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Weekend Rap Up: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mac Miller, Styles P ft Busta & Rick Ross, Yonas, ASAP Rocky + Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden

Literally got something for every type of hip hop fan this week. I’m gonna pop this shit off with the Seattle native Macklemore who brought us the creative “Wings”, which was featured on the funk several months ago. This time Mack takes on a hypnotizing beat that literally can’t be withheld under any ceiling. Currently on repeat.

(MP3): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (ft Ray Dalton)

Of course a cosign from Donald Trump, claiming him the next Eminem, brings Mac Miller to the  top of the rap game….smh. Anyway, this is his first single from his debut LP. I kinda dig it, but still don’t see this lifting him to any sort of mainstream success. But what the fuck do I know about mainstream? Funny, one of his lines states “these losers always going with whats trendy,” when trendy is kinda how I feel about Mac’s popularity.

(MP3): Mac Miller – Frick Park Market

This one is for my boy Eder who’ll be taking his John Wall flex out to thee Ohio State to get his graduate academic on. Gonna miss arguing about Rick Ross and all that “hard” shit in the rap game. Fuck hard, this shit his harsh. Hwuh! But seriously, thanks for the support despite the fact  most of my material is soft as baby wipes. Respect.

(MP3): Styles P – Harsh (ft. Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross)

Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” was in instant classic in my book. I don’t think I’ve heard an interpretation/remix that I haven’t fell in love with. This one of course, is no different. Don’t get too lost in the sample though, cause Yonas delivers true story through rhyme you ought to pay attention to.

(MP3): Yonas – I Need A Dollar

This dude ASAP Rocky has been making some noise over the world wide web the past couple months so I thought I’d catch ya’ll up if you haven’t heard from him. Not my favorite type of rap, not even close. But I’m not too smug to say I still don’t enjoy a couple joints like this in my rotation to change up from the usual conscious shit. Like he says right from the start, “this is for my niggaz getting high on the regular.”

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Peso

Talk about switching up, this is that conscious shit I was talking about. I talk about how powerful rap can be, and Joell is a perfect example. Any rapper can tell a story. Even ASAP Rocky is telling a real story in the songs above. But only a select few rappers can, and are willing to, deliver the story behind the story. It’s a story that isn’t told enough, and when it is, seems like no one really listens. Reminds me of a tragically dark tale told by Joe Budden. Take the time to really listen to them while I think about how much I miss 2pac.

(MP3): Joell Ortiz & Novel – Body Down pt. 2

(MP3): Joe Budden – 3 Sides to a Story


This Is My Shit: Joell Ortiz ft Bun B & Tech N9ne, J. Cole ft Trey Songz + Wale

“It’s funny what a bad mood will do.” I was in one for a few weeks and unfortunately stopped searching the blogs for great hip hop like this. You get a lil depressed and all of a sudden you get trapped in those 4 walls of your head and forget to do the shit that actually excites you. Well I’m getting back to finding those jams, and therefore back to sharing it with all of you.

This song is too real. Novel’s great on the hook and Joell, Tech, and of course Bun B da provide some real dope lyrics about getting through life/the rap game. This soulful instrumental ought to get you rockin without a doubt.

“And I don’t know what the future got for me
But looking back at my past its got to be a better story
Gotta be a pit of glory on the other side
Sweet chariot swing down, let a brother ride, tonight
I understand that the world ain’t perfect
I just wanna be sure in the end that it was all worth it
Worth the struggles, worth the troubles and the pain
All the stress on my brain, puttin my days in on the night train”

(MP3): Joell Ortiz – Night Train (remix) ft Novel Bun B & Tech N9ne

Some people claim the mixtape game killed the rap game. While I agree there is a correlation to the amount of free music via mixtapes and the decline in quality hip hop, I do not believe that it was the rise of the mixtape that caused that decline, but rather the other way around. Rap music was on its way down when people started paying more attention to album sales and what the masses admired on the radio before they decided to start providing mass amounts of free music to the real fans. Record execs started denying artists creative ability to speak from the heart over head nodding beats, because the larger population of music purchasers really didn’t get into that. But it wasn’t the overall population that was into, and that really built up, hip hop from the get go. It was a small class of people who either related to/appreciated the struggles and stories of these rappers and/or appreciated the art of dope rhyming on the mic over dope instrumentals. Then I don’t really know what happened. But it seamed like the popularity of a select few in the game who were able to make their lifestyle seem really cool to a larger majority of kids who like to party and/or wang their system and look hard, left record execs with a formula to fill with ANY artist regardless of their true strengths. This left most rappers helpless to sell the music that they really wanted to share, or that they were really meant to share, and therefor had no other choice but to share it via mixtapes for free.

On the other hand, while mixtapes and the internet have done artists like J. Cole justice by providing that medium to share the real shit on their brain, and the quality music that comes from it, it’s also gave every clown out there a platform for trying to fit that money-making mold by rapping that fake shit to try and sell an image as opposed to an art.

With that said, I give you some new J. Cole who developed a following and made a name for himself by providing the true hip hop heads with dope lyricism and realness over the past 3 years via the mixtape game. Now he has an opportunity to make some money with some (still) solid raps over dope ass beats that people/radio DJ’s better fucking buy. I’ll take the album shit and the real shit off the mixtapes, thank you very much.

(MP3): J. Cole – Can’t Get Enough ft Trey Songz

You don’t even really gotta pay attention to the lyrics if you don’t want to, dude’s flow is so smooth on top of the beautiful Jamaican instrumental you gotta enjoy this jam. However, if that is the case, I have no respect for your ears. The message here is be proud of who you are. That has NOTHING to do with being ignorant and hating other people who don’t share your skin tone, religious and political views, or cultural ideals. Shit makes me sick what happened over there in Norway. And shit kinda scares me the way some conservatives talk over here about not accepting other religions or immigrants in America. That is exactly what the fuck America was built on you ignorant fucking assholes! Anyway, check the previously released dope flow over Gyptian’s jam, as well. Wale that dude.

(MP3): Wale – No One Be Like You

(MP3): Wale – Hold Yuh (Gyptian freestyle)

Weekend Rap Up: Termanology ft Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway, Mac Miller, Theophilus London, Young Chris, YC ft Twista + Trae ft Meek Mill & Pusha T

One might think the all star packed line up of spitters would easily be the standout component in this one, but Term more than holds his own. Honestly,  I think he’s got the second best verse behind Joell. And you know they take pride in their shit, so when they all get on a track together, they all come correct. This beat is so smooth. You know I’m diggin the piano keys.
(click to DL)Termanology ft Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon, Freeway – Say It (remix)

I’ve seen this Theophilus dude pop up around the net, and always read good things about him, but just haven’t come across a joint I really got into…until now. I think this single can help him climb up a rung in terms of exposure and appreciation. At least I know I will be taking a closer listen each time I see his name going forward.

(click to DL)Theophilus London – Last Name London

I had to post this one simply because “Hey Lover” is one of my all time favorite jams. Of course Chris ain’t nearly as smooth as cool James, but respectable nonetheless.

(click to DL)Young Chris – Hey Lover

I wanted to post this just to emphasize how great it is that Raps can be added to almost any instrumental, no matter the genre. Remember when Puff seemingly revolutionized the game when he took hits from the 80’s and made em sound so crazy? Well thanks to the mixtape game, the internet, and producers/artists with overlapping musical tastes, we are able to hear these magical fusions within a week of the original and before millions of dollars are spent to get the sample cleared.

(click to DL)Mac Miller – Love Lost (ft. Temper Trap)

Here’s my guilty pleasure addition to this week’s Rap Up. Not much needs to be said besides the fact that Twista is the remix king; well, him and R. Kelly. Chi-town run this shit.

(click to DL)YC ft Twista – Racks (remix)

I love the beat, love the sample, and most importantly, love Trae’s raspy ass voice. Dude can handle a mic on his own, but some help from Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill and G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Pusha T doesn’t hurt at all. Meek Milli wins.

(click to DL)Trae ft Meek Mill & Pusha T – So Far To Go

Weekend Rap Up: New Chamillionaire, OCD, STS ft Joell Ortiz, J. Cole, Curren$y & Mac Miller

This one comes off Chamillionaire’s newest mixtape Major Pain 1.5. Cham isn’t your typical southern rapper, but even the most unique, anti-establishment rappers can’t resist an instrumental and chopped & screwed hook as dope as this. Feel me? Just listen.

Chamillionaire – Chandelier Ceiling

This song might take a couple extra listens to really grab you, but once it does, the grip won’t slip. I heard this “City Kids” joint from these dudes a lit bit ago, but wasn’t a huge fan. Still, I decided to download their newest mixtape, Up Before The World, to get a better sampling. I’m sure glad I did, because I can’t get enough of this song right here. Dudes got that quick, conversational type flow that may require a lil more attention than most, but you’ve got to expect that here. The piano and voice sample throughout the instrumental are perfect.

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Black Forest Gummy Worms

I’ll keep posting STS until he becomes a common name in hip hop circles while discussing the hottest newcomers in the game. Dude is nasty, nuff said. No surprise, Joell Ortiz delivers here as well. This one’s off the recently released Demand More.

STS ft Joell Ortiz – The People (remix)

This is another one of those powerful type instrumentals that can take you for a trip on its own, regardless if you’re already driving around without a destination in mind. But the only journey that really matters is the personal one you embark on everyday you wake up. One in which you don’t even need to open your eyes in order to put miles on the dash. Ironic that I could go on that trip for free simply by closing my eyes with my professional headphones on. Instead I choose to drive around blasting my below average car stereo to clear my head, all the while burning money through my gas tank.  Always seem to make things more complicated/difficult than necessary. But hey, if the shoe fits….

StartYourOwnRebellion – Let it Go (feat. J. Cole)

This one comes off Curren$y’s newest mixtape Covert Coup. Not a huge fan of the project as a whole, but this one definitely stood out as his most solid contribution. Giving props to my dude Pip on the title won’t hurt his cause. Btw, reference #2 to Pip in this weeks Rap Up. I wonder which Air Pips he’s talking bout? Probably the original Nike Air Pippen. I’m not a fan of the one’s with the rain drops on the side and I do think I’m one of the few that really liked the one’s with “AIR” written along the side of them.

Curren$y – Scottie Pippens (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

I’ll close it out with this smooth freestyle from Mac Miller released last week after reaching 300k twitter followers, I think. The beat comes from an old People Under the Stairs joint called San Francisco Knights. I said it before, I wasn’t a big Mac fan when I first heard his shit. But I can’t lie, the more and more I hear, the more I’m starting to really appreciate dudes talents on the mic.

Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs

Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf Officially Signed to Shady Records

From the press release:

Rap supergroup Slaughterhouse and budding superstar Yelawolf have been signed to Eminem’s Shady Records it was announced today.

“Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse, it’s kinda phase two of Shady,” says Eminem. “It’s the new generation of Shady Records and as we’re trying to rebuild our label, it’s exciting for hip-hop and with all of these forces coming together and with what everybody’s capable of on the mic, it’s gonna be fun.”

Bringing together the East Coast, West Coast and Detroit in the middle, Slaughterhouse consists of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9”. Most recently, Slaughterhouse was featured on “Session One,” a bonus track on Eminem’s 2010 blockbuster Recovery album. Eminem is expected to be personally involved in Slaughterhouse’s sophomore album scheduled for release in 2011.
Said Royce Da 5′9″: “It’s very exciting for me to reunite with Eminem years after our Bad Meets Evil project together. Slaughterhouse on Shady Records will be a force to reckon with.”

Late last year, Yelawolf released Trunk Muzik 0-60, a compilation of select tracks from his critically acclaimed 2010 mix-tape Trunk Muzik, along with six previously unavailable songs. The Alabama native is currently in the studio recording his full length major label debut.

Said Yelawolf: “Considering where I’m from and the shit I’ve been through, it’s hard to put into words what partnering with Shady means to me, my team at Ghet-O-Vision, and my state of Alabama. I can tell you that when you’re willing to give your life up to see a dream through, the reward is great. And now that I’ve become an apprentice to one of the greatest artists in the world, my potential reaches beyond anything I ever imagined. Let’s kill this shit.”

This is pretty cool right here. Been hearing about a Slaughterhouse/Shady deal for a minute now, but didn’t know if it was all hype or not. Royce and Eminem obviously go back to their Detroit roots, but they did have beef for a while back in the D12 days. If you’re not familiar with Slaughterhouse, it’s the lyrical supergroup composed of Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9”, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I. Yelawolf is an up and coming white rapper outta Alabama. Was homeless much of his life growing up, but dude mastered his craft, and that flows gonna keep a roof over his head from now on. Check out some new material from Slaughterhouse and a closer look at where Yelawolf came from.

Listen to & Download Slaughterhouse – Back on the Scene at usershare

Yelawolf – Pop the Trunk (Bones and Vocal Version) at usershare