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Mike Posner – The Layover [mixtape]

I got up on Pose a couple years ago when he dropped his first (at least major) mixtape, A Matter of Time. I did not, however, even bother to check out all the songs from his album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, when it dropped last year. And this may be a great example of what’s wrong with the hip hop (or in Mike Posner’s case, that “hip hop singing shit”) game, as artists come out with quality mixtape music but fail to produce that same quality on the official album. Or maybe it’s just that we as consumers receive enough good music for free from artists we kinda like, that we don’t then feel the need to spend money on a commercial album as well. From reviews I’ve read, the album did kinda suck, though. And that’s coming from fans of his mixtapes. It’s hard to determine where the problem actually derives from when it seems as though mixtapes and albums are created for two entirely different audiences. It’s as if the artist knows what the underground/internet fans (who ultimately create the buzz needed to drop an album in the first place) will like and then produce a mixtape for them. And then they use their market knowledge to determine what the purchasing public will enjoy and they create an album based off of that. It’s very well possible also that maybe mixtapes (free) are what the artist truly seeks to create while albums (commercial) are what the record label (aka a bunch of suits) seek to manufacture. Why does it feel like there is such a great disconnect, in our generation, between what’s real and what’s profitable?

That rant wasn’t meant to bash Mike Posner at all. Again, I didn’t even listen to his whole album, but I’m definitely a fan of the mixtapes. But with music, rap & hip hop especially, I feel like it’ll pay off in the long run to limit that disconnect as much as possible. Maybe Mikey P wouldn’t be on this so called “layover.”

Download The Layover here, and check out my favorite cuts below:

Mike Posner – Woderwall (ft. Big K.R.I.T) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Henny & Purple (ft. Slim Thug) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Marauder Music (ft. Blackbear) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Mittens Up (ft. Elzhi & Dusty McFly) (right-click, “save as” to dl)


Something For The Radio: Machine Gun Kelly ft Mike Posner, Silver Medallion ft Shwayze + Bow Wow ft Lil Wayne

Maybe these aren’t 100% radio-friendly, but it’s just about as close as you’ll see me get to the commercial appeal. First up we got Diddy’s attempt at a more pop friendly version of Yelawolf. Not to hate, but he just seems more like a product than an artist to me. I don’t know, is it wrong when I see a skinny white rapper with tatted sleeves and a stage name including the words “Machine Gun” I think cliche now? Maybe it’s just that he’s signed to Diddy. Anywho, I am a fan of this one. That may have to do more with my guilty pleasure Mike Posner on the hook, but MGK definitely keeps me interested throughout. This one is supposed to be a part 2 to Mikey P’s early mixtape hit “Drug Dealer Girl.” That’s a stretch, to say the least.

(MP3): Machine Gun Kelly ft Mike Posner – On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl pt II)

(MP3): Mike Posner – Drug Dealer Girl

I found this one about a week or so ago and it’s been growing on me at an exponentially high rate. As of today, it is definitely a current favorite (actually #2 behind Common’s Blue Sky). I don’t really know what specific electro(?) genre to correctly categorize this in, but that’s okay. I hate labels. It’s a major jam, that’s all you need to know.

(MP3): Silver Medallion – All I Ask (ft Shwayze)

I came across this one, so I figured I should post it. I’m still not sold, but I know some of the more commercial accepting hip hop fans can dig it. Here’s to Lil Weezy trying to resurrect Bow Weezy’s career. Why? I have no idea. Take it for what it is though. This one could be quite the club banger. And if you’re a Wayne fan it has to be the greatest song in the world, right? Wayne NEVER puts out sub-par material anymore….

(MP3): Bow Wow – Sweat (ft. Lil Wayne)


Weekend Rap Up: XV & Trae The Truth, Chip Tha Ripper, Bie Maejor ft Mike Posner, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Fences + Emilio Rojas

I was just thinking to myself about how I’ve been missing some new XV in my life….dude, must have read my mind, he said “okay! I’m reloaded.” Trae contributes his beast mode flow to make this a legit (internet) hit. Feelin’ XV a lot, be on the look out.

“I’m what happens when awesome and awkward merge together”

(MP3): XV – Batteries ft Trae The Truth (prod by Awesome Sound)

More awesomeness from XV…

(MP3): XV – The Kick (prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)

Reeeeally diggin the “Nice & Slow” beat sample. Can’t tell where the vocal comes from, but I like that too. Keep it coming Chip, this shit is too damn short.

“I tell her whatever you’re use to, fucking with me is the opposite”

(MP3): Chip tha Ripper – Realer

First listen I’ve given Bei Maejor, and I’m definitely liking what I hear. Love the piano in this one, as usual, and Mikey Pose does his thing well. But dude is gettin a little ahead of himself with the JT comparison. Whoa, dude.

(MP3): Bei Maejor – They Call Me ft Mike Posner

Just discovered this Emilio cat when he appeared on K.R.I.T.’s latest mixtape “Last King 2” and it made me want to do some more investigating. Check what I found.

(MP3): Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point (prod. by J Glaze)

Here’s the remix, plus video to Macklemore’s “Otherside.” Another one I can’t get enough of right now. I love the real thought behind the actual “real talk.”

“Now he just wanted to act like them, he just wanted to rap like him”

(MP3): Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside ft Fences (Ryan Lewis remix)

Wifey Wednesday aka Guilty Pleasures: Mike Posner ft Rusko, Kelly Rowland ft Big Sean, The Weeknd, The Dirty Tees ft Natasha Bedingfield +Tom Hangs (Avicii remix)

I’ll admit it, I like SOME pop music….until it actually becomes POPular and then I go back to despising it. That’s not entirely true because I can actually like some songs a lot longer than others simply because I never listen to the radio. Therefor I have no idea, and do not feel the repercussion from, what is actually being shoved down people’s throats.

I actually kinda dig Mike Posner’s music. Dude has been producing shit for quite some time, and he’s definitely got a little different sound than most pop artists, both musically and vocally. It’s funny how he sings to the ladies…but for all the dudes.

(MP3): Mike Posner – Shut Up ft Rusko (updated link)

Kelly is winning over Beyonce in 2011, no? I mean, motivation has been that RnB Jam of the year so far, and I have absolutely no guilt in saying I still love it. This song here is a nice change of pace from the first single and will also garner a healthy amount of radio play. Although, I gotta admit after enjoying it the first couple listens, I’m kinda already sick of it. I’m sure the ladies can dig it though, and the dudes can tolerate it while they’re with em.

(MP3): Kelly Rowland – Lay It On Me ft Big Sean

That Fragma joint was thee shit sophemore year of high school. Hell, it’s still a helluva throwback. Shot out to my guy Garmasta, ha. Shit takes me back. Natasha does em justice on this Dirty Tees interpretation.

(MP3): The Dirty Tees – Miracle ft Natasha Bedingfield (Fragma Cover)

I don’t really know what to say. I dig club jams with solid vocals and dope beats. Avicii been doin work.

(MP3): Tom Hangs – Blessed ft Shermanology (Avicii Remix)

Contrary to the title of the post, I have no guilt enjoying this here. You know this is my shit. The Weeknd’s voice is killing the game right now and this dirty instrumental was kind of wasted, in my opinion, with Drake’s recycled verses from “I’m On One.” Trust is a bitch. It really sucks when that trust is broken, especially off some stupid shit because regardless, you rarely ever get it back. I think that’s kinda the point with this one.

(MP3): The Weeknd – Trust Issues (Drake Cover)

Wifey Wednesdays: New Mike Posner, Akon, T-Pain, Shwayze & Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne

You know who it is…it’s your wifey’s favorite blogger! Here’s some new female friendly jams for everyone’s listening pleasures. First off, let’s all thank Adele for the masterpiece called “Rolling in the Deep” that has spurned all these beautiful remixes. While Mike Posner may not be cool, he can still produce some pretty solid jams. He likes pulling the whole “take a song previously recorded by a female and create his own version”. Get it? It’s different and cool because he’s not a female…..and has a terrible voice compared to the original artist (see also “Halo” from a while back). I’m not a hater, I like his shit.

Mike Posner – Rolling In The Deep

Mike Posner – Halo

Moving on, I think Akon, T. Pain, and Flo Rida should just join forces and make nothing but club jams. There’s really no other point for them to make any other music anymore. Do they make any other music anymore? I miss me some “Trouble” Akon honestly, but dude has gotta eat, right? Whatever. Ladies? U might be able to get down to this. DJ’s? You might be able to rock these.

Akon – Love Handles

T. Pain ft Flo Rida – Im Dancin

Next up is Shwayze with a summertime jam to make you feel like shit if you live in Chicago. Also included a pretty cool remix of his breakout single “Buzzin” from a while ago.

Shwayze ft Cisco Adler – Summertime Girl

Shwayze ft Wale – Buzzin (DJ Skeet & Corey Nitta Remix)

Last but certainly not least, we got Ms. Rowland making some pretty hefty demands, but also providing some words of encouragement while she’s at it. Whats that Kelly? “And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs.” Ok ma, I gotchu. Ha. Actually, I don’t know about Kelly. I mean, yea but, probably nothing to shoot for. Now Mrs. Carter on the other hand, mmm mmm. Weezy’s biggest contribution here goes straight to Kelly by simply attaching his name to the title. That might actually be his only contribution. <—(hater)

Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne – Motivation

Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne – Bow Chicka (remix)

Ummmm, for the ladies? I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a staunch supported of Mikey P for a minute now. Maybe because I feel like I got into his shit a while back, recognized his talent, and kinda watched him slowly blow up. But anyway, after this video, I don’t think I can refer to him as “my guy” anymore…..your not cool Mike. And by the way, aren’t these two of the ugliest famous guys you’ve seen stand next to each other in a while? Lil Wayne looks like a fucking gremlin, and Posner looks like a giant cartoon character (you’re damn right I’m sexier than Mike Posner). But check out the new song, it sounds like it might stick if it hits the radio waves. Even better, check the Mixtape “A Matter of Time” that put me onto him in the first place (dude handles his own production btw).

Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow feat Lil Wayne by
Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne – Bow Chicka (Remix) at hulkshare

Download Full Album Here at mediafire


Big Sean ft Mike Posner – Who Knows

Mike Posner – Drug Dealer Girl