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Twisted Tuesday: The White Panda ft. White Town x Dorrough, DOSVEC ft. Gotye x Biggie + Star Slinger ft H-Town

I got alliteration for days, ya got wack for weeks! Don’t fuck with The Funk….

This original White Town song is kinda creepy, but in a good way. Not in a gay way (there are definitely some gender role/sexual orientation issues that need to be cleared up in that one) I just like the quiet creepy dude’s voice over the quaint instrumental. But if you’re feeling a little unsure and insecure (like Andy from The Office) when listening to the lyrics but really like the beat, then The White Panda solves all your problems with a little help from their favorite mashable rap vocals.

White Town – Your Woman (The White Panda Remix ft Dorrough)

I know, I know. If you listen to the radio on a regular basis you probably want to blow your brains out whenever that Gotye joint plays every 30 minutes. And if you’re constantly exploring the blogosphere you’re probably in the same boat based on the amount of revisions shat out of remix artists’ asses on a weekly basis. But in my opinion, DOSVEC does just enough to the beat in this one to keep it super fresh without abandoning what made the original so hypnotizing. And who can say no to Diddy when he says he wants a remix again?

DOSVEC – Somebody Nasty (Gotye x Notorious B.I.G.)

Search for Star Slinger on The Funk and you’ll see we’ve been up on a couple solid joints of his. I found this one on Pigeon and Planes (great blog btw) top 10 of said remix master. On another note, remember how cool R&B groups of 3-5 dudes were in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Can’t we go back to that? Who am I kidding. Dudes’ egos are through the roof these days. And it’s a COT damn shame.

H-Town – They Like It Slow (Star Slinger Refix)


Non-Rap Remixes: Gotye ft The FatRat + Martin Solveig ft. A-Trak

So I found some extra time today to scrounge through a bunch of blogs and round up some new music. Not my most satisfying 3 hour binge, but that’s not to say I didn’t discover a handful of keepers. That’s not including all the untapped mixtapes I just downloaded as well. I felt like today was a good day to throw up a couple indie/electro/whatever-the-fuck remixes I was digging.

A-Trak has made some real solid remixes in the past, so I always gotta take a listen when I see his name pop up. This one gets a little more un-vocal than I would like at some points, but overall, it’s a solid remix to get some sloppy cock bumping started up in the club/homemade rave sesh.

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

I came across at least 10 different remixes to this Gotye song. I’m really diggin the original, but if you’re looking for a lil change of pace, uptempo to be specific, this one was my favorite.

Gotye ft Kimbra – Somebody That I Use To Know (The FatRat Remix)