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Memorial Weekend Rap Up: A$AP Rocky, Swizz Beats, Big K.R.I.T, Dom Kennedy, Aesop Rock, Juicy J, Freddie Gibs, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, Asher Roth + More

In the words of the legendary Timbo, “It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to.” I don’t feel like getting into the excuses for my hiatus, nor can I say it won’t happen again. But I will say this; If someone wants to pay me for the hours I spend looking for legit, quality music (especially rap, which is like trying to find classy wifey material out at the club. You can do it, but shit, listening to some of that garbage can take a toll on ya), not to mention writing something halfway intelligent about it, then by all means let me know and I’ll never take another day off the rest of my life. Any who, let’s get right into this cuz I got plenty of material for ya’ll all week long…

This dude A$AP is blowing up fast, and so far he hasn’t swayed from his original style. One can’t count on that forever, so enjoy the early material while the gettin’s good. Attention all producers: Please keep making bangers for this dude. ***Updated: This was previously featured on the Funk back in April, but this guy is wayyy behind still… and it’s that good***

A$AP Rocky – Goldie (prod. by Hit-Boy)

Joe Budden has a line in the forgettable club anthem “Fire” from his early years that goes, “I’m glad producers charge so high for they tracks. Now they do it all, you just applying the wrap rap.” In most cases, it couldn’t be more true. Now I don’t know how much “La Musica de Harry Fraud” costs, but I bet he makes a pretty penny. I can’t get enough of this hypnotizing masterpiece right here. Thankfully, Action and Rif don’t fuck up the packaging.

Action Bronson & Rif Raff – Bird on a Wire (prod. by Harry Fraud)

I just came up on this one this morning, so I haven’t listened to it long enough to determine if it has any replay value. But Gibbs and Tip rarely disappoint, and the beat is decent enough for a “ridin’ round the city” mixtape.

Freddie Gibbs ft Young Jeezy & T.I. – Pull Up

Add this one to the aforementioned “mean muggin’ in the whip” mixtape. I had this one blasting with the windows down last night, ooh wee.

Swizz Beats – Street Knock ft A$AP Rocky (prod. by araabMUZIK)

I usually rip on artists with unimaginative slow motion flows, but none of that matters if the beat is right. And this my type of banger. Seriously though Dom, “money give me a boner?” Really?

Dom Kennedy – This My Type of Party

I’m more embarrassed that I’m sharing a song with 2 Chainz rather than Justin Bieber. I just don’t understand why 2 Chainz pops up everywhere nowadays and has a stan-like following? While I may have just answered my own question, still, It’s slightly more annoying than the Gucci Mane phase. At least Gucci came out on the scene and from the start made a name for himself earning the right to bank off the stupid noises that came out of his mouth over hood beats. 2 Chainz on the other hand, literally had to make a new name for himself so no one would associate him with his worthless early years as Tity Boi. It’s just more evidence of rap being overcome by the business suit strategy. Seriously, here we have an artist simply renaming himself yet providing the same garbage, just as a company would rename themselves after a scandal or something yet producing the same shitty product. And people buy it! What the fuck people, we as consumers have the power to demand better. Fuck, I’m just getting myself upset. But seriously, this instrumental is a problem and Justin Timberlake 2.0 Bieber kills the hook.

Justin Bieber ft 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth – Boyfriend (remix)

Another remix featuring some artists that should not be allowed to spit more than one verse at time. One of my favorite cuts off 4Eva N A Day. Live From The Underground finally on the way!

Big K.R.I.T. ft Waka Flocka & Juicy J – Temptation (remix)

Never heard of this Bas dude, but I’m definitely feeling the flow and the way he flips Rihanna “You Da One” into what most respectable dudes would probably now say to Rihanna after years of showing us just how little respect she deserves/demands. But damn, she fine.

Bas – I Aint Da One

Hopefully you made it all the way down to the bottom cuz I had to save the best for last. I’ve been rocking this on repeat for almost a month now and until today, only the below lines really made any sense to me. Aesop Rock does not make easy-listen songs for first grade level listeners to be able to follow along. I suggest you do as I did, which is enjoy the impeccable flow over the adrenaline fueling instrumental for a while and then take a gander at Rap Genius’s line by line interpretation : ”

“Are we supporting the artist or enabling the addict
I mean, I guess it matters to me
I wish it mattered to you
How a thousand virtues
Kick the same bucket like Chinatown turtles”

Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty


Weekend Rap Up: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mac Miller, Styles P ft Busta & Rick Ross, Yonas, ASAP Rocky + Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden

Literally got something for every type of hip hop fan this week. I’m gonna pop this shit off with the Seattle native Macklemore who brought us the creative “Wings”, which was featured on the funk several months ago. This time Mack takes on a hypnotizing beat that literally can’t be withheld under any ceiling. Currently on repeat.

(MP3): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (ft Ray Dalton)

Of course a cosign from Donald Trump, claiming him the next Eminem, brings Mac Miller to the  top of the rap game….smh. Anyway, this is his first single from his debut LP. I kinda dig it, but still don’t see this lifting him to any sort of mainstream success. But what the fuck do I know about mainstream? Funny, one of his lines states “these losers always going with whats trendy,” when trendy is kinda how I feel about Mac’s popularity.

(MP3): Mac Miller – Frick Park Market

This one is for my boy Eder who’ll be taking his John Wall flex out to thee Ohio State to get his graduate academic on. Gonna miss arguing about Rick Ross and all that “hard” shit in the rap game. Fuck hard, this shit his harsh. Hwuh! But seriously, thanks for the support despite the fact  most of my material is soft as baby wipes. Respect.

(MP3): Styles P – Harsh (ft. Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross)

Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” was in instant classic in my book. I don’t think I’ve heard an interpretation/remix that I haven’t fell in love with. This one of course, is no different. Don’t get too lost in the sample though, cause Yonas delivers true story through rhyme you ought to pay attention to.

(MP3): Yonas – I Need A Dollar

This dude ASAP Rocky has been making some noise over the world wide web the past couple months so I thought I’d catch ya’ll up if you haven’t heard from him. Not my favorite type of rap, not even close. But I’m not too smug to say I still don’t enjoy a couple joints like this in my rotation to change up from the usual conscious shit. Like he says right from the start, “this is for my niggaz getting high on the regular.”

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Peso

Talk about switching up, this is that conscious shit I was talking about. I talk about how powerful rap can be, and Joell is a perfect example. Any rapper can tell a story. Even ASAP Rocky is telling a real story in the songs above. But only a select few rappers can, and are willing to, deliver the story behind the story. It’s a story that isn’t told enough, and when it is, seems like no one really listens. Reminds me of a tragically dark tale told by Joe Budden. Take the time to really listen to them while I think about how much I miss 2pac.

(MP3): Joell Ortiz & Novel – Body Down pt. 2

(MP3): Joe Budden – 3 Sides to a Story

Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 25 Rap Songs Pt. 1

So I was reading the new Simmons on Grantland about the NBA lockout, and this part just kinda of stood out to me…

“Because that’s what this lockout is about: stubbornness in its rawest form. The league is too proud to change. The players are too proud to admit that they’re a huge part of the problem, and that we wouldn’t be in this mess if more of them took pride in the deals they signed. Both sides would rather point fingers instead of figuring out how to improve their product going forward.”

I feel like that is where we’re at in politics right now. All this debt ceiling, tax percentages, revenue sharing, posturing for upcoming elections, its all a bunch of bullshit. Politics in general is all a bunch of bullshit. No one really means what they say and no one really says what the mean. Now I don’t really know the whole story because obviously it makes me vomit to even try to follow these ass clowns and their agendas, but from what I’ve read on CNN, it seams as though Obama continuously gives up some in negotiations (to the dismay of many democrats because of all that posturing bullshit) but like the greedy owners, Republicans don’t end up budging one bit on their end. This because, like the NBA owners who easily have enough money to withstand not having an NBA season, the Republicans in congress will let us go into default and be straight with whatever national/global financial crisis ensues. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my opinion.

They’re actually very different situations in that the Players actually already have the money, whereas Obama and the Democrats are asking for more. I just hope it doesn’t play out one sided in Washington or the NBA because things definitely need to change, but we need to move toward middle ground. Obviously that means the Democrats/NBA players have a responsibility in this as well. One subject they probably need to address is spending. But regardless, both sides need to start being creative and stop being too proud. And the Owners/Republicans need to stop being so selfish and think about the big picture, America/NBA as a whole, and not just how it affects them personally since they have the upper hand. I really don’t know all the facts, I just hate people who are too proud to practice GIVE and take.

I do have some music to go along with this unrelated rant, and it’s songs 25-11 on my best of the funk rap list. I mean, I post at least like 4 times as much rap as I do anything. There’s no way I could narrow this down to just 10. Check it out.

25. Big K.R.I.T. – American Rapstar

24. Berner ft Wiz Khalifa & Big K.R.I.T. – Yoko Ono (prod. by Big K.R.I.T.)

23. Kendrick Lamar – Hii Power (prod. by J. Cole)

22. Childish Gambino – Break (AOTL)

21. Wiz Khalifa ft Curren$y – Rooftops

20. Lloyd Banks ft Eminem – Where I’m At

19. XV – Pictures on my Wall

18. Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message

17. Mac Miller ft Wale – So What

16. DJ Khaled ft Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – I’m On One

15. Big K.R.I.T – Rise & Shine

14. The Dean’s List – Dear Professor

13. Eminem & Royce da 5’9” – Fast Lane

12. OCD – Black Forest Gummy Worms

11. Skizzy Mars – Profound ……”everybody trying to avoid me, NBA lockout.”

Weekend Rap Up: Chiddy Bang ft Mac Miller, UGK, Tech N9ne ft B.o.B & Hopsin, Sam Adams, Skizzy Mars, Cobe Obeah

According to Merriam Websters…..Profound: a) having intellectual depth and insight. b) difficult to fathom or understand….if this dude is really “tryna make it, fuck the underground (sorry Harriet Tubman)” then I think he got his titles mixed up. I really like this song, but again, if dude really believes his “fuck it” attitude will get him to the top “cuz assholes and douche bags create the best shit”…..well, if his goal is to make money then he might be onto something. But don’t say you’re “too ambitious” and then accept being a follower like the majority of the rap game. Still, this being the first I’ve heard of dude, I’m liking him a lot. Definitely think he’s a little confused about how to play the game, though. Aren’t we all….

(By the way, I always make my write up and THEN find a pic from google images to attach. Looks like dude’s marketing team had the same idea as me with the whole dictionary definition)

(MP3): Skizzy Mars – Profound

I really wish I was born about 6 years earlier. It’s hard to go back in time and catch up on ALL the stuff you missed when you were only 10, like UGK in their prime. I think my next purchase might just be that ’96 release “Riding Dirty.” Gotta love that there are producers/DJs out there that still fuck with that classic shit, and in turn put younger generations like mine up on the original work. On a related note, I miss me some Ron Isley.

(MP3): UGK – One Day (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

“I like you, but you’re crazy.” Those are pretty comforting words, don’t you think? You know, cuz then you know whoever is speaking to you already acknowledged your craziness, and STILL likes you! I think we’re all a little crazy. The ones that aren’t afraid to show it though, those are the ones I really like.  In regards to this song? Dude Hopsin (never heard of him) kills that second verse Norman Bates style. Bob and Tech are no slouches with theirs either. Great song.

(MP3): Tech N9ne – Am I A Psycho (ft. Hopsin & B.o.B)

I posted that Cudi remix over this same instrumental/sample in Wifey Wednesday a couple weeks ago, and I’m still lovin it. This Cobe dude is another one I never heard of but has made a good first impression with this one. You know I appreciate dude for sharing all those dark thoughts.

(MP3): Cobe Obeah – Dark Night

Typical of most songs with a “whoooooooo…kidddddd” tag in the background, this is just a couple solid verses from some solid spitters. It’s not really a song, more like a quick sample of talents over a dope instrumental. Chiddy and Mac seem to be a very popular grouping with the kids these days. I’m not gonna lie, that “Heatwave” joint is gonna be that jam for the rest of the summer for sure.

(MP3): Chiddy Bang ft Mac Miller – Open Your Eyes

I thought I’d close it out with Sam Adams since the internet was all on his nuts for a while, claiming the next great white hype. I still don’t see it, and would definitely take Mac over him, but this song is pretty cool. Don’t think I’ve actually heard anyone go over a dupstep instrumental track like this, so kudos to dude for doing something a lil different….and understanding his target demographic.

(MP3): Sam Adams – Watch Out (prod by J.O.B.)

Weekend Rap Up: Termanology ft Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway, Mac Miller, Theophilus London, Young Chris, YC ft Twista + Trae ft Meek Mill & Pusha T

One might think the all star packed line up of spitters would easily be the standout component in this one, but Term more than holds his own. Honestly,  I think he’s got the second best verse behind Joell. And you know they take pride in their shit, so when they all get on a track together, they all come correct. This beat is so smooth. You know I’m diggin the piano keys.
(click to DL)Termanology ft Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon, Freeway – Say It (remix)

I’ve seen this Theophilus dude pop up around the net, and always read good things about him, but just haven’t come across a joint I really got into…until now. I think this single can help him climb up a rung in terms of exposure and appreciation. At least I know I will be taking a closer listen each time I see his name going forward.

(click to DL)Theophilus London – Last Name London

I had to post this one simply because “Hey Lover” is one of my all time favorite jams. Of course Chris ain’t nearly as smooth as cool James, but respectable nonetheless.

(click to DL)Young Chris – Hey Lover

I wanted to post this just to emphasize how great it is that Raps can be added to almost any instrumental, no matter the genre. Remember when Puff seemingly revolutionized the game when he took hits from the 80’s and made em sound so crazy? Well thanks to the mixtape game, the internet, and producers/artists with overlapping musical tastes, we are able to hear these magical fusions within a week of the original and before millions of dollars are spent to get the sample cleared.

(click to DL)Mac Miller – Love Lost (ft. Temper Trap)

Here’s my guilty pleasure addition to this week’s Rap Up. Not much needs to be said besides the fact that Twista is the remix king; well, him and R. Kelly. Chi-town run this shit.

(click to DL)YC ft Twista – Racks (remix)

I love the beat, love the sample, and most importantly, love Trae’s raspy ass voice. Dude can handle a mic on his own, but some help from Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill and G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Pusha T doesn’t hurt at all. Meek Milli wins.

(click to DL)Trae ft Meek Mill & Pusha T – So Far To Go

Weekend Rap Up: New Eminem & Royce Da 5’9”, Childish Gambino, Jay Sean ft Tyga, Fabolous & Mac Miller

Just wait until this weeks throwback Thursday, then you’ll find the necessary respect for Royce you should already have. This is one of the deadliest combination of spitters you could ever get your ears on. Thankfully they overcame the bullshit and came together to create some fire to prove the Midwest better than the rest.

MP3: Royce 5’9’’ ft Eminem – Fast Lane

Donald seems kinda angry at times, no? I hear him though. I like this remix. And I like him. He aint a clown. He’s a real person.

MP3:Childish Gambino – Let Me Dope You (Travis Wide Remix)

I dont know how i feel about this one. I like the beat during the hook, but not so much during the verse. I mean, I get the appeal. It’s totally geared toward to the club scene. And the womp womp aint bad. It just aint my preferred shit. Can’t hate though.

MP3:Jay Sean ft Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Corey Gunz – YMCMB Heroes

This instrumental could be spit over by almost anyone and I’d still love it. Maybe not. Maybe J and Fab can keep it real on the mic so naturally like none other. Still like the J. Cole and Drake version better though.

MP3:Fabolous – In The Morning

How can you hate a dude who just puts in mad work? You can’t. I don’t seek out Mac Miller music, he finds me. Ironically enough, dude lays some lyrics to let ya’ll know he can spit from the perspectives we all seek. At least, if you have a background similar to mine. And to think I use to doubt dude’s versatility. Classic sample by the way.

MP3:Mac Miller – Talk About

Weekend Rap Up: New Chamillionaire, OCD, STS ft Joell Ortiz, J. Cole, Curren$y & Mac Miller

This one comes off Chamillionaire’s newest mixtape Major Pain 1.5. Cham isn’t your typical southern rapper, but even the most unique, anti-establishment rappers can’t resist an instrumental and chopped & screwed hook as dope as this. Feel me? Just listen.

Chamillionaire – Chandelier Ceiling

This song might take a couple extra listens to really grab you, but once it does, the grip won’t slip. I heard this “City Kids” joint from these dudes a lit bit ago, but wasn’t a huge fan. Still, I decided to download their newest mixtape, Up Before The World, to get a better sampling. I’m sure glad I did, because I can’t get enough of this song right here. Dudes got that quick, conversational type flow that may require a lil more attention than most, but you’ve got to expect that here. The piano and voice sample throughout the instrumental are perfect.

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Black Forest Gummy Worms

I’ll keep posting STS until he becomes a common name in hip hop circles while discussing the hottest newcomers in the game. Dude is nasty, nuff said. No surprise, Joell Ortiz delivers here as well. This one’s off the recently released Demand More.

STS ft Joell Ortiz – The People (remix)

This is another one of those powerful type instrumentals that can take you for a trip on its own, regardless if you’re already driving around without a destination in mind. But the only journey that really matters is the personal one you embark on everyday you wake up. One in which you don’t even need to open your eyes in order to put miles on the dash. Ironic that I could go on that trip for free simply by closing my eyes with my professional headphones on. Instead I choose to drive around blasting my below average car stereo to clear my head, all the while burning money through my gas tank.  Always seem to make things more complicated/difficult than necessary. But hey, if the shoe fits….

StartYourOwnRebellion – Let it Go (feat. J. Cole)

This one comes off Curren$y’s newest mixtape Covert Coup. Not a huge fan of the project as a whole, but this one definitely stood out as his most solid contribution. Giving props to my dude Pip on the title won’t hurt his cause. Btw, reference #2 to Pip in this weeks Rap Up. I wonder which Air Pips he’s talking bout? Probably the original Nike Air Pippen. I’m not a fan of the one’s with the rain drops on the side and I do think I’m one of the few that really liked the one’s with “AIR” written along the side of them.

Curren$y – Scottie Pippens (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

I’ll close it out with this smooth freestyle from Mac Miller released last week after reaching 300k twitter followers, I think. The beat comes from an old People Under the Stairs joint called San Francisco Knights. I said it before, I wasn’t a big Mac fan when I first heard his shit. But I can’t lie, the more and more I hear, the more I’m starting to really appreciate dudes talents on the mic.

Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs