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On Top Tuesday!: New Joe Budden + Slaughterhouse

It’ssss…it’ssss (it’s what)…It’sss that on top TuesDAY! All my Budden followers know what I’m talking about. Dude is back. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon already, I suggest you do so immediately. It sounds to me like Joey is getting ready to feast on this rap game.

“They tell me I’m crazy, they say that Joe’s off
But I ain’t tryna graph a new idea using old thoughts
The whole premise of their argument is so forced
so what that say for you if you concluded that with no cause?”

Joe Budden – Stay Schemin (freestyle)

Promising sample of some new Slaughterhouse, as well. You know, it’s only fitting I put together a post filled with some of the nicest, after bitching about a list of the “hottest.” Seriously, these dude’s are 4 of the best to do it right now. And as a whole, they’re rightfully dubbed a true “super group.” All of them bring a unique, perfected attribute to the table; Crook with the flow, Joell with the paintbrush, Royce with the darkness and Joe with the insight. All of which is delivered through honest, introspective, sick fuckin’ wordplay.

Slaughterhouse – Monsters In My Head

Slaughterhouse – She Will (freestyle)


Joe Budden – No Church In The Wild

“But better days gotta come, I’m a good amount of bad, right amount of so wrong
And Heidi Klum left Seal which only proves my point, shit can only be ugly for so long”

Only Joey could get me hyped enough to get back to this blogging shit again. It’s hard to understand how people still sleep on dude. Only the best rappers find that beautiful balance between entertainment and enlightenment, and Budden’s got it. Listen to current events intertwined in his lines and tell me you’re not impressed. This is one of the best beats of 2011 and Joe straight kills it.

I still got a lot of other shit going on, but I’m no longer going to ignore new music completely in order to avoid the obligation I feel to share what I discover. More to come tomorrow.

Joe Budden – No Church In The Wild (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Weekend Rap Up: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mac Miller, Styles P ft Busta & Rick Ross, Yonas, ASAP Rocky + Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden

Literally got something for every type of hip hop fan this week. I’m gonna pop this shit off with the Seattle native Macklemore who brought us the creative “Wings”, which was featured on the funk several months ago. This time Mack takes on a hypnotizing beat that literally can’t be withheld under any ceiling. Currently on repeat.

(MP3): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (ft Ray Dalton)

Of course a cosign from Donald Trump, claiming him the next Eminem, brings Mac Miller to the  top of the rap game….smh. Anyway, this is his first single from his debut LP. I kinda dig it, but still don’t see this lifting him to any sort of mainstream success. But what the fuck do I know about mainstream? Funny, one of his lines states “these losers always going with whats trendy,” when trendy is kinda how I feel about Mac’s popularity.

(MP3): Mac Miller – Frick Park Market

This one is for my boy Eder who’ll be taking his John Wall flex out to thee Ohio State to get his graduate academic on. Gonna miss arguing about Rick Ross and all that “hard” shit in the rap game. Fuck hard, this shit his harsh. Hwuh! But seriously, thanks for the support despite the fact  most of my material is soft as baby wipes. Respect.

(MP3): Styles P – Harsh (ft. Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross)

Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” was in instant classic in my book. I don’t think I’ve heard an interpretation/remix that I haven’t fell in love with. This one of course, is no different. Don’t get too lost in the sample though, cause Yonas delivers true story through rhyme you ought to pay attention to.

(MP3): Yonas – I Need A Dollar

This dude ASAP Rocky has been making some noise over the world wide web the past couple months so I thought I’d catch ya’ll up if you haven’t heard from him. Not my favorite type of rap, not even close. But I’m not too smug to say I still don’t enjoy a couple joints like this in my rotation to change up from the usual conscious shit. Like he says right from the start, “this is for my niggaz getting high on the regular.”

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Peso

Talk about switching up, this is that conscious shit I was talking about. I talk about how powerful rap can be, and Joell is a perfect example. Any rapper can tell a story. Even ASAP Rocky is telling a real story in the songs above. But only a select few rappers can, and are willing to, deliver the story behind the story. It’s a story that isn’t told enough, and when it is, seems like no one really listens. Reminds me of a tragically dark tale told by Joe Budden. Take the time to really listen to them while I think about how much I miss 2pac.

(MP3): Joell Ortiz & Novel – Body Down pt. 2

(MP3): Joe Budden – 3 Sides to a Story

The Realness: Life’s a Marathon….Joe Budden Collection pt. 2

Click to Download Joe Budden Collection pt 2

My mind is racing like a mile per minute, so bear with me if this seems a little all over the place. I got some shit I wanna talk about though. First things first, life is like a marathon. It’s not something you can tackle in one day, theres a multitude of steps to climb. And it’s important that you continue to take those extra steps, however small they may seem, and push yourself in the right direction towards that ultimate goal. What is the ultimate goal though? It’s hard to tell for me, as it seems so far away, but that’s not stopping me from continuing to climb. I know when I’m heading in the right direction.

Speaking of marathons, I’m training for one. When I first moved down to the city, I wanted to get to it and knock it all out in one run. I went for a about a 7 mile run, right off the bat. Now that’s pretty good, considering I hadn’t been training. But that’s just like me to try and skip all the in between steps and make it to the finish on the first try. Funny thing is, I hadn’t gotten any farther than 7 miles since that first run 2 1/2 months ago. It’s like I was running in place, not making any progress…..until today when I tackled almost 9.

I can’t say it’s any coincidence that I said goodbye to a prevalent woman in my life last week, but it was time for me and Mary to take a break. I’ve come to learn that no woman is gonna provide the kind of sustaining happiness I need in my life; that’s only gonna come from me. The comfort and pleasure that Mary, and all the women before her, could provide is only a band-aid, temporarily lifting the weight of the world off my back. So if we ever do decide to reunite, it’s not until I know I that I have found something that I could provide for myself to take me to a better place, and no longer feel the need to seek out someone else to get me there.

Now that I got that off my chest, back to the music. I was talking to my dude Bo at work today about the state of hip hop. He was telling me how depressed he was after he spent his entire Saturday looking for some good new material and came up completely empty. I couldn’t agree more. While I haven’t done as much blog searching as I have in the past, when I do sit down and get to it, I’m usually left disappointed and feeling like my time was wasted. So we started talking about all the factors that may have contributed to get hip hop to where it’s at today. I had to put him onto that Joe Budden “Who” series becuase he really hits the nail on the head in regards to that convo. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search for it on The Funk’s sidebar. I posted it a while back, I think along with the “Ordinary Love Shit” series.

So obviously Joey was on the brain when I got home today. I had to put together a little playlist of some real shit to get me in that mood, because I was not there yet Joe. I actually ran the whole 8.5-9 miles in about the exact time it took me to get through this playlist. See, while it may seem negative to some, it’s actually really positive and motivating for others, like me. Check it out with my new playlist discovery above. Still trying to figure out how to change the color though. Shoot me a comment if you want to download one of the songs but can’t find it on the web.

Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 25 Rap Songs pt. 2

I was talking to my dude Ned the other day about various subjects, but one being this blog. We were on the topic of subject material for The Funk and how sometime he noticed I’ll start to say something, like comparing something to real life, but then leave you with just a fill in the blank metaphor. Problem is, I often struggle with what I really want to share here, and how much. A lot of the time I use this blog as therapy to air some shit out and speak my mind, which is good, but at the same time it can be unhealthy to release all that without knowing/trusting your audience. I was trying to explain the thought process behind that, and I knew there was some simple lyric that could explain it in a more concise manner, but I forgot what it was. Well it came to me a little while later and this one’s gonna be a shocker, it’s off Joe Budden – Sidetracked…

“I wanna stop somebody and keep it real
but know that they’ll understand ‘fore I tell em how I feel”

I guess write a lot about myself though, I’m sorry. But that’s because I frequently think about myself; who I am, what I’m doing with my life, what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, etc. Who doesn’t self evaluate? I mean, if you got everything figured out and are completely self-actualized, then by all means keep doin’ you.  But if you aren’t on Maslow’s level like that just yet, and don’t regularly take a look at yourself to figure out how to be a better person, then we don’t think the same. Moving on….

I wasn’t gonna include this one at first cuz then, you know, I’d have to admit that I relate. But I had to include it because Joey represent everything I respect about self expression. He’s telling us EXACTLY how he feels, unedited. There’s no sugarcoating the situation and no downplaying his fucked up thinking. Healthy or not, I really do try to use Joe as a model for the way I write.

10. Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Shit pt 3

This dude Jay just doesn’t get out enough. He puts out a song like once a year, unless I’m just blind, but I’ll take whatever I can get honestly. This beat is so simple, yet so perfect. It doesn’t take away from the lyrics like a lot of that hard hitting shit you hear from Lex Luger or whoever is the producer/flavor of the month. Just that head nodding lyrical shit I love.

“There he go with that song, you may be tired but I spit what I’m inspired
From the Lord of the worlds ’cause the Devil is a liar”

9. Jay Electronica – Jazzmataz

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Chip would come out with a lot more heat in 2011 than what he did deliver. Thats ok though, I’ll be rocking this gem while I’m rolling/riding down whatever for a loooong time. It’s not one to really get the wheels turning like a lot of the shit I usually post, but that just means the beat is so stupid smooth that I can’t ignore. And seeing as Chip can flow with the best, dude really could be speaking another language and I’d still be on this shit. I feel like I need at least one going at once while listening this shit. Definitely keeps the head noddin and even gets me swaying back and forth to the beat. And as soon as that background singers voice comes in? Ooh wee! Love this shit, man.


8. Chip Tha Ripper – Plural

I wrote it in my original post for this one, but Guy comes out the gate running and never looks back. This is some real hip hop shit. Simple head noddin percussion with some lyrics bragging about his lyrics, not all that other shit that has absolutely NOTHING to do with rap music. Fuck swag. Remember when rappers took more pride in their lyrics than their cars, clothes and jewelry? Anyway, that half-audible line right at the beginning is what it’s all about, even here on The Funk. Wish this shit wasn’t so short.

“Eyes squitin’ cuz I’m printin’ out my visions in my notebook”

7. Guy Harrison – 3 am Visions

What’s this one you ask? Only some killer production from J. Cole alongside some real talk from a smart, young spitter called Fashawn. Dude put out two mixtapes with the title Higher Learning for a reason. I’m obviously not from the ghetto or anything, so it might seem weird that I’m attracted to this type of shit. I don’t know though, what if his habitat was a metaphor for my mind? I’m really glad there are intelligent rappers out there telling it like it really is though. Hopefully it will help some ignorant people outside of those circumstances to understand a little bit about what life is really like on the other side of the tracks. Unfortunately, most of the time only the ignorant shit is what reaches the masses, and so it continues. That line about teachers really eats at me though….Like if you want to make a difference, then make a fucking difference. Quit worrying about the money and being like every person you don’t want to be like….c’mon man, what would Prez do?

“Wonder why my young brother stuck on reefer
Cuz the state refuse to pay good teachers”

6. Fashawn ft J. Cole – Nothin’ for the Radio

Joe Budden Smashes

…but also makes the mistake of dating these fine ladies. Thankfully in doing so, he continues to produce masterful poetry of pain. That “Ordinary Love pt 3” in my last post is about the lovely Esther Baxter (you remember Freak-A-Leak chick in the blue). Seriously though, I see why he keeps making those same mistakes….

Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Shit pt. 3 (Closure)

I guess you just gotta go through some shit to really get into this shit. The same goes for most all Joey’s music. Despite telling us straight from the start, “One and two was for ya’ll, this one’s for me” referring to the “Ordinary Love Shit” series, this one will do for his fans like they all do. Nah, this ain’t that trapped in the closet nonsense, this is real life. Like I said, maybe you’ve been there, maybe you haven’t. But you gotta appreciate art that comes from the heart for the sole purpose of personal reflection (or closure if you will), not in search fan support or money. Joey is that dude.

“I’m sleeping on her couch not discussin’ shit.
Starin’ at the fattest ass, not fuckin’ it.
I guess despite everything that she showed me
it felt good to be around a broad that really knows me”

“And that’s when I thought that we’d be dead a while
but we decided to reconcile.
So hungover from love and what-not
how could you not expect us to take another shot”

MP3: Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Shit pt 3. (Closure)