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Twisted Tuesday: The White Panda ft. White Town x Dorrough, DOSVEC ft. Gotye x Biggie + Star Slinger ft H-Town

I got alliteration for days, ya got wack for weeks! Don’t fuck with The Funk….

This original White Town song is kinda creepy, but in a good way. Not in a gay way (there are definitely some gender role/sexual orientation issues that need to be cleared up in that one) I just like the quiet creepy dude’s voice over the quaint instrumental. But if you’re feeling a little unsure and insecure (like Andy from The Office) when listening to the lyrics but really like the beat, then The White Panda solves all your problems with a little help from their favorite mashable rap vocals.

White Town – Your Woman (The White Panda Remix ft Dorrough)

I know, I know. If you listen to the radio on a regular basis you probably want to blow your brains out whenever that Gotye joint plays every 30 minutes. And if you’re constantly exploring the blogosphere you’re probably in the same boat based on the amount of revisions shat out of remix artists’ asses on a weekly basis. But in my opinion, DOSVEC does just enough to the beat in this one to keep it super fresh without abandoning what made the original so hypnotizing. And who can say no to Diddy when he says he wants a remix again?

DOSVEC – Somebody Nasty (Gotye x Notorious B.I.G.)

Search for Star Slinger on The Funk and you’ll see we’ve been up on a couple solid joints of his. I found this one on Pigeon and Planes (great blog btw) top 10 of said remix master. On another note, remember how cool R&B groups of 3-5 dudes were in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Can’t we go back to that? Who am I kidding. Dudes’ egos are through the roof these days. And it’s a COT damn shame.

H-Town – They Like It Slow (Star Slinger Refix)


WMCF Jam of the Week: The Hood Internet – Equal Shot (French Montana // Beach House)

The overwhelmingly sense of summertime is upon me and this song is just too perfect in that regard to ignore. The Hood Internet does it again with their insanely smooth mashup bringing together two perfectly dissimilar artists/genres to create a beautifully chill summertime jam. Definitely something to ride out to with the top down. Enjoy. Life.

The Hood Internet – Equal Shot (French Montana // Beach House)



Terry Urban – Born Ready To Die (Notorious B.I.G. vs Lana Del Rey)

Download Terry Urban – Born Ready to Die (Notorious B.I.G. vs Lana Del Rey)

Oooooh Weee! I’m loving this shit right here. If you’re like me, maybe your taste in hip hop music has gotten slightly more sophisticated since high school. What once got me hype as hell (Archie and J Kwon anyone?) no longer strikes that same chord. Maybe I’m just more lame tame. But in any event, the overemphasized bass and snare is getting way too old. But the wordplay still hits harder than ever, especially since I listen to more lyrical shit these days. And when a mixtape like this comes along that emphasizes that slick wordplay from one of the greatest ever? You know I gotta put my people on.
Alongside Mick Boogie, Terry Urban is the best to put together mash-up mixtapes. Just like previous masterpieces (RE-Living Thing ft Peter Bjorn & John  , 1988 ft Adele and Viva La Hova ft Jay-Z & Coldplay) Terry employs some of the most innovative up and coming producers to chop up the beautiful sounds of Lana Del Ray as the backdrop to the impeccable lyricism from an all time great. Check out my favorite joints off this amazing Biggie/Lana combo.

(click to download @ hulkshare)

FTW ft Method Man (prod. by Terry Urban)….Don’t be fooled by the Lana samples, this is still the hardest shit I’ve heard in a minute

Crack Paradise (prod. by Judah)

Wrong Game (prod. by nVMe)

Guilty Pleasure: The Hood Internet – When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston vs Chromeo)

What, just because I enjoy my own personal journeys with emo-esque rap music courtesy of Joe Budden and the like means I can’t also wanna get up and dance with somebody to the sweet sounds of Whitney (RIP) over some funky Chromeo beats?…I’m not afraid to say it, this shit gets me moving. I’m an eighties baby, baby!

The Hood Internet – When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston // Chromeo) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Zeds Dead // Big Sean – Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (The Jane Doze Mashup)

Know this, I’m not here to spew out as much music as physically/electronically possible only for you to sift through all the garbage to find one or two solid joints in an hour-long new music binge. That’s what is for. The Funk, along with other quality blogs out there, is merely trying to act as sophisticated funnel. Even if I tried, I couldn’t put out every new rap song that comes out on a daily basis. It’s just too easy to record and distribute music digitally over the internet. The only true barrier to entry in the rap game is marketing power. Oh, you thought DJ’s/VJ’s get to choose what songs are played? But back to my point. I, along with my dude Bilkha who is contributing his flavor to The Funk as well, can funnel in more than a handful of songs each week that we like and then post them here for others to find. My hope is that by sharing songs we like, as opposed to every song we come across, someone else might find that we share similar likes. Then this person can simply come check The Funk and have a very good chance of finding a song they really like without spending hours having to click through a bunch of shitty songs they really hate.

And with that, I bring you the only good mashup I came across this Monday. But it’s a reeeeal good one. It meshes so well together it almost sounds like an original track. That vocal sample sounds like something from the early 2000’s Dipset/Diplomat days or something Kanye would effectively sample. Way better beat than the weird one Sean used on the original, imo.

(MP3): Zeds Dead // Big Sean – Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (The Jane Doze Mashup)

Mashup Monday: D.veloped (2pac // Beastie Boys) & Brenton Duvall (Notorious B.I.G. // Phil Collins)

Life has always been described as a story as it involves various plots, conflicts, settings, characters, and themes. Some are tragedies, some comedies, and some a combination. But what if you look at life like a mashup. A bunch of different elements all scrambled together to form “your life.” Now, talented mashup artists know how to put together what seem like totally different musical elements, all the while creating a harmonious combination of music in the end. Now if one element is way off, it can ruin the whole mashup. You know when it’s off too, because shit just doesn’t sound/feel right.

Now look at life. You got a lot of different things going on in life. Maybe school or work, family, friends and relationships, hobbies and pastimes, all mixed in with your spiritual and moral self image. Now if these elements don’t fit well together, even just one, you’re finished product isn’t gonna be all that it could be. Especially if something like work, often the most prevalent element in your life since you spend the most time doing it, doesn’t fit, you’re gonna end up with a shitty mashup. I don’t want to look back at the mashup I created and have regrets about the beat I used, or the vocals I added. I just want that shit to be beautiful, and natural, like music.

(MP3): D.veloped – 2 Soul 4 Your Mom (Tupac // Beatie Boys // unknown, but my new favorite, instrumental)

(MP3): Brenton Duvall – Some Other Party in Paradise (Notorious B.I.G. // Phil Collins)

Money to Kick Snare (ONS “Born Hustlin” Bootleg)

You’ll come to find I like good mash-ups a lot. Always best if you are a fan of the original, then the remix, or mash-up, generates new life when it had previously been played out. Enjoy.

Listen to Money to Kick Snare (ONS “Born Hustlin” Bootleg) by OneNightStand

Download Here