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Funkworthy Music Videos: Nas, Danny Brown, Freeway ft Young Chris + Kanye & Jay-Z

Just a handful of rap videos I came across today that I would be proud to to share with everyone. Enjoy.


Mashup Monday: The White Panda ft Kanye West & T. Pain + Duck Sauce vs. Michael Jackson

This first one by WP is pretty nasty. These dudes really bring the previously played out “Good Life” back to life thanks to the addition of the M83 instrumental. I love these WP dudes’ work. And then you got this Tristan Garner shit…..I don’t know how I feel about it, but could be fun in the club or some drunken after hours dance party. I was never a big fan of this MJ song though, so that doesn’t help. Might be worth a listen…

(MP3): The White Panda – Midnight Life (Kanye West vs M83)

(MP3): Duck Sauce vs Michael Jackson – Beat it Barbara (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Kanye West and Jay Z – No Church In The Wild [unofficial video]

This is one of the most interesting unofficial videos I’ve ever seen. As a white person, it evokes some intense emotions. Now imagine if it was non-fiction…..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is easily my favorite song off “Watch The Throne” so far. Granted of course, that’s always subject to change as time goes by. I hear a lot of people say their favorite is “Made In America.” For me, I really can’t stand to listen to Kanye in that song. His interpretation of the “American Dream” makes me sick. For him, “making it” equates to being rich enough to provide the validation he needs to be the ignorant, materialistic douchebag he has always wanted to be, and without repercussion….because that’s how we value famous people and riches. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. But it’s pretty sad when that is anyone’s interpretation of “making it” in America.

Nas/Common >>>>>> Jay/Kanye….Ghetto Dreams vs Otis [video]

(> means greater than)….when it comes to rhyming and diction, no doubt. Beats & production are another story. I’m getting through my first listen of Watch the Throne as we speak, so I’ll let you know how apparent those last statements are with confidence a lil later. No way I would ever wait 3 hours, let alone 3 days, to listen to a Nas & Common collaborative album.

For now, check some new visuals from these 2 unbelievable pairings. But speaking of apparent, just watching these two videos back to back shows how different these dude’s mindsets/personalities are. I think the directors really captured those personalities well, in both instances. Proof, not all rappers are the same. Nas & Common are my guys.

“ass is a weapon and it’s hard to conceal it”

Wifey Wednesday: Beyonce ft Andre 3000, Shwayze ft The Cataracs, Iyaz, Mario ft Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne, Rico Love, Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland + Collin Mcloughlin ft Hendersin

So WordPress keeps track of all the hits I get from search engines and tells me what was actually  searched to bring them to the Funk. Here’s one from yesterday; ”Does Nicki Minaj like white guys?”….Yep, this is my audience. (Simmons)

First up, Boo Thang. You know, because boo by itself was just a little too formal, not to mention way too suggestive. So “when your friends ask, I’m not your man, just the closest thing that ya have to a boo thannnng.” Seriously, we needed a new term for that “not so much baby girl” but more than “just a cutty buddy.” I’m not even being sarcastic, I know it’s hard to tell sometimes. But boo vision?

(MP3): Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland – Boo Thang

Next up, we gon’ put it down….I think. I’m actually kinda confused. Is he saying, “don’t put it down”? I thought you just said you love the way she put it down, Rico? Whatever, I like this one too.  Something to juke to.

(MP3): Rico Love – Pick It Up

I feel like this might gain some steam. Not a huge fan, but The Cataracs got quite the hype goin for em these days and Shwayze is always up for a chill summertime jam.

(MP3): Shwayze – Love Letter (ft The Cataracs & Dev)

When I saw the names Kanye, Andre 3000, and Consequence all attached to a Beyonce joint, you know I was pretty excited and eager to hear what came of it. Well, I’m pretty disappointed. But the ladies gotta love some new Beyonce, right? Btw, don’t be surprised if this song is removed from Hulkshare within about an hour of me posting this….

(MP3): Beyonce ft Andre 3000 – Party (prod by Kanye & Consequence)

This really pains me to post, because it sounds exactly like every shitty pop/club song I hate. But seeing as though Wifey Wednesday seems to get the most hits on my blog (smh), I gotta give the people what they want. I really hope those people are strictly females. Don’t get it confused dudes, this is NOT that jam.

(MP3): Iyaz – Last Forever (prod by David Guetta)

This guy Collin has a really nice voice. Pretty unique in my mind. You already know that new Khaled is the shit, and the beat is really what makes this joint. But I’m still diggin dude’s RnB interpretation with the switch of the theme.

(MP3): Collin Mcloughlin ft Hendersin – We Lost One (Im On One Remix)

This is easily the RnB beat of the year, in my opinion. I love this shit. Makes me wanna slow wind with a boo thang all night. Mario adds some killer vocals to the remix. I know what was motivating him in that Dancing with the Stars competition. Damn.

(MP3): Mario ft Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – Motivation (remix)

Throwback Thursday: Royce Nickel Nine

Royce came out on the rap scene about 2002 with a little help from his friend and fellow Detroit native, Eminem. Em sang the hook on his first single “Rock City” which came off the similarly titled album. The song wasn’t bad for a single, and the video at least help put his name on the map. But “Boom” is what really got people talking about dude. Not many are blessed enough to get a chance to spit over a classic DJ Premier beat like this. And not half the dudes that get the chance can kill it like Royce does. Kanye does Royce a similar favor (back when he still did favors) by providing this creative instrumental on “Heartbeat” which was released after Rock City.

“Im the next best to reach the peak.
Formally known as the best kept secret, I guess that I just leaked it”

MP3:Royce Da 5’9’’ – Boom (prod. DJ Premier)

MP3:Royce Da 5’9’’ – Heartbeat (prod. Kanye West)
These next 3 come from one of my favorite albums of all time, Death is Certain. You can tell Royce was in a different state of mind when he completed this project. I don’t remember the exact timeline of the whole falling out Royce and Em had, or when they came out with their respective diss tracks, but this album obviously harbored those feelings of resentment. Much of his anger is geared primarily toward the mainstream; most notably the success of garbage rap groups like D12. The tone stays the same from start to finish and that’s what makes it one of the best albums to listen straight through without use of the skip button. It’s a very personal album and is really best to listen to on a personal level, by yourself. Here are a few of my favorite tracks.

MP3:Royce Da 5’9’’ – Regardless

MP3:Royce Da 5’9’’ – What I Know

MP3:Royce Da 5’9’’ – Hip Hop (prod. DJ Premier)

Weekend Rap Up: Childish Gambino, B.o.B., Mac Miller, Pusha T, Gorilla Warfare Tactics, The Five One

“There’s probably 6 or 7 girls who think this song’s about em”

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m most passionate about music that reaches me on a personal level. By admitting this, even if you don’t know me personally, you’ve already got a glimpse into my mind. I’m pretty transparent in person as well, to high degree of fault at times. This is the very reason I’m so high on Donald Glover. This first song is a recently mastered track originally created a while ago, apparently while drunk. The second one comes off the recent Childish Gambino – EP.

Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message

Childish Gambino – My Shine

Bobby Ray is really all over the place when it comes to musical style. “No genre” isn’t just the name of a mixtape, it’s the truth. He’s been on a lot of different sounding, feel good shit for a while, displaying this wide versatility. Finally, he comes back with that lyrical pain over some heavy drums for all the true hip hop heads, and haters alike.

B.o.B. – No Future

Ok, dude is starting to grow on me….a lil bit. I can still say I’m not a huge fan, but definitely can’t hate though. I do think his persona is a major determining factor in his popularity, but whose isn’t? This first one comes off the recently released XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class: The Mixtape. The second one is quite a bit older, but I can definitely relate…minus the dro.

Mac Miller – Futuristic Funk (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)

Mac Miller – Another Night (prod. by Matt Grover)

If you’re into the typical coke, money and sex raps (Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, etc.) then you’re probably also a big fan of Pusha. As usual, he delivers all of the above over some dope beats in his latest mixtape release Fear of God. Already posted a couple tracks that leaked before the release, but here’s another one I enjoyed after taking a listen to the tape myself.

Pusha T – Touch It (feat. Kanye West)

Don’t know a whole lot about these guys, but I do know the classic hip hop heads can definitely dig this shit. Actually, just did a lil research and turns out they’re three Indian kids in college. Amazing how far reaching hip hop has become over the last 20 years. I love it. More importantly, I love this beat. This one is off their recent mixtape Premier.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream Green

“You’re cute, you look like Topenga before she got fat”

Ha. Just a feel good track to close out the rap up. These dudes put together a nice track right here sampling Semisonic’s 90’s smash hit “Closing Time” without sounding corny as shit. Well done.

The Five One – Closing Time