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Terry Urban – Born Ready To Die (Notorious B.I.G. vs Lana Del Rey)

Download Terry Urban – Born Ready to Die (Notorious B.I.G. vs Lana Del Rey)

Oooooh Weee! I’m loving this shit right here. If you’re like me, maybe your taste in hip hop music has gotten slightly more sophisticated since high school. What once got me hype as hell (Archie and J Kwon anyone?) no longer strikes that same chord. Maybe I’m just more lame tame. But in any event, the overemphasized bass and snare is getting way too old. But the wordplay still hits harder than ever, especially since I listen to more lyrical shit these days. And when a mixtape like this comes along that emphasizes that slick wordplay from one of the greatest ever? You know I gotta put my people on.
Alongside Mick Boogie, Terry Urban is the best to put together mash-up mixtapes. Just like previous masterpieces (RE-Living Thing ft Peter Bjorn & John  , 1988 ft Adele and Viva La Hova ft Jay-Z & Coldplay) Terry employs some of the most innovative up and coming producers to chop up the beautiful sounds of Lana Del Ray as the backdrop to the impeccable lyricism from an all time great. Check out my favorite joints off this amazing Biggie/Lana combo.

(click to download @ hulkshare)

FTW ft Method Man (prod. by Terry Urban)….Don’t be fooled by the Lana samples, this is still the hardest shit I’ve heard in a minute

Crack Paradise (prod. by Judah)

Wrong Game (prod. by nVMe)


Mixtape Monday: STS – “Gold Rush”, Hodgy Beats – “Untitled” + Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – “Slumdon Bridge”

Download STS – Gold Rush

First up, I present to you Sugar Tongue Slim’s latest mixtape effort titled Gold Rush. STS is gold, ye’aint know? This time Slim adds his impeccable flow over some current indie instrumentals and samples while relentlessly demonstrating professional lyricism. If you enjoy my taste in music, you’ll love this shit. Check out my top 3, or just go head and download the full tape above.

STS – Cut Me Off ft. Schoolie V (click to listen/dl @ hulkshare)

STS – Gold Rush

STS – Pumped Up Kicks ft Dosage

Download Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP

Next up, I recommend you check some shit from this dude Hodgy Beats, who accounts for 1/4 of Odd Future. Despite my admiration for Frank Ocean, I’m not a huge fan of the group as a whole. Although, I can’t say I’ve really listened to a ton of their shit. I just think they’re kinda annoying…looking? And you know, the whole arrogant, ignorant and outrageous deal was never my forte. Is that an accurate judgement or just pure ignorance on my part? Anyway, Hodgy’s EP is pretty solid, but these two featured jams are pretty awesome. Might have something to do with the return of my Beats by Dre…can’t help getting lost in these alluring instrumentals.

Hodgy Beats – In A Dream

Hodgy Beats – Cookie Coma

Download Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – Slumdon Bridge EP

Just in case anyone missed that post where I first introduced this crafty Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf duo, go back and check that joint “You Don’t Know.” But outside of that, the EP only adds 3 more songs. This one stood out as my next favorite, but all top notch quality.

 Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – Tone

Mixtape Monday: Rockie Fresh – Driving 88……inspiring thoughts on society and rap

I told you I’d be back with some more Rockie, but before I get into the mixtape, Driving 88, let me release some tension from my brain……

I really have a problem with people who are successful, or revered, whom I believe are undeserving. This is obviously based on my opinion of what deserving means. Now I know this is not an all encompassing example, but it just seems like the most selfish people are the ones who become the most successful. That is, by the standard of success in today’s society which is measured by the amount of money you make. And if you want to make money, then you better find a profitable industry, you better look out for self, and you better be willing to bring others down around you. In a sense, you want to emulate a corporate business strategy. Corporations don’t do favors for people, and they’re definitely not looking out for your best interests. It may just so happen that some are in the business of assisting others with finances or health, but don’t get it twisted, it’s still self-serving. They’re worried about the bottom-line. So you better hope that your well being just so happens to overlap with more money in their pockets. If not, you mean nothing. It’s kinda scary; is that how how our society is designed? If corporations are people, then what are people? Or what are we turning into as people? If I come off anti-capitalistic, it’s because I worry that if we reward and give the most power to these people who make the most money, then what? What are we teaching people to strive towards if making money is all that matters? It’s not about hard work. There are plenty of people who devote just as much hard work, but their hard work is spent toward helping their fellow human beings, or in another industry that isn’t only about the bottom-line. So why do these people struggle the most? If we can’t find a balance and figure out how to properly reward people who look make this world a better place, and stop giving unlimited amounts of power and respect to people with the most money whom naturally, in many cases, are selfish and self-serving, then our future, to me, looks grim and ungodly. In my opinion the Occupy movement has come about because that future seems to be looking more and more like the present.

In the Hip Hop game, it’s the one’s who deliver the most ignorant and unproductive lyrics that garner the most attention, and in turn, the most fame and fortune. And you know, I’m not even mad about the fame and fortune. If material things make them that happy, then they can have their money. But it’s the attention that bothers me the most. As much good that rap provide, so in contrast can it do harm. I’m not trying to play Fox News and blame gangster rap for the problems of our society, but you can’t deny the fact that the image presented influences its audience. Not only does it effect style trends (baggy jeans, bandanas, khakis, Timberlands, throwbacks, fitteds to skinny jeans, vans, flannels, snap backs, etc) but it also affects trends in attitude. But those rappers in the 90‘s were accurately representing the life, environment, and attitude they lived in, and that’s fine. It’s these rappers today that try to glorify a life of guns, drug dealing, and ignorant spending that pisses me off. Most of these dudes either don’t really live that life, or they do live it, but by choice as opposed to those they rap to, who may live it by necessity as they are lead to believe they have no other choice. But I guess that’s what sells……but for how long?

Just as the occupy movement is taking over the economic and political climate and starting to change old ways of thinking, it appears as though there may be an equally momentous movement in the hip hop game. There’s a new school of rappers coming through that are creating a new cool. And it’s based off of originality, realness, and most importantly, honest and in some cases humble lyricism.

I feel like I’ve already taken away too much attention from what I really wanted to share in the first place, which is dude’s music. Like most of my favorite rappers, and a large majority of this next generation, Rockie Fresh does more than rap; he inspires while entertaining. I can personally say that I’ve been inspired. But it’s not just about all that inspirational Joe Budden type shit, it’s good fucking music. Some of his shit remind me of The Deans List. Check out my favorite joints below and support the new school, and the new way of thinking. Be on the lookout, because good things lie ahead for this kid, and hip hop.  Hopefully our society’s future is just as bright…

“If you say you got a gift, make em appreciate your presence”

Rockie Fresh – Never Never

Rockie Fresh – No Fear

Rockie Fresh – Turn It Up

Rockie Fresh – Come Around

Rockie Fresh – Where I wanna Be (ft. Phil Ade)

Rockie Fresh – Respected….it really does deserve to be included in back to back posts

Mixtape Monday Feature: Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz

Download Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz here

During my time away, I thought to myself, “who cares if I stop writing, it’s not like this shit really matters. And who cares if I stop looking for/listening to new music, it’s not like I’ll miss anything that groundbreaking.” Wrong and wrong.

First of all, I know all too well the distress caused when one can’t seem to escape the four walls that surround their brain. It’s a dangerous place to permanently post up. The Funk, for me, is like that emergency exit. And second, if I stopped listening to the random mixtapes and underground leaks that have occupied my hard drive since the 8th grade, I would have most definitely missed out on this Asher Roth blessing. That’s right, Asher Roth. I know, I’m kind of surprised myself. But like ASAP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, Pabst & Jazz has got that whole “mixtape sounding more like an album” shit going on.

This mixtape really has it all, from both a musical and a lyrical standpoint. Well, everything except that coke rap and obnoxious bass-line. Sorry I’m not sorry. It should be noted first that just as Clams Casino deserves to be credited for much of LiveLoveA$AP’s  success, so should Blended Babies with Pabst & Jazz. The production is impeccable. I mean, this really is my type of shit though. You know that soulful, head-nodding, throwback Kanye-type of shit along with some soft, soothing, indie-type vocals.

As far as the lyrical flow goes, first you got that stupid off the top, nonsense-type spitting. But even when it sounds like Ash isn’t really saying anything, he’s still actually kinda saying something….if that makes sense. The first half of this tape is packed with rhyming reminiscent of another white rapper when he first came out.

Asher Roth – Choices (ft. Action Bronson)

and previously featured: Asher Roth – More Cowbell

Then you got the pen & pad, long look in the mirror introspective-type lyrics. One could easily see how the flow might suffer from actually having to put together words that not only rhyme, but actually tell a story and serve a purpose, but this is not the case for Ash. The second half of the tape gives insight into the real Asher Roth while spilling words of wisdom.

Asher Roth – Not Meant 2 Be (ft. Nathan Santos)

Asher Roth – Running Away (ft. Nathan Santos)

And of course you got some feel good, join the party, cypher-like sessions featuring a diverse set of quality MC’s. Side-note: I love me some GLC voice.

Asher Roth – Charlie Chaplin (ft. Phil Ade, GLC & Thurz)

Asher Roth – Bastermating (ft. ASAP Twelvy, Chip Tha Ripper & YP)

And then this last one pretty much encompasses every aspect I’ve mentioned in this post so far. Seriously though, just scroll back up top and download the whole tape.

Asher Roth – Hard Times (ft. Kids These Days & Casie Veggies)

Weekend Rap Up: B.o.B. [EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial], Los [The Crown Aint Safe], OnCue [Can’t Wait], Jon Connor [Season 2] + I.O.U. [Love,Great.Humans…]

It’s been a pretty lazy Sunday, but at least I was able to get through a few mixtapes I’ve had stashed away. Check out my favorite tracks and download the full mixtape if you’re diggin it.

Download B.o.B. – EPIC [mixtape]

I always appreciated Bob’s indie/alternative side. Unfortunately, it seems like that dimension doesn’t make it out as much lately. You do hear it hear on this one, though.

B.o.B. – Fucked Up (ft. Playboy Tre) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Download OnCue – Can’t Wait [mxtape]

We’ve had OnCue featured on the Funk in the past, and he’s really becoming one of my personal favorites. Not the corny/”trying to be funny” white rapper type at all, if that’s what you’re thinking.

OnCue – Can’t Wait (right-click, “save as” to dl)

OnCue –  Kinda Late (ft. Mike Posner) (prod. 88 Keys) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Download Los – The Crown Aint Safe [mixtape]

This mixtape was my first real listen to Los, and I’m extremely happy I checked him out. You need to do the same. Dude’s a spitter.

Los – Shine (ft. Phil Ade) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Los – Outro (ft. Sean Hayz) (right-click, “save as” to dl)


Download Jon Connor – Season 2 [mixtape]

Since we’re on the subject of spitters, let’s get right into Jon Connor. Best thing out of Detroit since the 2004 Pistons. Speaking of, welcome to Chicago, Rip Hamilton. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

Jon Connor – Someone Like Me (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Jon Connor – No Thrillz (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Download I.O.U. – Lo<3, Great. Humans… [mixtape]

These guys kinda remind me of The Dean’s List, musically. Lyrically, they’re not really on Sonny’s level, imo.

I.O.U. – That Bob Marley Song (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – The Layover [mixtape]

I got up on Pose a couple years ago when he dropped his first (at least major) mixtape, A Matter of Time. I did not, however, even bother to check out all the songs from his album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, when it dropped last year. And this may be a great example of what’s wrong with the hip hop (or in Mike Posner’s case, that “hip hop singing shit”) game, as artists come out with quality mixtape music but fail to produce that same quality on the official album. Or maybe it’s just that we as consumers receive enough good music for free from artists we kinda like, that we don’t then feel the need to spend money on a commercial album as well. From reviews I’ve read, the album did kinda suck, though. And that’s coming from fans of his mixtapes. It’s hard to determine where the problem actually derives from when it seems as though mixtapes and albums are created for two entirely different audiences. It’s as if the artist knows what the underground/internet fans (who ultimately create the buzz needed to drop an album in the first place) will like and then produce a mixtape for them. And then they use their market knowledge to determine what the purchasing public will enjoy and they create an album based off of that. It’s very well possible also that maybe mixtapes (free) are what the artist truly seeks to create while albums (commercial) are what the record label (aka a bunch of suits) seek to manufacture. Why does it feel like there is such a great disconnect, in our generation, between what’s real and what’s profitable?

That rant wasn’t meant to bash Mike Posner at all. Again, I didn’t even listen to his whole album, but I’m definitely a fan of the mixtapes. But with music, rap & hip hop especially, I feel like it’ll pay off in the long run to limit that disconnect as much as possible. Maybe Mikey P wouldn’t be on this so called “layover.”

Download The Layover here, and check out my favorite cuts below:

Mike Posner – Woderwall (ft. Big K.R.I.T) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Henny & Purple (ft. Slim Thug) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Marauder Music (ft. Blackbear) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

Mike Posner – Mittens Up (ft. Elzhi & Dusty McFly) (right-click, “save as” to dl)

ASAP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP [mixtape]

I’m not normally into that ignorant drug/gun rap, so for me to cosign this shit right here, you gotta know it’s some real music. You won’t find anything to get hype to in the club, unless of course your idea of hype is drinking cough medicine. If you are more of a downer, then this is your shit. I’ve said it before, you gotta give credit to these producers. I’m looking forward to hearing more out of Clams Casino and Beautiful Lou, in particular. At the same time, Rocky’s style and flow can’t be overlooked just because he’s ignorant as hell. And trust me, I’m not celebrating his ignorance. I’m celebrating the good rap music he’s created with his mic skills and the honest interpretation of his life.

I’ve shared most of these songs already, but in case you just got up on FUNK, please let me catch you up. Albums rarely have 5-6 songs that really kill, let alone mixtapes. I will say this; as soon as he REALLY gets paid (he said he signed for $3 mill with Sony while Sony exec said he didn’t get half of that) I bet he falls off 10x worse than Lil Wayne. That’s a cheap shot, I’m sorry. I just gotta bring Weezy fans back to earth every so often. Or every chance I get. But who gives a fuck what I think? Go download ASAP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP and formulate your own opinion. Seriously though, if you don’t think “Palace” is the perfect intro to set the tone for ASAP, then I don’t know if you know your rap music.

“Uh, god damn, how real is this?
I know them ho niggaz gon’ be feeling this
East coast nigga, but how trill is this?
Still don’t give a shit my ignorance is still a bliss”

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Palace (prod. by Clams Casino)

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Peso (prod. by ASAP Ty Beats)

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Bass (prod. by Clams Casino)

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag: Chapter 2 (ft. Spaceghost Purp & ASAP Nast)

(MP3): ASAP Rocky – Trilla (ft. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast) (prod. by Beautiful Lou)

(Mp3): ASAP Rocky – Leaf (ft. Main Attrakionz) (prod. by Clams Casino)