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Cassie ft Fabolous – Radio + Throwback Thursday: Slow Jams Edition vol. 1

So I’ve been slacking a lil bit on the posts, I know this. But shit, I work all day, talking to people, and sometimes I get home and just want to be lazy, and not think/talk to myself on this blog. However, the search engines are starting to respect the Funk, as I’ve been getting some solid hits lately, so I don’t want to kill the momentum and leave it dry for more than a couple days. Therefore, I had to put this together before I get my Taco Joint on (green and black margaritas are thee shit). This is no throwaway post by any means, meow. I had this Cassie joint set aside for a Wifey Wednesday post, but I’d be stretching to try and fill that post up with any other decent material. So here’s what I got. The song made me think of some other old school R&B joints I use to dig when I was younger/still secretly jam out to on my BBDs. Btw, I threw this short playlist together in less than 10 minutes, so don’t be mad if I forgot your favorite. I have many more quality slow jams to share for the future.

Damn, man. This chick is toooooo fine! Even with the silly shit Diddy made her to to her hair to get more attention. Also noteworthy, Fab kills this classic beat…Mobb Deep – Shook Ones pt. II for anyone born yesterday

(MP3): Cassie ft Fabolous – Radio

What we gon’ do right here is go back, way back. Back into time…..

(MP3): Blackstreet – Don’t Leave

(MP3): En Vogue – Don’t Let Go

(MP3): TLC – Creep

(MP3): Keith Sweat – Twisted

(MP3): Sparkle & R. Kelly – Be Careful

(MP3): Total – What About Us

(MP3): Tony Rich Project – Nobody Knows

(MP3): Keith Sweat – Nobody

(MP3): Nicole Wray – Make It Hot

(MP3): LL Cool J – Doin’ It


Missy Elliot ft Da Brat – Sock it 2 Me [video]

Now, I watched a lot of MTV/BET music videos in my lifetime, especially in my youth, and this has to be one of the most memorable videos I’ve ever seen. I mean, it is utterly ridiculous, but creative nonetheless. And hell, I still like that song today. I bet Missy would have sold a lot more R&B albums if she was hot…just sayin. Let’s not forget about the integral part Timbaland played in her success as a whole. Another great Timbaland/Missy combo from back in the day is…

Nicole Wray ft Missy Elliot – Make it Hot

Missy Elliot ft Da Brat – Sock it to Me