) New Hip Hop from Moosh & Twist (OCD: The Welcome Mat), Red Cafe ft Rick Ross & Ryan Leslie (Bod Boy: The Preview), J. Cole (Songs for The Ville), P-Holla (The Introduction) + Hoodie Allen (Leap Year)

[Download The Welcome Mat Here]

If you like hip hop music but are getting sick of these tired themes you hear from the most popular artists, then check out these dudes Moosh & Twist. It’s always nice to hear different perspectives every once in a while. Especially when those other perspectives are accompanied by just as nice, if not extremely nicer, mic skills. Check it out.

(MP3): OCD (Moosh & Twist) – Take Me Back

[Download Bad Boy: The Preview Here]

Diddy still thinks he can manufacture music. I don’t know what the most appropriate verb for the act of “creating” art, but it’s definitely not manufacture. But good for Red Cafe. Maybe he’ll make a hit or two and get a little paid. I enjoy a lot of his shit. Shout out to Ross.

(MP3): Red Cafe – Fly Together (ft Ryan Leslie & Rick Ross)

[Download Songs for The Ville Here)]…..September 27th | Cole World: The Sideline Story

Here is another hold me over before J. Cole releases the long awaited “Cole World: The Sideline Story.” I have extremely high hopes for this debut, and anyone familiar with J.’s work has gotta feel the same. The tape includes some cuts that won’t wont make the album, as well as several classics (imo) that I don’t believe I’ve shared on the Funk. So just in case you’ve been living under a rock…

(MP3): J. Cole – Hit it in The Morning (ft. Drake)

(MP3): J. Cole – Premeditated Murder

[Download The Introduction Here]

Ok, someone just tell me where the hell this sample is from, please! Kanye & Talib come to mind? I know I’m gonna be feel stupid as shit when I figure it out.John Legend – Used to Love You. Idiot. Meanwhile, dude is ok. Beats are definitely right. Shout out Tom Thibideau.

(MP3): P-Holla – Holla Holla

[Download Leap Year Here]

This one is pretty old, but I just recently remembered about it and decided to take a real listen.  Hoodie won’t be for everyone, but he uses a lot of alternative/indie beats and his flow is actually pretty nice. Again, content may not be for everyone, but this mixtape is a good listen regardless. I can’t tell if he’s like shouting out James Franco, or if he’s talking shit ahout his dumbass. I hope he’s talking shit cuz that’s kinda funny.

(MP3): Hoodie Allen – James Franco


It’s Your Wifey’s Favorite Blogger! Music from Diddy/Dirty Money, Ciara, The Dream, YG, Brenton Duvall, Lil Wayne, Passion Pit, Bruno Mars + Reggae

So I use to download these DJ Ill Will R&B mixtapes and dude’s tag line was always (is still) “It’s your wifey’s favorite DJ!” Looking back (or reading back) it’s really not that funny, but he just said it in a really funny hype voice, and shit has always stuck with me. I guess that’s the point of a tag line though. Well done sir. My point is, I’ve never actually had a “wifey” that liked R&B music more than me….wait, let me start over. My point is, while these songs may be more ear pleasing to my female followers than most other songs I regularly post, that does NOT mean the fellas can’t enjoy some music to dance/juke/cuddle/poke to…too.

I rarely post songs I don’t like a lot. Almost never post a song I don’t like at all, unless it’s a huge name and I feel as though I should give my opinion. However, you may find a couple female friendly songs in this post that aren’t totally up to my liking. These next two jams off Diddy & Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris” definitely do not fall into that category. This some heat right here.

Dirty Money – I Hate that You Love Me (right click, save as to download)

Dirty Money – Ass on the Floor (ft Swizz Beats) (right click, save as to download)

First of all this Ciara remix is nasty. Wayyyy better than the original, imo. Of course I’m diggin the piano. Ride it girl. And then this Dream shit has been out a while, but just in case you missed it. No wonder these two get along so well. I would also like to share that before curiosity quickly turned into disgust, I spent a day exploring the wonders of chatroulette. In one of maybe 4 conversations I had, I came across this dude and I could hear “Yamaha” playing in the background. Of course I recognized it and gave him shit right away for bumping The Dream in his dorm room while chatrouletting (?). But I actually ended up bullshitting with him for like 20 minutes bout music and basketball while he smoked a blunt and got ready to go out to the club…ohhhh college.

Ciara ft The Dream – Ride (dj.dstar Remix)(right click, save as to download)

The Dream – Yamaha (right click, save as to download)

What’s funny is I think girls actually do really like this YG song. I’m not surprised though, I went to college. Small chance they may just not listen to the words though. Stupid shit like this takes some time to win me over…..I think I’m breaking though. (Side note – I just took another look for the dirty version and one of the first results was dude from thisis50 going off,“how the hell is it a g-mix if all I can find on the internet is clean versions.” ha.

YG ft Ty$, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg – Toot it & Boot it (G-Mix)
(right click, save as to download)

I still think passion pit sucks, but here’s a couple quality remixes for your ears and possibly your body.

Brenton Duvall (Lil Wayne & Trina vs Passion Pit) – Ambien (Sleepy Trip) (right click, save as to download)

Bruno Mars – Grenade (Passion Pit Remix) (right click, save as to download)

Absolute classics up next on the scroll. You’re especially gonna like this lil Reggae tangent I’m about to go on if you’re planning on going somewhere warm soon…or just if you like good music. mmm mmm. boom boom.

Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Major Lazor Remix) (right click, save as to download)

Gyptian – Hold Yuh (right click, save as to download)

Serani – No Games (right click, save as to download)

Collie Buddz ft Paul Wall – What A Feeling
(right click, save as to download)

Collie Buddz – Playback (right click, save as to download)