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(new) Music Please!: B.o.B., Usher & Diplo, Kid Cudi, G-Eazy, K’naan ft Nas + Santigold

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking again. This time it’s not just because I’m sulking in a sea of laziness, at least I don’t think….Although, now that I do think about it, I have been kinda depressed lately. And after a week without any physical activity, I’ve now worked out two days in a row, which has always lead to improved mood and greater motivation…fuck it, I don’t feel like analyzing my psyche right now….

The reason (I thought) I haven’t been up on the new music tip lately is because I’ve been without my Beats By Dre. Now that I think about it, this may also be a contributing factor to my depressed state. Fuck, I seriously think I have writer’s A.D.H.D. Back to my point; music isn’t even enjoyable without my Beats anymore. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but still, It’s pretty sad. I sound like a fucking snob, I know this,  but that’s what happens when you’re introduced to something significantly better than the alternatives. Like my smart phone, for instance; I never had one up until about 4 months ago, and I was perfectly content with the device that did what it was supposed to do, which is make phone calls and send text messages. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without my smart phone.

Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t been introduced to some things (this does NOT include my Beats). In terms of society as a whole, there’s so much that we don’t really need at all, until we get it, and then can’t imagine living without. Technology, for example, makes life extremely convenient and simple. But doesn’t it also have significant negative effects in that we’ve become completely complacent to the fact that we now rely on it to do EVERYTHING for us? And in turn, does it not make us terribly lazy as human beings? Like that Siri shit. People are going crazy for shit like this.

My point is…well I don’t really know if I have one. It’s just something to think about, I guess. Because there was a time when people lived simple lives. They didn’t need millions of dollars to buy anything and everything they could get their hands on, and they were perfectly happy. Maybe even more happy than people today. I mean, kids are doing fucking heroin and shit in high school now to get away from it all. That is, if they’re not shooting the place up before taking their own lives. Shit’s fucked up. I won’t even get into the irony of that last example, as drugs are comparable to that feeling of finding something one might not want to live without once they’re introduced. Well, I guess I did just get into it kinda…

One more message to the kids, which goes along with the theme for today: ALWAYS wrap it up.

B.o.B. – So Good

Usher – Climax (prod. by Diplo)

Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness

G-Eazy – Marilyn (ft. Dominique LeJeune)

K’naan – Nothing to Lose (ft. Nas)

Santigold – Disparate Youth


Wifey Wednesday: Dev ft Fabolous (DJ Kue Remix), Far East Movement (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper) + 2AM Club

My to-to list is not moving in the right direction. That is, it is getting longer….and longer. Fuck it, I still wanted to get a post up tonight since I missed out last night. I might be taking more nights off now that the NBA season (aka my winter savior) has begun. D. Rose killin’ em 4-5 nights a week for the next 17+ weeks, are you kidding me? Gotta love the kid. Anyone see/hear the news of his new 94 million dollar contract extension? In a world, both in sports and business in general, where it seems like the cocky, selfish, deceitful asshole is always the one to finish first, Derrick proves otherwise. Not only is he the perfect role model in sports, he’s just flat-out a good person, with good morals and intentions. AND he’s young, rich and famous. As Stacey would say, “This is why this kid is special”……..This is also why my to-do list never shrinks! I keep getting sidetracked. I just wanted to fly through this post with a couple of links and maybe a short description, and then I get all into my love affair for Derrick Rose. And don’t worry, that’s not gay at all. It’s a total respectful, appreciative, man love that can only exist in sports. Moving on…

I’m a big fan of that DJ Kue “Moment for Life” remix I posted in last weeks WW post, and this one is no different. I wasn’t into the original Dev joint at all, but anytime Fab adds a verse, it’s a given to take listen. I’m real glad Kue pumped up the bass and tempo on this one.

Dev – Kiss My Lips (ft. Fabolous) (DJ Kue Remix)

Different vibe from Far East Movement, at least from anything I’ve heard from them. Although, I think I’ve literally only heard that G6 joint. Man, that shit was played out…..I’d still juke the hell out of it though. Cool, smooth vibe to this one, as expected from most everything with a Cudi appearance. I don’t know about that new alternative(?) shit he’s got coming up next though….Big shout to Chip Tha Ripper; definitely a good look here.

Far East Movement – Ride 4 U (ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper)

I’m still trying to catch up on this 2AM Club shit. Haven’t figured out if I’m a fan. This one stood out, well, because they’re covering New Edition. And this is what happens when you grow up with two older sisters born in the early 80s. I can dig their interpretation, but not even close to the classic original. Seriously, who can fuck with New Edition? I mean, despite the demoralizing dance routine and all.

2AM Club – If It Isn’t Love (New Edition Cover)


Weekend Rap Up: Wale, XV, ASAP Rocky, KiD CuDi + Mckenzie Eddy ft. Murs

Yeah, I’m back with that rap shit. Let me be more specific, that lyrical rap shit. First up we got Mr. No Day’s Off going over Hov’s classic Black Album track. Are you not entertained? No? Well then you didn’t really listen.

(Mp3): Wale – What More Can I Say (freestyle)

First of all, GLC is absolutely perfect for this hook. I don’t know why,  but it just sounds so right. And second, XV is always nice, but this Emelio Rojas (2nd up on the mic) dude is no slouch himself. He’s starting to stand out. Be on the look out.

(MP3): XV – Blame Yourself (ft GLC, Emelio Rojas & Casey Vegas)

I have stated previously on the FUNK that it was more the beats than anything that left me with a positive outlook on Mr. Rocky. But that’s starting to change. I don’t even really like this beat that much, but maybe that’s why his impeccable flow stands out so much. Bottom-line, while the content isn’t very expansive, I am impressed with the skills.

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Out of This World

I guess this is an old CuDi joint that leaked as “Do it Alone” before his debut LP, Man On The Moon, dropped back in 07. It’s just now being released in it’s mastered version. Definitely the CuDi you’d come to expect.

“Remember you’re not strange. But you are not the same, mayne.”

(MP3): KiD CuDi – Bigger Than You

Ok, if you’re mad that this is in my Rap Up post, then you must not have listened to Murs murder the second half of the song. But regardless, if stupid girls like Kreayshawn get any kind of consideration, then this bad bitch McKenzie deserves some credit herself. Give it a shot, it’s a nice change of pace.

(MP3): McKenzie Eddy – Mannequins Part 2 (ft Murs)

Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix)

The only way this DJ/remix artist gets a pass from me for his name is if his real name is Graham. Then it’s okay, and kinda clever now that I think about it. But if his name is NOT really Graham, then he’s a total ass clown. I think his name really is Graham, though. I hope so, because I like his shit. I posted the first remix of his I heard on “I’m On One” a couple weeks ago, so dude is 2 for 2 in my book. Healthy dose of dubstep right here. And when I say healthy, I mean well contained. “I’m feeling alriiight.”

(MP3): Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix)

Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 10 Rap Remix/Mashups

My bad for not getting this one up before the weekend festivities, cuz this one’s got some cool ass jams. I don’t know how often people actually come to the funk, or if the regulars make it back through all my posts they’ve missed, so these “Best of the funk” posts are meant to bring everyone back up to speed. Again, in case you didn’t know, I love the remix. The remix can bring to life to a jam that never took a breath or bring back one that was previously deceased. The remix can also shed light upon the dark or bring about new enlightenment upon the confused. But most importantly, the remix can bring two different genres, and therefore groups of people with different tastes, together into one perfectly harmonious physical entity; the peaceful type of harmony that only music can accomplish.

This group of remix/mashups is particularly special because not only does is combine all of my favorite musical elements, it’s also kind of representative of my make up in the musical form. Take that Pac joint for example. Afterall, it’s #1 for a reason. By the kid’s standards these days, Pac was one of the hardest dudes to walk the earth. But you always knew there was more to Pac than just the thug, and that’s because he shared real emotions in his music. That didn’t make him any less “hard” though, it just made him real; a humanizing effect that most of these rappers are scared to reveal because the character they personify is much safer. But I digress. I was actually just talking about these songs having two types of styles or sides to them; one kinda gansgta and one kinda soft and peaceful.

10. Adele ft Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix)

9. The Hood Internet – Go Hahahaha (Das Racist vs Cults)

8. Brenton Duvall ft Tayib Ali – Pretty Little Penthouse

7. Wick-it The Instigator – Follow The One (Big Boi vs The Black Keys)

6. Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K)

5. Planet Asia ft Blabbwona & Pep Love – Soundclash (DJ Duke Remix)

4. Adele ft Jay-Z & Biggie – Rolling in the Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)

3. The Hood Internet – Slow John (Lil Wayne/Rick Ross vs Com Truise)

2. Emancipator ft Nas – Nevergreen (Made U Look)

1. Mother Earth & Young Church – Skinny Pain (2pac vs Birdie)

Wifey Wednesday: Kid Cudi, Britney Spears // Dillon Francis, Hall & Oates, Kelly Rowland ft The Dream + Frank Ocean

I was pretty busy last night and still a little depressed about the Bulls so I didn’t feel much like writing. I did however want to get these songs up in time for Wifey Wednesday. It’s Thursday now, and no matter how grim the Bulls chances may look at this point, I’m still pumped to go to the UC tonight. Hopefully all the negative nancy’s sold their seats so we got a good crowd of true Bulls fans. Anyway, this song took a lil while to grow on me, but it’s been blowing up the hype machine so I think you all should give it a listen.

Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)

I think this picture speaks for itself. Mustache? Check. Time to party.

Hall and Oates – Out Of Touch (DJ Kue Remix)

I think it’s safe to say I kinda like this Britney song seeing as though I really like all the mash-ups that have spawned from her vocals. This instrumental is real nice.

Basic Physics – A Beautician’s World (Britney Spears // Dillon Francis)

I think it was my first Wifey Wednesday post when I put this original up. Look at us now, Kelly. The Dream adds another male perspective to this jam right here.

Kelly Rowland ft The Dream – Motivation (remix)

I can’t believe it took me so long to get up on this one here. Joe Budden went over this instrumental after Frank, but I heard it from Joey first. Perfect selection for his Ordinary Love shit venting session. Frank does this one so dirty, if it was anyone other than Budden, I’d say they weren’t worthy. Love this jam.

Frank Ocean – Novacane

Meet Chip tha Ripper

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I first came up on Chip about 2 years ago. I loved his delivery immediately, not your typical flow by any means. Him and Cudi together are masterful, but dude can definitely hold his own. Can’t wait for them to put out their collabo projoect….
“The Almighty GloryUs is a legendary duo of a new genre in music. The sound, perception, image, and story is unmatched in hip hop. Our paths of life, struggles and triumphs make us glorious. The Almighty GloryUs came about around the release date of Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak in Cleveland, Ohio. There will be an album coming soon.”
Here a couple MUST HAVE Chip joints. Even if you’re not a HUGE hip hop fan, you can definitely enjoy at least 2 of these Jams.

Chip tha Ripper ft Curren$y & Big Sean – Fat Raps