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Wifey Wednesday: RnB Edition! Chris Brown ft Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainz, Jeremih ft Fabolous, Frank Ocean, Miguel, The Dream ft Pusha T, Mario + more

I’ve been waiting for some jams like these for a while now. Maybe I just don’t get after the RnB like I use to, which I don’t, but my timing was impeccable this time around, and consequently I have discovered some heeeeeat-ers. RnB heaters of course, but heaters none the less. First up, C. Breezy who, by the way, I’ve heard has the most ignorant insane fans in the world….I said heaters, not beaters. I’m kind of over the whole Rihanna thing though. What I mean is, I don’t have a moral problem with liking Chris Brown’s music. It’s not like I ever really supported him monetarily in the past (thank you peer to peer and user sharing technology), and I’m definitely not going to now. Doesn’t mean I can’t still rock to it for free.

Chris Brown ft. 2 Chainz & Snoop Dogg – Oh Yeah

Aw shoot. How perfect is that title? Jeremih is back at it. I’m starting to remember why I love Hip Hop/RnB music so much. Fab HAS to be the best one verse surgeon in the game, right? Right!?

Jeremih ft. Fabolous – Ahh Shit

Frank Ocean is starting to remind me why I like Frank Ocean so much. As much as I enjoy “rocking” to the “heaters” (what? I can’t mockingly quote my own words?), this is really why I love RnB music. It’s just so damn fresh. I especially appreciate dudes like Mr. Ocean and Weekend and how they’ve led the way as of late to once again innovate the game.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Speaking of innovating artistic geniuses…is it just me, or does Miguel kinda get his Prince on with this one? I don’t mean to offend (if you’re a Prince fan), and honestly I don’t really know that much Prince music in the first place to warrant my judgement. But I don’t know, to me it kinda sounds like something Prince could fuck with. And honestly, If you know anything about Miguel, you wouldn’t be offended. But he kinda Robin Thickes it a lil with the whole whisper song voice too. Ay bitch, wait to you see my dick. Right? Not even a little?

Miguel – Party Life

The Dream is not much of an RnB innovator anymore. He did use to bring back memories of 112, once upon a time at least, and is undoubtedly one of the most immense contributors to the current landscape of the genre. The dude is just too good at what he does; why change now? Seriously, The Dream knows how to make an RnB jam. Remember this?

The Dream ft. Pusha T – Dope Bitch

Next up we got my favorite from ColeCo’s EP – El VeranoThe collection features a handful of solid remix material from some classic RnB smashes, including the featured, “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy. Where he came up with “Ricky Smiley,” I have no idea. Remember when RnB wasn’t raunchy as hell and female artists had some self respect class? When you compare a song like this from the 90’s, to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake Remix” of today, you gotta feel a little uneasy about the youth/future of our country.

ColeCo – Ricky Smiley

It’s getting late. I thought it’d be appropriate to finish this post off with a slow jam. Mari-Ohhhh! Bring it back middle school dance style. Please, quit your hating and enjoy.

Mario – Bed Love


Best of….The Funk’s First Half of 2011: Top 10 R&B Slow Jams

I’m pretty sure I had something super insightful to say last night right as I was about to fall asleep, but I was too lazy/unsober to get up and make note of it….That really pisses me off, you know? I need to carry/sleep with a tape recorder so I can “note to self” like Norm McDonald and remember shit to write/talk about.

Anyway, I do remember this morning, and I was thinking about discipline on the way to the bus stop. I have no idea why, but looking back, I wonder if this might have anything to do with my hangover on the way to work…Anyway, I was just thinking about how much discipline it takes to be non violent. And despite what Nas says in his book of rhymes, Gandhi was no fool even if it seems as though the Machiavellians are the ones always getting ahead. Could you imagine what this world might be like had there been no Ghandi or Martin Luther King to provide some balance opposing those who believe it takes “the occasional need for the methodical exercise of brute force, deceit, and so on” (wikipedia) to accomplish their goals? Their ideas will never die and their accomplishments will forever give idealist like myself hope for the people.

Anyway, I guess I‘ve just been on this anti-“hard” tip for a minute. And well the opposite of hard is soft. And since I’m not really into being all hard and shit anymore, that must mean I’m Chris Bosh soft, right? So maybe I am kinda, but shits really not that black and white. Since college though, I have been all about the peace and love (how can they say marijuana is a bad thing?). Actually, always been about the love, just catching up with the peacefulness lately. That’s why RnB has always been one of my favorite genres. Not so much the faster RnB, mostly just the “slow jams.” Yeah, I love me some R. Kelly. This year was HUGE thanks in large part to the emergence of The Weeknd. Dude is gonna blow up big time. By the way, the top of this list is on some classic grammy type shit. I mean some of the best songs I’ve heard in yearZUH, let alone the first half of this one.

10. Collie Buddz – Playback

9. Erykah Badu – Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long

8. John Legend – Rolling in the Deep (remix)

7. Kelly Rowland ft Mario & LIl Wayne – Motivation (remix)

6. The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

5. Miguel ft Pusha T – Sure Thing (remix)

4. The Weeknd – The Morning

3. Frank Ocean – Novacane… gotta check the music video for this song. Really fuckin cool, especially how they visually describe the feeling of not having feeling (numb)

2. Drake – Marvin’s Room

1. The Weeknd – High For This

Wifey Wednesday: Beyonce ft Andre 3000, Shwayze ft The Cataracs, Iyaz, Mario ft Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne, Rico Love, Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland + Collin Mcloughlin ft Hendersin

So WordPress keeps track of all the hits I get from search engines and tells me what was actually  searched to bring them to the Funk. Here’s one from yesterday; ”Does Nicki Minaj like white guys?”….Yep, this is my audience. (Simmons)

First up, Boo Thang. You know, because boo by itself was just a little too formal, not to mention way too suggestive. So “when your friends ask, I’m not your man, just the closest thing that ya have to a boo thannnng.” Seriously, we needed a new term for that “not so much baby girl” but more than “just a cutty buddy.” I’m not even being sarcastic, I know it’s hard to tell sometimes. But boo vision?

(MP3): Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland – Boo Thang

Next up, we gon’ put it down….I think. I’m actually kinda confused. Is he saying, “don’t put it down”? I thought you just said you love the way she put it down, Rico? Whatever, I like this one too.  Something to juke to.

(MP3): Rico Love – Pick It Up

I feel like this might gain some steam. Not a huge fan, but The Cataracs got quite the hype goin for em these days and Shwayze is always up for a chill summertime jam.

(MP3): Shwayze – Love Letter (ft The Cataracs & Dev)

When I saw the names Kanye, Andre 3000, and Consequence all attached to a Beyonce joint, you know I was pretty excited and eager to hear what came of it. Well, I’m pretty disappointed. But the ladies gotta love some new Beyonce, right? Btw, don’t be surprised if this song is removed from Hulkshare within about an hour of me posting this….

(MP3): Beyonce ft Andre 3000 – Party (prod by Kanye & Consequence)

This really pains me to post, because it sounds exactly like every shitty pop/club song I hate. But seeing as though Wifey Wednesday seems to get the most hits on my blog (smh), I gotta give the people what they want. I really hope those people are strictly females. Don’t get it confused dudes, this is NOT that jam.

(MP3): Iyaz – Last Forever (prod by David Guetta)

This guy Collin has a really nice voice. Pretty unique in my mind. You already know that new Khaled is the shit, and the beat is really what makes this joint. But I’m still diggin dude’s RnB interpretation with the switch of the theme.

(MP3): Collin Mcloughlin ft Hendersin – We Lost One (Im On One Remix)

This is easily the RnB beat of the year, in my opinion. I love this shit. Makes me wanna slow wind with a boo thang all night. Mario adds some killer vocals to the remix. I know what was motivating him in that Dancing with the Stars competition. Damn.

(MP3): Mario ft Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – Motivation (remix)