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Weekend Rap Up: New Eminem & Royce Da 5’9”, Childish Gambino, Jay Sean ft Tyga, Fabolous & Mac Miller

Just wait until this weeks throwback Thursday, then you’ll find the necessary respect for Royce you should already have. This is one of the deadliest combination of spitters you could ever get your ears on. Thankfully they overcame the bullshit and came together to create some fire to prove the Midwest better than the rest.

MP3: Royce 5’9’’ ft Eminem – Fast Lane

Donald seems kinda angry at times, no? I hear him though. I like this remix. And I like him. He aint a clown. He’s a real person.

MP3:Childish Gambino – Let Me Dope You (Travis Wide Remix)

I dont know how i feel about this one. I like the beat during the hook, but not so much during the verse. I mean, I get the appeal. It’s totally geared toward to the club scene. And the womp womp aint bad. It just aint my preferred shit. Can’t hate though.

MP3:Jay Sean ft Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Corey Gunz – YMCMB Heroes

This instrumental could be spit over by almost anyone and I’d still love it. Maybe not. Maybe J and Fab can keep it real on the mic so naturally like none other. Still like the J. Cole and Drake version better though.

MP3:Fabolous – In The Morning

How can you hate a dude who just puts in mad work? You can’t. I don’t seek out Mac Miller music, he finds me. Ironically enough, dude lays some lyrics to let ya’ll know he can spit from the perspectives we all seek. At least, if you have a background similar to mine. And to think I use to doubt dude’s versatility. Classic sample by the way.

MP3:Mac Miller – Talk About